W03 - Third International Workshop on Theory and Applications of Knowledge Management TAKMA 2002


Monday, September 2, 2002


A. Knowledge Modelling Concepts and Systems


10.30 11.00  

Combining ontologies and document retrieval techniques: a case study for an e-learning scenario

Kieninger, Junker, Dengel, Baumann (D)


11.00 11.30

Business Process Knowledge Modelling: Method and Tool

Papavassiliou, Abecker, Mentzas, Ntioudis (GR, D)


11.30 12.00

The PROMOTE prototype: a meta-model based process oriented knowledge management system

Woitsch, Karagiannis (A)


12.00 12.15

Knowledge-Based Self-Support System for Corporate Users

Noel, Delic (BE, FR)


12.15 14.00 Lunch


B. Issues on Knowledge Management


14.00 14.30

Individual Knowledge Management with MailTack

Ottiger Zwimpfel, Todesco, Bettoni (CH)


14.30 15.00

Capability Maturity for Knowledge Management

Berztiss (USA)


15.00 15.15

Defining Basic Units for Knowledge Interchange

Lamontagne, Lee (CA)


15.15 15.30

Multimedia Interaction for Learning and Knowing: inspirational knowledge management to create value for individuals in organisations

Albolino, Mesenzani (I)


15.30 16.00 Coffee Break


C. Motivation and Learning in KM


16.00 16.30

The Dreaming Knowledge Base

Assogna (I)


16.30 17.00

Motivational factors for bringing in and demanding contents from knowledge management systems

Milijic (D)


17.00 17.15

Knowledge Integration: Its Relation to Organisational Learning, to KM Methods and to Measuring the Benefits of KM

Born (A)