Wednesday, September 6, 2000


9.00-9.30        Invited Talk


Security in Data Warehousing

Bhargava B., Purdue University; USA


Session 7:   Association Rules


Chair: Yahiko Kambayashi, Japan


Mining of Association Rules in Text Databases Using Inverted Hashing and Pruning

Holt J.D., Chung S.M.; USA


SQL Based Association Rule Mining using Commercial RDBMS (IBM DB2 UBD EEE)

Yoshizawa T., Pramudiano I., Kitsuregawa M.; Japan


On Supporting Interactive Association Rule Mining

Goethals B., Van den Bussche J.; Belgium


Session 8:   Temporal Association Rules


Chair: Peter Chamoni, Germany


Discovering Temporal Patterns for Interval-based Events

Kam P.S., Fu A.W-C.; China


An Integrated Query and Mining System for Temporal Association Rules

Chen X., Petrounias I. ; United Kingdom


Mining Changes for Real-Life Applications

Liu B., Hsu W., Han H.-S., Xia Y.; Singapore


AIM: Approximate Intelligent Matching for Time Series Data

Kim E.D., Lam J.M.W., Han J.; Canada


     12.30 – 14.00  Lunch


Session 9:   Mining Complex Databases (1)

14.00 – 15.30

Chair: M.ukesh Mohania, USA


Cofe: A Scalable Method for Feature Extraction from Complex Objects

Hristescu G., Farach-Colton M.; USA


The Pruning Power: Theory and Heuristics for Mining Databases with Multiple k-Nearest-Neighbor Queries

Böhm C., Braunmüller B., Kriegel H.-P.; Germany


Data Mining Support in Database Management Systems

Morzy T., Wojciechowski M., Zakrzewicz M.; Poland


Decision Trees for Probabilistic Data

Aboa J.-P., Emilion R.; France


     15.30 – 16.00  Coffee Break


Session 10: Mining Complex Databases (2)


Chair: Kamal Karlapalem, Hong Kong


Mining Frequent Binary Expressions

Calders T., Paredaens J.; Belgium


A Fast Algorithm for Hierarchical Text Classification

Chuang W.T., Tiyyagura A., Yang J., Giuffrida G.; USA


An Hybrid Technique for Data Mining on Balance-Sheet Data

Dattilo G., Greco S., Masciari E., Pontieri L.; Italy


Mondou: Information Navigator with Visual Interface

Kawano H., Kawahara M.; Japan


Vmhist: Efficient Multidimensional Histograms with Improved Accuracy

FurtadoP., Madeira H. ; Portugal