DEXA 2017 : 28th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications

  1. A Bayesian Approach for Semantic Search based on DAG-Shaped Ontologies
    Anna Formica, Michele Missikoff, Elaheh Pourabbas, Francesco Taglino
  2. A Case for Term Weighting using a Dictionary on GPUs
    Toshiaki Wakatsuki, Atsushi Keyaki, Jun Miyazaki
  3. A Concurrency Control Protocol That Selects Accessible Replicated Pages to Avoid Latch Collisions for B-Trees in Manycore Environments
    Tomohiro Yoshihara, Haruo Yokota
  4. A Continuous Query Language for Stream-based Artifacts
    Maroun Abi Assaf, Youakim Badr, Youssef Amghar
  5. A Fast Heuristic for Finding Near-optimal Groups for Vehicle Platooning in Road Networks
    Dietrich Steinmetz, Gerrit Burmester, Sven Hartmann
  6. A Formal Approach for Failure Detection in Large-Scale Distributed Systems using Abstract State Machines
    Andreea Buga, Sorana Tania Nemes
  7. A Graph Matching Based Method for Dynamic Passenger-centered Ridesharing
    Jia Shi, Yifeng Luo, Shuigeng Zhou, Jihong Guan
  8. A NoSQL Data-based Personalized Recommendation System for C2C e-Commerce
    Tran Khanh Dang, An Khuong Vo, Josef Küng
  9. A QoS-aware Web Service Composition Approach Based on Genetic Programming and Graph Databases
    Alexandre Sawczuk da Silva, Ewan Moshi, Hui Ma, Sven Hartmann
  10. A Variety-Sensitive Approach for ETL Processes
    Nabila Berkani, Ladjel Bellatreche
  11. Access Control Policies for Relational Databases in Data Exchange Process
    Adel Jbali, Salma Sassi
  12. Access Patterns Optimization in Distributed Databases Using Data Reallocation
    Adrian Sergiu Darabant, Leon Tambulea, Viorica Varga
  13. Answering Graph Pattern Matching Using Views : A Revisit
    Xin Wang
  14. Association Rule based Approach to Improve Diversity of Query Recommendations
    Mittapally Kumara Swamy, Polepalli Krishna Reddy, Subhash Bhalla
  15. Choosing Data Integration Approaches Based on Data Source Characterization
    Julio Cesar Cardoso Tesolin, Maria Claudia Cavalcanti
  16. Cleaning out Web Spam by Entropy-based Cascade Outlier Detection
    Sha Wei, Yan Zhu
  17. Clustering Heuristics for Efficient t-closeness Anonymisation
    Anne Kayem, Christoph Meinel
  18. Co-clustering for Microdata Anonymization
    Tarek Benkhelif, Françoise Fessant, Fabrice Clérot, Guillaume Raschia
  19. Combining Web-Service and Rule-based systems to implement a reliable DRG-Solution
    Idir Amine Amarouche, Lydia Rabia, Tayeb Kenaza
  20. Conversion Rate Estimation in Online Advertising via Exploring Potential Impact of Creative
    Junxiang Jiang, Huiqiang Jiang
  21. Data Driven Generation of Synthetic Data with Support Vector Data Description
    Fajrian Yunus, Ashish Dandekar, Stephane Bressan
  22. Efficient Processing of Aggregate Reverse Rank Queries
    Yuyang Dong, Hanxiong Chen, Kazutaka Furuse, Hiroyuki Kitagawa
  23. Exploit Label Embedding for Enhancing Network Classification
    Yiqi Chen, Tieyun Qian, Zhong Ming, Xuhui Li
  24. F-SED: Feature-centric Social Event Detection
    Elio Mansour, Gilbert Tekli, Philippe Arnould, Richard Chbeir, Yudith Cardinale
  25. FTGWS: Forming Optimal Tutor Group for Weak Students Discovered in Educational Settings
