DEXA 2005 Poland Pictures

Accepted Papers

3rd International Workshop on Grid and Peer-to-Peer Computing Impacts on Large Scale Heterogeneous D

  • [#1] Invited Paper 1: Middleware for next generation distributed systems: main challenges and perspectives
    Guy Bernard,

  • [#2] Invited Paper 2:Pattern Matching Using n-gram Sampling Of Cumulative Algebraic Signatures : Preliminary Results
    Witold Litwin, Riad Mokadem, Philippe Rigaux, Thomas Schwarz

  • [#3] On-Line Balancing of Horizontally-Range-Partitioned Data in Distributed Spatial Telemetric Data Warehouse
    Marcin Gorawski,Maciej Kaminski

  • [#4] Range Queries in Massively Distributed Data
    Maria-Del-Pilar Villamil, Claudia Roncancio, Cyril Labbé

  • [#5] Dascosa: Database support for Computational Science Applications
    Kjetil Norvag

  • [#6] A P2P Resource Discovery System Based on a Forest of Trees
    Moreno Marzolla, Matteo Mordacchini, Salvatore Orlando

  • [#7] Towards Realization of Dataspaces
    Ibrahim Elsayed, Peter Brezany, A Min Tjoa

  • [#8] Mobility Extensions for Knowledge Discovery Workflows in Data Mining Grids
    Karin Anna Hummel, Georg Bohs, Peter Brezany, Ivan Janciak