W05 - Second International Workshop on Web Based Collaboration WBC 2002


Wednesday, September 4, 2002


Session I: Collaboration Architectures (10.30 - 12.30)


"Action Synchronization over the Web"

Bogdan D. Czejdo, Maciej Zakrzewicz


"Toward an Agent Oriented Virtual Organization Dedicated to Risk Prevention in Small and Medium Size


Eric Rigaud, Franck Guarnieri


"Business-to-Employee Cooperation Support Through Online Job Interviews"

Georgios A. Dafoulas, Adamantia G. Pateli, Mike Turega


"An Architecture for Collaboratively Assembled Information Bearing Web Sites"

Richard Cooper


Lunch Break (12.30 - 14.00)


Session II: Collaborative Applications (14.00 - 15.30)


"E-Discourses with Zeno"

Angi Voss


"XFolders: A Flexible Workflow System Based on Electronic Circulation Folders"

Stefania Castellani, Francois Pacull


"The Wargo System: Semi-Automatic Wrapper Generation in presence of Complex Data

Access Modes"

Alberto Pan, Justo Hidalgo, Juan Raposo, Manuel Alvarez, Angel Vina


Coffee Break (15.30 - 16.00)


Session III: Collaboration Support (16.00 - 17.00)


"Supporting Self-Facilitation in Distributed Group Decisions"

Constantin B. Zamfirescu, Florin G. Filip


"Delivering Collborative Programme Management"

Marek Suchocki