    Yonghao Song, Hengyi Cai, Xiaohui Zheng, Qiang Qiu, Yan Jin, Xiaofang Zhao
  26. Generating Fake But Realistic Headlines Using Deep Neural Networks
    Ashish Dandekar, Remmy A. M. Zen, Stephane Bressan
  27. Generating k-Anonymous Microdata by Fuzzy Possibilistic Clustering
    Balkis Abidi, Sadok Ben Yahia
  28. Geo-Social Keyword Skyline Queries
    Naoya Taguchi, Daichi Amagata, Takahiro Hara
  29. Geo-Social Keyword Top-k data monitoring over sliding window
    Shunya Nishio, Daichi Amagata, Takahiro Hara
  30. Group Top-k Spatial Keyword Query Processing in Road Networks
    Hermann Ekomie, Kai Yao, Jianjun Li, Guohui Li, Yanhong Li
  31. How to Find the Best Rated Items on a Likert Scale and How Many Ratings Are Enough
    Qing Liu, Debabrota Basu, Shruti Goel, Talel Abdessalem, Stephane Bressan
  32. Hypergraph Drawing by Force-directed Placement
    Naheed Anjum Arafat, Stephane Bressan
  33. Incremental Frequent Itemsets Mining with IPPC Tree
    Van Quoc Phuong Huynh, Josef Küng, Tran Khanh Dang
  34. Indexing Multiple-Instance Objects
    Linfei Zhou, Wei Ye, Zhen Wang, Claudia Plant, Chrisitian Boehm
  35. Integrating the R Language Runtime System with a Data Stream Warehouse
    Carlos Ordonez, Theodore Johnson, Simon Urbanek, Valdislav Shkayenkup, Divesh Srivastava
  36. Interactive Exploration of Subspace Clusters for High Dimensional Data
    Jesper Kristensen, Son T. Mai, Jon Jacobsen, Ira Assent, Bay Vo, Anh Le
  37. Itinerary Planning with Category Constraints Using a Probabilistic Approach
    Paolo Bolzoni, Fabio Persia, Sven Helmer
  38. Language Constructs for a Datalog Compiler
    Stefan Brass
  39. Learning Interactions from Web Service Logs
    Hamza Labbaci, Brahim Medjahed, Youcef Aklouf
  40. Lightweight Privacy-Preserving Task Assignment in Skill-Aware Crowdsourcing
    Louis Béziaud, Tristan Allard, David Gross-Amblard
  41. LinkedMDR: A Collective Knowledge Representation of a Heterogeneous Document Corpus
    Nathalie Charbel, Christian Sallaberry, Sébastien Laborie, Gilbert Tekli, Richard Chbeir
  42. Logical schema for data warehouse on column-oriented NoSQL databases
    Mohamed Boussahoua, Omar Boussaid, Fadila Bentayeb
  43. MapFIM : Memory Aware Parallelized Frequent Itemset Mining in Very Large Datasets
    Khanh-Chuong Duong, Mostafa Bamha, Arnaud Giacometti, Dominique Li, Arnaud Soulet, Christel Vrain
  44. Minimizing Negative Influence in Social Networks A Graph OLAP Based Approach
    Zakia Challal, Omar Boussaid, Kamel Boukhalfa
  45. Mining Cardinalities from Knowledge Bases
    Emir Munoz, Matthias Nickles
  46. MULDER: Querying the Linked Data Web by Bridging RDF Molecule Templates
    Kemele M. Endris, Mikhail Galkin, Ioanna Lytra, Maria-Esther Vidal, Sören Auer, Mohamed N. Mami
  47. Nested Forms with Dynamic Suggestions for Quality RDF Authoring
    Pierre Maillot, Sébastien Ferré, Peggy Cellier, Mireille Ducassé, Franck Partouche
  48. Non-order preserving index for Encrypted Database Management System
    Wai Kit Wong, Kwok Wai Wong, Willy Yue, David Cheung
  49. Novel Indexing Strategy and Similarity Measures for Gaussian Mixture Models
    Linfei Zhou, Wei Ye, Bianca Wackersreuther, Claudia Plant, Chrisitian Boehm
  50. On Addressing the Empty Answer Problem in Uncertain Knowledge Bases
