W09  Second International Workshop on Web-Based Information Visualization - WebVis 2000


Workshop Organisers:

Harald Reiterer, University of Konstanz, Germany

Wolfgang Pree, University of Konstanz, Germany


Monday, September 4, 2000

10.30 - 12.30 : Workshop - Part I


Visualization of Spatio-Temporal Information in the Internet

N. Andrienko, G. Andrienko, and P. Gatalsky


Evaluation of Different Visualizations of Web Search Results

T. Mann and H. Reiterer


Domain Name Based Visualization of Web Histories in a Zoomable User

R. Gandhi, G. Kumar, B. Bederson and B. Shneiderman


12.30 - 14.00: Lunch


14.00 - 15.30: Workshop - Part II


The Aquarium: A Novel User Interface Metaphor for Large, Online Stores

D. Bryan and A. Gershman


A Visual Technique to Indicate Overall and Component Relevancy of
Search-Engine Results

R. Grewal, M. Jackson, P. Burden, and J. Wallis


15.30 - 16.00 Coffee Break


16.00 - 18.30: Workshop - Part III


“’Andreas Rauber’ Conference Pages Are over There, German Documents
on the Lower Left,..” An “Old-Fashioned” Approach to Web Search Results

A. Rauber and H. Bina


Image Retrieval System for Web: Webscope-CBIR

W. Yi, Z. Yue-Ting, and P. Yun-He