DaWaK 2017 : 19th International Conference on Big Data Analytics and Knowledge Discovery

  1. A Case for Abstract Cost Models for Distributed Execution of Analytics Operators
    Rundong Li, Ningfang Mi, Mirek Riedewald, Yizhou Sun, Yi Yao
  2. A Lightweight Elastic Queue Middleware for Distributed Streaming Pipeline
    Weiping Qu, Stefan Dessloch
  3. A Relativistic Opinion Mining Approach to Detect Factual or Opinionated News Sources
    Erhan Sezerer, Selma Tekir
  4. A reliability-based approach for influence maximization using the evidence theory
    Siwar Jendoubi, Arnaud Martin
  5. A Trainable Model to Assess the Accuracy of Probabilistic Record Linkage
    Robespierre Pita, Everton Mendonça, Sandra Reis, Marcos Barreto, Spiros Denaxas
  6. Accelerating K-Means by Grouping Points Automatically
    Qiao Yu, Bi-Ru Dai
  7. Air Quality Monitoring System and Benchmarking
    Xiufeng Liu, Per Nielsen
  8. An efficient approach for instance selection
    Joel Luís Carbonera
  9. An Efficient Map-Reduce Framework to Mine Periodic Frequent Patterns
    Anirudh Alampally, R. Uday Kiran, P. Krishna Reddy, Masashi Toyoda, Masaru Kitsuregawa
  10. Automatic Segmentation of Big Data of Patent Texts
    Mustafa Sofean
  11. Belief Temporal Analysis of Expert Users: case study Stack Overflow
    Dorra Attiaoui, Arnaud Martin, Boutheina Ben Yaghlane
  12. Detecting Feature Interactions in Agricultural Trade Data Using A Deep Neural Network
    Jim O Donoghue, Mark Roantree, Andrew McCarren
  13. Diverse Selection of Feature Subsets for Ensemble Regression
    Arvind Kumar Shekar, Patricia Iglesias Sanchez, Emmanuel Mueller
  14. Electric Vehicle Charging Station Deployment for Minimizing Construction Cost
    Kai Li, Shuai Wang
  15. Enforcing Privacy in Cloud Databases
    Somayeh Sobati Moghadam, Jérôme Darmont, Gérald Gavin
  16. Evaluation of Data Warehouse Design Methodologies in the Context of Big Data
    Francesco Di Tria, Ezio Lefons, Filippo Tangorra
  17. Exploiting mathematical structures of statistical measures for comparison of RDF Data Cubes
    Claudia Diamantini, Domenico Potena, Emanuele Storti
  18. Extracting Non-redundant Correlated Purchase Behaviors by Utility Measure
    Wensheng Gan, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, Philippe Fournier-Viger, Han-Chieh Chao
  19. K-Means Clustering Using Homomorphic Encryption and an Updatable Distance Matrix: Secure Third Party Data Clustering with Limited Data Owner Interaction
    Nawal Almutairi, Frans Coenen, Keith Dures
  20. Knowledge Discovery of Complex Data Using Gaussian Mixture Models
    Linfei Zhou, Wei Ye, Claudia Plant, Christian Boehm
  21. Leveraging Hierarchy and Community Structure for Determining Influencers in Networks
    Sharanjit Kaur, Rakhi Saxena, Vasudha Bhatnagar
  22. MapReduce-Based Complex Big Data Analytics over Uncertain and Imprecise Social Networks
    Peter Braun, Alfredo Cuzzocrea, Fan Jiang, Carson K. Leung, Adam Pazdor
  23. MDA-based approach for NoSQL Databases modelling
    Fatma Abdelhedi, Amal Ait Brahim, Faten Atigui, Gilles Zurfluh
  24. MiSeRe-Hadoop:A Large-Scale Robust Sequential Classification Rules Mining Framework
    Elias Egho, Dominique Gay, Romain Trinquart, Marc Boulle, Nicolas Voisine, Fabrice Clerot
  25. Modeling Data Flow Execution in a Parallel Environment
    Georgia Kougka, Anastasios Gounaris, Ulf Leser
  26. Optimal task ordering in chain data flows: exploring the practicality of non-scalable solutions
    Georgia Kougka, Anastasios Gounaris
  27. Optimized Mining of Potential Positive and Negative Association Rules
    Parfait Bemarisika , André Totohasina
  28. Pre-processing and Indexing techniques for Constellation Queries in Big Data
    Amir Khatibi, Fabio Porto, Joao Guilherme Rittmeyer, Eduardo Ogasawara, Patrick Valduriez, Dennis Shasha
  29. Reweighting Forest for Extreme Multi-Label Classification
    Zhun-Zheng Lin, Bi-Ru Dai
  30. S2D : Shared Distributed Datasets, storing shared data for multiple and massive queries optimization in a distributed data warehouse
    Rado Ratsimbazafy, Omar Boussaid, Fadila Bentayeb
  31. Search Result Personalization in Twitter Using Neural Word Embeddings
    Sameendra Samarawickrama, Shanika Karunasekera, Aaron Harwood, Ramamohanarao Kotagiri
  32. Sentiment Analysis on Twitter to Improve Time Series Contextual Anomaly Detection for Detecting Stock Market Manipulation
    Koosha Golmohammadi, Osmar Zaiane
  33. Tag me a Label with Multi-Arm: Active Learning for Telugu Sentiment Analysis
    Sandeep Sricharan Mukku, Subba Reddy Oota, Radhika Mamidi
  34. TARDIS: Optimal Execution of Scientific Workflows in Apache Spark
    Daniel Gaspar, Fabio Porto, Reza Akbarinia, Esther Pacitti
  35. Using Social Media for Word-of-Mouth Marketing
    Nagendra Kumar, Yash Chandarana, Anand Konjengbam , Manish Singh