Tuesday, September 5 , 2000


9.00-10.15      Invited Talk:

Funding Research in Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery

EPROS: The European Plan for Research in Official Statistics

Sonnberger H.; Luxembourg (Head of Unit A4: Research and Development, Methods and Data

Analysis, Eurostat, European Commission)


     10.30 – 11.00  Coffee Break


Session 4:   Warehouse Views Selection and Evolution


Chair: Stefan Berchtold, Germany


Elimination of Redundant Views in Multidimensional Aggregates

Kotsis N., McGregor D.R.; United Kingdom


Data Cube Compression with QuantiCubes

Furtado P., Madeira H.; Portugal


History-Driven View Synchronization

Koeller A., Rundensteiner E.A.; USA


A Logical Model for Data Warehouse Design and evolution

Bouzeghoub M., Kedad Z.; France


     12.30 – 14.00  Lunch


Session 5:   OLAP System Design and Query Analysis


Chair: Wee Keong Ng, Singapore


An Alternative Relational OLAP Modeling Approach

Bauer A., Hümmer W., Lehner W.; Germany


Functional Dependencies in Controlling Sparsity of OLAP Cubes

Niemi T., Nummenmaa J., Peter Thanisch P.; Finland


An OLAP-based Scalable Web Access Analysis Engine

Chen Q., Dayal U., Hsu M.; USA


PROMISE: Predicting Query Behavior to Enable Predictive Caching

Strategies for OLAP Systems

Sapia C.; Germany


     15.30 – 16.00  Coffee Break


Session 6:   OLAP Query Evaluation


Chair: Sunil Choenni, The Netherlands


Supporting Online Queries in ROLAP

Barbará D., Wu X.; USA


Optimal Multidimensional Query Processing Using Tree Striping

Berchtold S., Boehm C., Keim D.A., Kriegel H.-P., Xu X.; Germany


Enhancing Preprocessing in Data-Intensive Domains using Online-Analytical Processing,

Maedche A., Hotho A., Wiese M.; Germany


Meta-Queries - Computation and Evaluation

Ben-Eliahu-Zohany R., Gudes E.; Israel


Partitioning Algorithms for the Computation of Average Iceberg Queries

Bae J., Lee S.; Korea