Technical Program  DEXA 2003


Monday, September 1, 2003


8.30 – 9.00                  Opening


9.00 – 10.00                Invited Talk of DEXA Conference

Chair: Olga Stepankova


Policy Based Enterprise (Active) Information Integration

Muksh Mohania, I.B.M. India Research Lab, India


            10.00 – 10.30   Coffee Break


Session 1A         XML I

10.30 – 12.30

Chair: Ling Feng


Soft - Generating Highly Flexible Object Models

Alun R Butler, Liz Bacon, Mohamed T Ibrahim; United Kingdom


Querying Semistructured Data Efficiently

Hongsik Rho, Wen-Chi Hou, Dunren Che, Chih-Fang Wang; USA


On the Optimality of the Holistic Twig Join Algorithms

Byron Choi, Malika Mahoui, Derick Wood; USA


AUSMS : An environment for frequent sub-structures extraction in a semi-structured

Pierre-Alain Laur, Pascal Poncelet; France



Session 1B         Data Modeling       

10.30 – 12.30

Chair: Keith Frikken


Defining web schema transformers by example

Stephan Lechner, Michael Schrefl; Austria


A Conceptual framework for Spatiotemporal Data Modeling

Kuo Wang, Cristina Fierbinteanu, Mamoru Maekawa; Japan


Moa and the multi-model architecture: a new perspective on NF2

M. van Keulen, J. Vonk, A.P. de Vries, J. Flokstra, H.E. Blok; The Netherlands


Entity Connectivity as a Basis for Data Model Clustering: An Experimental Analysis

Daniel Moody; Czech Republic



            12.30 – 14.00   Lunch


Session 2A          XML II

14.00 – 15.30

Chair: Kuo Wang


An XML-Enabled Association Rule Framework

Ling Feng, Tharam Dillon, Hans Weigand, Elizabethe Chang; The Netherlands


Validation of XML Documents based on XML Schema in XML Databases

Sang-Kyun Kim, Myungcheol Lee, Kyu-Chul Lee; South Korea


XML Schemata Inference and Evolution

Ismael Sanz, Juan Manuel Pérez, Rafael Berlanga, María José Aramburu; Spain



Session 2B          Spatial Database Systems I

14.00 – 15.30

Chair: Pierre-Alain Laur


Bulk loading the MKL-tree

Annalisa Franco, Alessandra Lumini, Dario Maio; Italy


Bulk Insertion for R-tree by Seeded Clustering

Taewon Lee, Bongki Moon, Sukho Lee; Republic of Korea


Optimizing Both Cache and Disk Performance of R-Trees

Myungsun Park, Sukho Lee; South Korea



            15.30 – 16.00   Coffee Break


Session 3A         XML III

16.00 – 18.00

Chair: Jochem Vonk


Repairing Inconsistent Merged XML Data

Wilfred Ng; China


Path Join Algorithms for XML Data

Quanzhong Li, Bongki Moon; USA


Representing and querying summarized XML data

Sara Comai, Stefania Marrara, Letizia Tanca; Italy


Storing and Querying XML Data in the Nested Relational Sequence Database System

LAU Ho Lam, Wilfred NG; China



Session 3B         Spatial Database Systems II

16.00 – 18.00

Chair: Stephan Lechner


Capturing Uncertainty in Spatial Queries over Imprecise Data

Xingbo Yu, Sharad Mehrotra; USA


Effective Load-balancing in Spatial Grids

Anirban Mondal, Kazuo Goda, Masaru Kitsuregawa; Japan


Parallel Query Support for Multidimensional Data: Intra-object Parallelism

Karl Hahn, Bernd Reiner, Gabriele Höfling; Germany


Replicated Parallel I/O without Additional Scheduling Costs

Mikhail Atallah, Keith Frikken; USA



Tuesday, September 2, 2003


9.00 – 10.00         Invited Talk of EC-Web Conference



            10.00 – 10.30   Coffee Break


Session 4A         XML IV

10.30 – 12.30

Chair: Andrew Fry


XML Restructuring and Integration for Tabular Data

Wei Yu, Z. Meral Ozsoyoglu, Gultekin Ozsoyoglu; USA


XML Views: Part I

Rajugan Rajagopal, Elizabeth Chang, Tharam S Dillon, Ling Feng; Australia


XML and Knowledge Technologies for Semantic-Based Indexing of Paper Documents

Donato Malerba, Michelangelo Ceci, Margherita Berardi; Italy


Efficient Re-construction of Document Versions Based on Adaptive Forward and Backward Change Deltas

