DEXA 2005 Poland Pictures

W14 - PDMST '06

Thursday, 7 September 2006

Session 1: Privacy, Trust and Security in P2P Networks
9.00 - 11.00

Innovative Ideas and Experience with Approaches for Ensuring Privacy in P2P
Bharat Bhargava

Privacy, Security, and Trust in P2P Environments: A Perspective
Anirban Mondal, Masaru Kitsuregawa

Developing and Managing Trust in Peer-to-Peer Systems
Liang Ge

A Trust-Aware, P2P-based Overlay for Intrusion Detection
Claudiu Duma, Martin Karresand, Nahid Shahmehri,Germano Caronni

Session 2: Privacy, Trust and Security in P2P Networks
13.30 - 15.30

How to Use Events and Rules for Supporting Role-Based Security?
Raman Adaikkalavan, Sharma Chakravarthy

Trust and Security in Mobile Peer-to-Peer System
Vijay Kumar

String-matching and update through Algebraic Signatures in Scalable Distributed Data Structures
Riad Mokadem

A Protocol for Secure Content Distribution in Pure P2P Networks
Esther Palomar Gonzalez

Session 3: P2P Architectures and Searching
16.00 – 18.00

A P2P Integration Architecture for Protein Resources
Kajal Claypool,Sanjay Madria

Opportunistic Networks: Challenges in Specializing the P2P Paradigm
L. Lilien, H. Kamal , A. Gupta

DBNet: A Service-Oriented Database Architecture
Wee Hyong Tok, Stephane Bressan

Service and Resource Discovery Using P2P
S.Lehtonen, S.Ponkanen, M. Pennanen