    Ibrahim Dellal, Stephane Jean, Allel Hadjali, Brice Chardin, Mickael Baron
  51. On Computing Temporal Aggregates over Null Time Intervals
    Kai Cheng
  52. Online Lattice-based Abstraction of User Groups
    Behrooz Omidvar-Tehrani, Sihem Amer-Yahia
  53. Orion: a Cypher-based Web Data Extractor
    Edimar Manica, Carina Dorneles, Renata Galante
  54. PALM: A Parallel Mining Algorithm for Extracting Maximal Frequent Conceptual Links from Social Networks
    Erick Stattner, Reynald Eugenie, Martine Collard
  55. Past Indeterminacy in Data Warehouse Design
    Christina Khnaisser, Luc Lavoie, Anita Burgun, Jean-Francois Ethier
  56. Probabilistic MaxRS Queries on Uncertain Data
    Yuki Nakayama, Daichi Amagata, Takahiro Hara
  57. Process and Tool-support to Collaboratively Formalize Statutory Texts by Executable Models
    Bernhard Waltl, Thomas Reschenhofer, Florian Matthes
  58. QAestro - Semantic-based Composition of Question Answering Pipelines
    Kuldeep Singh, Ioanna Lytra, Maria-Esther Vidal, Dharmen Punjani, Harsh Thakkar, Christoph Lange, Auer Sören
  59. Qualitative AHP Method Based on Multiple Criteria Levels Under Group of Experts
    Amel Ennaceur, Zied Elouedi, Eric Lefevre
  60. Recommending Diverse and Personalized Travel Packages
    Idir Benouaret, Dominique Lenne
  61. Representing and Learning Human Behavior Patterns with Contextual Variability
    Paula Lago, Claudia Roncancio, Claudia Jiménez-Guarín, Cyril Labbé
  62. Search and Aggregation in XML Documents
    Abdelmalek Habi, Brice Effantin, Hamamache Kheddouci
  63. Semantic Web Datatype Similarity: Towards Better RDF Document Matching
    Irvin Dongo, Firas Al-Khalil, Richard Chbeir, Yudith Cardinale
  64. SJoin: A Semantic Join Operator to Integrate Heterogeneous RDF Graphs
    Mikhail Galkin, Diego Collarana, Ignacio Traverso-Ribon, Maria-Esther Vidal, Sören Auer
  65. Skyline-Based Feature Selection for Polarity Classification in Social Networks
    Fayçal Rédha Saidani, Allel Hadjali, Idir Rassoul, Djamal Belkasmi
  66. STATS - A Point Access Method for Multidimensional Clusters
    Giannis Evagorou, Thomas Heinis
  67. Storing Join Relationships for Fast Join Query Processing
    Mohammed Hamdi, Feng Yu, Sarah Alswedani, Wen-Chi Hou
  68. Temporal Conditional Preference Queries on Streams
    Marcos Roberto Ribeiro, Maria Camila N. Barioni, Sandra de Amo, Claudia Roncancio, Cyril Labbé
  69. Towards an Integrated Graph Algebra for Graph Pattern Matching with Gremlin
    Harsh Thakkar, Dharmen Punjani, Soeren Auer, Maria-Esther Vidal
  70. Towards Privacy-preserving Record Linkage with Record-wise Linkage Policy
    Takahito Kaiho, Wen-jie Lu, Toshiyuki Amagasa, Jun Sakuma
  71. Truthfulness of candidates in set of t-uples expansion
    Ngurah Agus Sanjaya ER, Mouhamadou Lamine Ba, Talel Abdessalem, Stephane Bressan
  72. Two-phase preference disclosure in attributed social networks
    Younes Abid, Abdessamad Imine, Amedeo Napoli, Chedy Raïssi, Michaël Rusinowitch
  73. Usage-aware Service Identification for Architecture Migration of Object-oriented Systems to SoA
    Dionysis Athanasopoulos
  74. Utilizing Bat Algorithm to Optimize Membership Functions for Fuzzy Association Rules Mining
    Anping Song, Jiaxin Song, Xuehai Ding, Guoliang Xu, Jianjiao Chen