Raymond K. Wong, Nicole Lam; Australia


Session 4B         Mobile Computing I

10.30 – 12.30

Chair: Karl Rehrl


Neighborhood-Consistent Transaction Management for Pervasive Computing Environments

Filip Perich, Anupam Joshi, Yelena Yesha, Timothy Finin; USA


On Mining Group Patterns of Mobile Users

Yida Wang, Ee-Peng Lim, San-Yih Hwang; Singapore


Location Query Based on Moving Behaviors

Ming-Hui Jin, Eric Hsiao-Kuang Wu, Jorng-Tzong Horng; Taiwan


Dynamic Splitting Policies of the Adaptive 3DR-tree for Indexing Continuously Moving Objects

Bonggi Jun, Bonghee Hong, Byunggu Yu; Republic of Korea


            12.30 – 14.00   Lunch


Session 5A         Transactions

14.00 – 15.30

Chair: Gultekin Ozsoyoglu


Comparing the Overhead Requirements of Database Transaction Models

Andrew G Fry, Hugh E Williams; Australia


Concurrent and Real-Time Update of Access Control Policies

Indrakshi Ray, Tai Xin ; USA


Transactional Agents Model for Distributed Object Systems

Masashi Shiraishi, Tomoya Enokido, Makoto Takizawa; Japan



Session 5B         Mobile Computing II

14.00 – 15.30

Chair: Raymond Wong


Incremental Query Answering using a Multi-Layered Database Model in a Mobile Computing Environment

Sanjay Madria, Y. Fu, S. Bhowmick; USA


Environmental Noise Classification for Context-Aware Applications

Ling MA, Dan SMITH, Ben MILNER; United Kingdom


Cost Models for Spatial Range Query Over Broadcast Geographical Data

Jianting zhang, Le Gruenwald; USA



            15.30 – 16.00   Coffee Break


Session 6A         Bioinformatics

16.00 – 18.00

Chair: Josef Küng


Context-Aware Data Mining Framework for Wireless Medical Application

Pravin Vajirkar, Sachin Singh , Yugyung Lee; USA


Data Management in Metaboloinformatics: Issues and Challenges

Dadabhai T Singh, Sourav S Bhowmick, Amey Laud; Singapore


Mining the Risk Types of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) by AdaCost

Seong-Bae Park, Sohyun Hwang, Byoung-Tak Zhang; Korea


A Protein Structural Information Management Based on Spatial Database and an Active Trigger Rule

Sung-Hee Park, Keun Ho Ryu, Hyeon S. Son; R. O. Korea


Session 6B         Mobile Computing III

16.00 – 18.00

Chair: Filip Perich


ASOMNIA: A Service-Oriented Middleware for Ambient Information Access

Karl Rehrl, Manfred Bortenschlager, Harald Rieser, Rupert Westenthaler, Sigi Reich, Wernher Behrendt; Austria


An Efficient Index Allocation Method Over Multiple Broadcast Channels in a Mobile Environment

Byungkyu Lee, Sungwon Jung; Korea


DSTTMOD: A Future Trajectory Based Moving Object Databases

Xiaofeng Meng, Zhiming Ding; P R China


Adaptive Peer-to-peer Routing with Proximity

Chu Yee Liau, Stéphane Bressan, Achmad Nizar Hidayanto; Singapore



Wednesday, September 3, 2003


9.00 – 10.00         Invited Talk of DaWaK Conference


            10.00 – 10.30   Coffee Break


Session 7         Information Retrieval I

10.30 – 12.30

Chair : Christian Böhm


g-Binary: a non-parameterized code for inverted file compression

Ilias Nitsos, Georgios Evangelidis, Dimitrios Dervos; Greece


Activation on the move: Querying Tourism Information via Spreading


Helmut Berger, Michael Dittenbach, Dieter Merkl; Austria


Similarity Join in Metric Spaces using eD-Index

Vlastislav Dohnal, Claudio Gennaro, Pavel Zezula; Czech Republic


KeyQuery - A Front End for the Automatic Translation of Keywords into Structured Queries

