DEXA 2005 Poland Pictures

Accepted Papers

1st International Workshop on XML Data Management Tools & Techniques - XANTEC '06

  • [#1] An Overview of WebVigiL: A System for Customized Change Detection and Notification of Web Pages;
    Sharma Chakravarthy ,Subramanian C Hari Hara

  • [#2] On the Problem of Coupling Java Algorithms and XML Parsers
    Giuseppe Psaila

  • [#3] A classification for comparing standardized XML data
    Lena Stromback

  • [#4] Extracting Partition Statistics from Semistructured Data
    John Wilson

  • [#5] A Method for XQuery Transform Implementation Based on Shadow Mechanism;
    Maria Rekouts, Maxim Grinev, Alexander Boldakov

  • [#6] Finding Syntactic Similarities Between XML Documents
    Davood Rafiei, Daniel L. Moise, Dabo Sun

  • [#7] XShreX: Maintaining Integrity Constraints in the Mapping of XML Schema to Relational
    Qiuju Lee, Stéphane Bressan, Wenny Rahayu

  • [#8] An Architecture for an XML-Template Engine enabling Safe Authoring
    Falk Hartmann

  • [#9] XTC - The XML Transformation Coordinator for XML Document Transformation Technologies
    Daniel Fötsch, Andreas Speck,

  • [#10] Answering Queries in the Presence of XML Keys;
    Mehdi Essid, Omar Boucelma, Stephane Bressan

  • [#11] A Data Model and an Algebra for Querying XML Documents;
    Giacomo Buratti, Danilo Montesi