Technical Program HoloMAS 2003


Monday, September 1, 2003


14.00 – 14.15   Opening of HoloMAS 2003


14.15 – 15.15   Invited Talk – S. Bussmann


15.30 – 16.00   Coffee Break


Session 1:           Holonic Manufacturing Systems – Device Control

16.00 – 18.00


Holonic Manufacturing Systems: Phase II

W.A. Gruver, D.B. Kotak, E.H. van Leeuwen, and D.H. Norrie


A Mechanism for Ensuring Safe Behaviors of Holonic Manufacturing Systems

S. Tamura, N. Nishi, and T. Yanase


A Real-Time Interface for Holonic Control Devices

R.W. Brennan, K. Hall, V. Mařík, F. Maturana, and D.H. Norrie


Integration of Automation Resources in Holonic Manufacturing Applications

P. Leităo, R. Boissier, F. Casais, and F. Restivo



Tuesday, September 2, 2003


Session 2:           Foundations/Platforms

10.30 – 12.30


JAVA-based Agent Platform Evaluation

P. Vrba


An Approach to the Formal Specification of Holonic Control Systems

P. Leităo, A.W. Colombo, and F. Restivo


Holonic Multiagent Systems: A Foundation for the Organisation of Multiagent Systems

K. Fischer, M. Schillo and J. Siekmann


The Link between Autonomy and Organisation in Multiagent Systems

M. Schillo, K. Fischer, and J. Siekmann


12.30 – 14.00   Lunch


Session  3A:     Simulation and Integration

14.00 – 15.30


A Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Modelling for Distributed Simulation of Supply Chains

O. Labarthe, E. Tranvouez, A. Ferrarini, B. Espinasse, and B. Montreuil


Integration of Shop Floor Holons with automated Business Processes

K. Glanzer, T. Schmidt, G. Wippel, and C. Dutzler


Proposal of Holonic Manufacturing Execution Systems Based on Web Service Technologies for Mexican SMEs

L. Gaxiola, M. de J. Ramírez, G. Jimenez, and A. Molina


Session 3B:       Multi-agent Systems I

14.00 – 15.30 


Secure FIPA Compliant Agent Architecture Draft

T. Vlček and J. Zach


Agent Exchange – Virtual Trading Environment

J. Hodík, M. Rollo, M. Pěchouček, and P. Novák


Adding Semantics to Ontologies Used in Multi-Agent Systems for Manufacturing

M. Obitko and V. Mařík


15.30 – 16.00   Coffee Break


Session 4A:       Scheduling and Resource Allocation

16.00 – 18.00


Fault-Tolerant Behaviour in Holonic Manufacturing Systems: A Simulation Study

T. Neligwa and S.M. Deen  


Multiagent-Based Process Planning and Scheduling in Context of Supply Chains

B. Denkena, M. Zwick, and P.-O. Woelk


Improving Multi-Agent Based Scheduling by Neurodynamic Programming

B.C. Csáji, B. Kádár, and L. Monostori


Agent Architecture for Dynamic Job Routing in Holonic Environment Based on the Theory of Constraints

L.B. Sheremetov, J. Martínez, and J. Guerra


Session 4B:       Multi-agent Systems II

16.00 – 18.00


Complex Data Integration based on a Multi-Agent System

O. Boussaid, F. Bentayeb, A. Duffoux, and F. Clerc


A Multi-Agent Architecture for Distributed Design

O. Chira, C. Chira, D. Tormey, A. Brennan, and T. Roche


AgentAllocator: An Agent-Based Multi-criteria Decision Support System for Task Allocation

N.F. Matsatsinis and P. Delias



Wednesday, September 3, 2003


10.30 – 11.30   Invited Talk – R. Tharumarajah


Session 5:           Applications I

11.30 12.30


An Approach to Process Automation Based on Cooperating Subprocess Agents

I. Seilonen, T. Pirttioja, P. Appelqvist, A. Halme, and K. Koskinen


Evaluating a Holonic Packing Cell

M. Fletcher, D. McFarlane, A. Thorne, D. Jarvis, and A. Lucas


12.30 – 14.00   Lunch


Session 6:           Applications II

14.00 – 15.30


FABMAS: an Agent-Based System for Production Control of Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes

L. Mönch, M. Stehli, and J. Zimmermann


A Case Study for Modular Plant Control

C. Zamfirescu, P. Valckenaers, H.H. Van Brussel, and B.S. Germain


Implementation of Mobile-Agent-Based Network Management Systems for National Broadband Experimental Networks in Taiwan

L.-D. Chou, K.-C. Shen, K.-C. Tang, and C.-C. Kao


15.30 – 16.00   Coffee Break


Session 7:           Applications III

16.00 – 17.30


An Agent-based Simulator for Electricity Markets: Seller, Buyer and Trader Players

I. Praça, C. Ramos, Z. Vale, and M. Cordeiro


AgenTec – Concepts for Agent Technology in Automation

A. Braatz, M. Höpf, and A. Ritter


Cost-based Dynamic Reconfiguration System for Evolving Holarchies

F.P. Maturana, P. Tichý, P. Šlechta, R.J. Staron, F.M. Discenzo, K. Hall, and V. Mařík