Martin Erwig, Jianglin He; USA


            12.30 – 14.00   Lunch


Session 8         Information Retrieval II

14.00 – 15.30

Chair: Michel Adiba


Supporting KDD Applications by the k-Nearest Neighbor Join

Christian Böhm, Florian Krebs; Austria


Approximate Query Processing for a Content-Based Image Retrieval Method

Paul W.H. Kwan, Kazuo Toraichi, Hiroyuki Kitagawa, Keisuke Kameyama; Japan


Query Algebra for Interval Probabilities

Wenzhong Zhao, Alex Dekhtyar, Judy Goldsmith; USA



            15.30 – 16.00   Coffee Break


Session 9         Information Retrieval III

16.00 – 17.30

Chair: Georgios Evangelidis


Tree Structure based Parallel Frequent Pattern Mining on PC Cluster

Iko Pramudiono, Masaru Kitsuregawa; Japan


WebObjects: A New Approach for Querying the Web

Fábio Soares Silva, Marcus Costa Sampaio, Cláudio de Souza Baptista; Brazil


Finding Neighbor Communities in the Web using Inter-site Graph

Yasuhito Asano, Hiroshi Imai, Masashi Toyoda, Masaru Kitsuregawa; Japan


A Lesson for Software Engineering from Knowledge Engineering

John Debenham; Australia


Thursday, September 4, 2003



Session 10A         Multimedia Database Systems

10.30 – 12.30

Chair: Jerome Darmont


Image Retrieval by Web Contexts: Filling the Gap between Image Keywords and Its Usage Keywords

Koji Zettsu, Katsumi Tanaka, Yutaka Kidawara; Japan


Query-by-Humming on Internet

Naoko Kosugi, Hidenobu Nagata, Tadashi Nakanishi; Japan


Efficient Indexing of High Dimensional Normalized Histograms

Alexandru Coman, Joerg Sander, Mario A. Nascimento; Canada


Implementation of a stream-oriented retrieval engine for complex similarity queries on top of an ORDBMS

Andreas Henrich, Guenter Robbert; Germany


Session 10Ba         Web Applications

10.30 – 11.30

Chair: Abdelhak Seriai


GFIS-Pro: A Prototype Tool For Forest Information Resources Management

Thanh Binh Nguyen, Mohamed T Ibrahim; United Kingdom


FDRAS: Fashion Design Recommender Agent System using the Extraction of Representative Sensibility and the Two-Way Combined Filtering on Textile

Kyung-Yong Jung, Young-Joo Na, Jung-Hyun Lee; Korea



Session 10Bb         Ontologies I

11.30 – 12.30

Chair: Trevor Bench-Capon


An explanation-based ranking approach for ontology-based querying

Nenad Stojanovic; Germany


Visual Querying with Ontologies for Distributed Statistical Databases

Yaxin Bi, David Bell, Joanne Lamb, Kieran Greer; United Kingdom


            12.30 – 14.00   Lunch


Session 11A         Object-Oriented Database Systems I

14.00 – 15.30

Chair: Guenter Robbert


DOEF: A Dynamic Object Evaluation Framework

Zhen He, Jerome Darmont; Australia


Object oriented mechanisms to rewritings queries using views

Abdelhak Seriai; France


TVL_SE - Temporal and Versioning Language to Schema Evolution in Object-Oriented Databases

Renata de Matos Galante, Nina Edelweiss, Clesio s; Brazil


Session 11B         Ontologies II

14.00 – 15.30

Chair: Nenad Stojanovic


Building Conceptual Schemas by Refining General Ontologies

Jordi Conesa, Xavier de Palol, Antoni Olivé; Catalonia


Semantics for Interoperability: relating ontologies and schemata

Trevor Bench-Capon, Grant Malcolm, Michael Shave; UK



            15.30 – 16.00   Coffee Break


Session 12A         Object-Oriented Database Systems II

16.00– 17.00

Chair: Naoko Kosugi


Multiple Views with Multiple Behaviours for Interoperable Object-Oriented Database Systems

