DEXA 2005 Poland Pictures

Accepted Papers

1st International Workshop on Flexible Database and Information System Technology - FlexDBIST '06

  • [#1] Bipolar Queries and Queries with Preferences (Invited Paper)
    S. Zadrozny , J. Kacprzyk

  • [#2] On a QUalitative Approximate Inclusion - Application to the Division of Fuzzy Relations
    P. Bosc, O. Pivert

  • [#3] A Knowledge-Based Approach For Database Flexible Querying
    N. Hachani,H. Ounelli

  • [#4] MetaOn - Ontology Driven Metadata Construction and Management for Intelligent Search in Text and Image Collections
    H. Karanikas, N. Pelekis, D. K. Iakovidis, I. Kopanakis, T. Mavroudakis, Y. Theodoridis

  • [#5] Using Gaussians Functions to Determine Representative Clustering Prototypes
    Minyar Sassi, Amel Grissa, Habib Ounelli,

  • [#6] Avenues to Flexible Data Integrity Checking
    H. Decker , D. Martinenghi

  • [#7] An Evaluation of Query Languages for Context-Aware Computing
    P. D. Haghighi, A. Zaslavsky, S. Krishnaswamy

  • [#9] dmFSQL: a Language for Data Mining
    R. A. Carrasco, M. A. Vila, F. Araque

  • [#9] The PENG Project: Practice and Experience (Invited Paper and Demonstration)
    G. Pasi, G. Bordogna, R. Villa

  • [#10] The Linguistic Computational Models Based on Index of Linguistic Label
    Z. P. ,G. Resconi