DEXA 2005 Poland Pictures

Accepted Papers

6th International Workshop on Web Based Collaboration - WBC '06

  • [#1] Towards Integrating Collaborative Business Process Based on a Process Ontology and EbXML Collaboration Scenario
    Driouche Razika, Boufaida Zizette, Kordon Fabrice

  • [#2] Document exchange Methodology for collaborative work in eGovernment
    Flavio Corradini, Lucio Forastieri, Alberto Polzonetti, Romeo Pruno

  • [#3] Analysis of Web Service Composition and Substitution
    Fangfang Liu, Yan Chi

  • [#4] Design of a Web-based Application for Wireless Sensor Networks
    Sajid Hussain, Nick Schofield, Abdul Matin

  • [#5] On the Execution of Collaborative Business Processes
    Belinda Carter, Maria Orlowska

  • [#6] Refinement of correspondences in EXSMAL for XML Document transformation
    Khaled Herzi, Aïcha-Nabila Benharkat, Youssef Amghar

  • [#7] Supporting On-Demand Collaboration in Web-Based Communities
    Stefan Paal, Lars Br?cker, Marion Borowski

  • [#9] A new approach for information exchange within Public Registries based on RosettaNet standards
    Konrad Fuks, Waldemar Wieczerzycki

  • [#10] A framework of the impact of cyberspace on contemporary organizations
    Janusz Wielki