DEXA 2005 Copenhagen Pictures

W18 - MDDS '05

Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Note: The Final Program was shifted from Wednesday to Wed.afternoon & Thursday due to the wish of the workshop chairs (16 Aug.’05).

Opening & Introductions:
15:00 - 15:30

Break: 15.30 - 16.00

Session 1. Mobile Transactions and Consistency:
16.00 -17.30

Angelo Brayner, Frank Stefan Alencar
"A Semantic-Serializability Based Fully-Distributed Concurrency Control Mechanism for Mobile Multi-Database Systems"

Hien Nam Le, Mad Nygard
"MOWAHS: Mobile Transaction System for Supporting Mobile Work"

Dmitry S. Kochnev, Tatiana Kochurova, Alexander Slobodianik
"Temporal Consistency in Nomadic Mobile Environment"

Thursday, 25 August 2005

Session 2. Mobile Data Access and Collaboration:
10.30 - 12:30

Ryota Ozaki, Soichiro Hidaka, Kazuya Kodama, Katsumi Maruyama
"Accessing Remote Devices by Using Conventional Interface in Mobile Computing Environment"

Takuya Maekawa, Toshiaki Uemukai, Takahiro Hara, Shojiro Nishio
"Content Description and Partitioning Methods for Collaborative Browsing by Multiple Mobile Users"

Yan Fu
"A data management system for mobile terminals"

Jing Cai, Tsutomu Terada, Takahiro Hara, and Shojiro Nishio
"A Query Processing Method for Hybrid Wireless-Broadcast Networks"

Lunch: 12:30 - 14.00

Session 3. Invited Talk:
14.00 - 15.15

"Energy and the Third Law of Compu-Dynamics: From Mobility to Pervasiveness"
Professor Panos Chrysanthis, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Session 4. Sensor Databases:
15.15 - 16.15

Vladimir Dyo and Cecilia Mascolo
"Adaptive Distributed Indexing for Spatial Queries in Sensor Networks"

Levent Gurgen , Cyril Labbe, Vincent Olive, Claudia Roncancio
"A Scalable Architecture for Heterogeneous Sensor Management"

Closing Session: 16:20 - 16.30