M. B. Al-Mourad, W. A. Gray, N. J. Fiddian; UK


Integrating Association Rule Mining Algorithms with the F2 OODBMS

Lina Al-Jadir; Lebanon


Friday, September 5, 2003


Session 13A         Query Optimization I

9.00 - 10.00

Chair: Marcel Fernandez


Using User Access Patterns for Semantic Query Caching

Qingsong Yao, Aijun An; Canada


Exploiting Similarity of Subqueries for Complex Query Optimization

Yingying Tao, Qiang Zhu, Calisto Zuzarte; USA


Session 13B         Workflow I

9.00 - 10.00

Chair: Costas Kotropoulos


Process Data Store: A Realtime Data Store for Monitoring Business Processes

Josef Schiefer, Beate List, Robert M. Bruckner; USA; Austria


Integrated Workflow Planning and Coordination

Hilmar Schuschel, Mathias Weske; Germany


            10.00 – 10.30   Coffee Break


Session 14A         Query Optimization II

10.30 – 12.00

Chair: Eduardo Fernandez-Medina


Block Optimization in the Teradata RDBMS

Ahmad Ghazal, Ramesh Bhashyam, Alain Crolotte; USA


Selection of Topics for Web Resource Discovery: Efficiency Issues in a Database Approach

A.  Al-Hamdani, G. Ozsoyoglu; USA


Integrating Quality of Service into Database Systems

Haiwei Ye, Brigitte Kerhervé , Gregor v. Bochmann; Canada


Session 14B         Workflow II

10.30 – 12.00

Chair: Alain Couchot


Handling Dynamic Changes in Decentralized Workflow Execution Environments

Soon Ae Chun, Vijayalakshmi Atluri; USA


A QoS Oriented Framework for Adaptive Management of Web Service based Workflows

Chintan Patel, Kaustubh Supekar, Yugyung Lee; USA


Discovering Role-Relevant Process-Views for Recommending Workflow information

Minxin Shen, Duen-Ren Liu; Taiwan



            12.00 – 14.00   Lunch


Session 15A         Knowledge Engineering I

14.00 – 15.00

Chair: M. Basel Al-Mourad


Termination analysis of active rules with priorities

Alain Couchot; France


A toolkit and methodology to support the collaborative development and reuse of engineering models

Zdenek Zdrahal, Paul Mulholland, Michael Valasek, Phil Sainter, Matt Koss, Lukas Trejtnar; UK


Session 15B         Security I

14.00 – 15.30

Chair: Qingsong Yao


Secure Interoperability between Cooperating XML Systems by Dynamic Role Translation

Somchai Chatvichienchai, Mizuho Iwaihara, Yahiko KambayashiL; Japan


A Flexible Database Security System using Multiple Access Control Policies

Min_A Jeong, Jung-Ja Kim , Yonggwan Won; REPUBLIC OF KOREA


Designing Secure Databases for Oracle9i Label Security

Eduardo Fernandez-Medina, Mario Piattini; Spain



            15.30 – 16.00   Coffee Break


Session 16A         Knowledge Engineering II

16.00– 17.00

Chair: Alain Crolotte


CAML - A Universal Configuration Language for Dialog Systems

Gergely Kovásznai, Costas Kotropoulos, Ioannis Pitas; Greece


NLC: A Measure Based on Projections

Roberto Ruiz Sánchez, José C. Riquelme Santos, Jesús S. Aguilar-Ruiz; Spain


Session 16B         Security II

16.00– 17.00

Chair: Hoilmar Schuschel


Temporal Authorization Specification and Evaluation

Chun Ruan, Vijay Varadharajan; Australia


Mobile agent watermarking and fingerprinting: tracing malicious hosts

Oscar Esparza, Marcel Fernandez, Miguel Soriano, Jose Luis Muñoz, Jordi Forne; Spain