Workshop BIOKDD'18 : 9th International Workshop on Biological Knowledge Discovery from Data

  1. Ensemble Clustering based Dimensional Reduction
    Loai Abdallah , Malik Yousef
  2. Classifying big DNA methylation data: a gene oriented approach
    Emanuel Weitschek, Fabio Cumbo, Eleonora Cappelli, Giovanni Felici, Paola Bertolazzi
  3. Classifying Leukemia and Gout Patients with Neural Networks
    Guryash Bahra, Lena Wiese
  4. Detecting Low Back Pain from Clinical Narratives using Machine Learning Approaches
    Akshay Rajaram, Brent Wolfram, Farhana Zulkernine, Michael Judd, David Barber
  5. Incremental Wrapper based Random Forest Gene Subset Selection for Tumor Discernment
    Alia Fatima, Usman Qamar, Saad Rehman, Aiman Khan Nazir
  6. Mining geometrical motifs co-occurrences in the CMS dataset
    Mirto Musci, Marco Ferretti
  7. New modeling ideas for the exact solution of the closest string problem
    Giuseppe Lancia, Marcello Dalpasso
  8. Protein Identification as a Suitable Application for Fast Data Architecture
    Roman Zoun, Gabriel Campero Durand, Kay Schallert, Apoorva Patrikar, David Broneske, Wolfram Fenske, Robert Heyer, Dirk Benndorf, Gunter Saake
  9. Suitable overlapping set visualization techniques and their application to visualize biclustering results on gene expression data
    Haithem Aouabed, Rodrigo SantamarĂ­a, Mourad Elloumi