EGOVIS 2017 : 6th International Conference on Electronic Government and the Information Systems Perspective

  1. A System Architecture for a Transnational Data Infrastructure supporting Maritime Spatial Planning
    Henning Sten Hansen, Ida Maria Reiter, Lise Schrøder
  2. Cast as Intended Verifiability for Mixed Array Ballots
    Víctor Mateu, Magda Valls
  3. Complexity Based Analysis of oeGov Ontologies
    Jean Vincent Fonou Dombeu, Yannick Kazela Kazadi
  4. Designing Human Behavior through Social Influence in Mobile Crowdsourcing with Micro-Communities
    Mizuki Sakamoto, Kota Gushima, Todorka Alexandrova, Tatsuo Nakajima
  5. Driving Forces and Design of the TTÜ e-Governance Technologies and Services Master’s Program
    Ingrid Pappel, Karin Oolu, Ingmar Pappel, Dirk Draheim
  6. E-Government, e-Governance and Urban Planning: Towards a Complete Digital Planning Process
    Beatriz Santos
  7. Electronic forms-based model of public administration operations
    Péter József Kiss, Gábor Klimkó
  8. Enabling Spatial Queries in Open Government Data Portals
    Pedro Arthur Fernandes de Vasconcelos, Wensttay Alencar, Victor Hugo da Silva Ribeiro, Natarajan Ferreira Rodrigues, Fabio Gomes de Andrade
  9. Exploring Usability and Acceptance Factors of m-Government Systems for Elderly
    Tamás Molnár, Andrea Kö, Balint Mátyus
  10. Institutionalization of the Reengineering of Strategic Management Processes in the Brazilian Public Management: a Case Study in Federal Government Organizations
    Marçal Chagas Coli Júnior, Ricardo Gomes, Paulo Bermejo, José Martins
  11. Ontological Models of Legal Contents and Users' Activities for EU e-Participation Services
    Enrico Francesconi
  12. Open Data Ecosystems: Introducing the Stimulator Function
    Sébastien Martin, Slim Turki, Samuel Renault
  13. Practical use cases for Linked Open Data in eGovernment demonstrated on the Czech Republic
    Martin Necasky, Jakub Klímek, Petr Škoda
  14. Process-based query tool to rationalize document bases
    Katalin Ternai, Ildikó Szabó
  15. Proposal for Application of Data Science Methods in E-government A Case-Study about the application of available techniques for performance measurement with the help of Data Science
    Bálint Molnár
  16. Social Network For Education: What Are The Resources Desired By Students?
    Guilherme Henrique Alves Borges, Paulo Henrique de Souza Bermejo, Everton Leonardo de Almeida, Thiago Almeida Martins Marques
  17. Strategic Planning in the Public Sector: How can Brazilian Public Universities Transform Their Management, Computerise Processes and Improve Monitoring?
    Lucas Mendonça, Fábio Anjos, Paulo Bermejo, Tomás Sant'Ana, Guilherme Borges
  18. The Challenge of Accelerating Greek Judicial Procedure
    Demetrios Sarantis
  19. The Potential of the Estonian e-Governance Infrastructure in Supporting Displaced Estonian Residents
    Lörinc Thurnay, Benjamin Klasche, Katrin Nyman-Metcalf, Ingrid Pappel, Dirk Draheim
  20. Tyrant Department Head as e-Government Service Promoter: The Performance Transparency and the Department Head Involved in Driving the Implementation of e-Government Service
    Yuting Lin, Andres Eisingerich , Hersen Doong