TrustBus 2018 : 15th International Conference on Trust, Privacy and Security in Digital Business

  1. A comprehensive methodology for deploying IoT honeypots
    Antonio Acien, Ana Nieto, Gerardo Fernandez, Javier Lopez
  2. A Decision-Making Approach for Improving Organizations’ Cloud Forensic Readiness
    Stavros Simou, Ioannis Troumpis, Christos Kalloniatis, Dimitris Kavroudakis, Stefanos Gritzalis
  3. Access control requirements for physical spaces protected by virtual perimeters
    Brian Greaves, Marijke Coetzee, Wai Sze Leung
  4. An Enhanced Cyber Attack Attribution Framework
    Nikolaos Pitropakis, Emmanouil Panaousis, Alkiviadis Giannakoulias, George Kalpakis, Rodrigo Diaz Rodriguez, Panayiotis Sarigiannidis
  5. An Inquiry into Perception and Usage of Smartphone Permission Models
    Lena Reinfelder, Andrea Schankin, Sophie Russ, Zinaida Benenson
  6. Biometrically Linking Document Leakage to the Individuals Responsible
    Abdulrahman Alruban, Nathan Clarke, Fudong Li, Steven Furnell
  7. Can Spatial Transformation-Based Privacy Preservation Compromise Location Privacy?
    Anand Paturi, Subhasish Mazumdar
  8. Evaluating the privacy properties of secure VoIP metadata
    João S. Resende, Patrícia R. Sousa, Luís Antunes
  9. On the Hardness of Separation of Duties Problems for Cloud Databases
    Ferdinand Bollwein, Lena Wiese
  10. PERSUADED: Fighting Social Engineering Attacks with a Serious Game
    Dina Aladawy, Kristian Beckers, Sebastian Pape
  11. Phishing Detection: Developing and Evaluating a Five Minutes Security Awareness Video
    Melanie Volkamer, Karen Renaud, Benjamin Maximilian Reinheimer, Philipp Rack, Marco Ghiglieri, Peter Mayer, Alexandra Kunz, Nina Gerber
  12. Three Tales of Disillusion: Benchmarking Property Preserving Encryption Schemes
    Frank Pallas, Martin Grambow
  13. Towards an Effective Privacy Impact and Risk Assessment Methodology: Risk Assessment
    Majed Alshammari, Andrew Simpson
  14. Towards Blockchain-based Identity and Access Management for Internet of Things in Enterprises
    Martin Nuss, Alexander Puchta, Michael Kunz
  15. Towards the Definition of a Security Incident Response Modelling Language
    Myrsini Athinaiou, Haralambos Mouratidis, Michalis Pavlidis , Theo Fotis, Emmanouil Panaousis
  16. Trustworthiness Cases – Toward Preparation for the Trustworthiness Certification
    Nazila Gol Mohammadi, Nelufar Ulfat-Bunyadi, Maritta Heisel