DEXA 2005 Poland Pictures

Accepted Papers

2nd International Workshop on Philosophies and Methodologies for Knowledge Discovery, Deployment, an

  • [#1] Who is Your Customer Data Mining Researcher?: Some Issues Inspired by Information Systems Field"
    Seppo Puuronen, Mykola Pechenizkiy,Alexey Tsymbal.

  • [#2] Intelligent Data Mining Assistance via CBR and Ontologies
    Michel Charest, Sylvain Delisle, Ofelia Cervantes1, Yanfen Shen

  • [#3] Social Enterprise Architecture: Towards an extendable and scaleable system architecture for KM
    Romeo Pruno, Alberto Polzonetti, Roberto D'Angelo,

  • [#4] Analyzing behavioral data for refining cognitive models of operator
    Olivier Georgeon, Alain Mille,Thierry Bellet

  • [#5] Visualization and Bayesian Nets to link Business Expectations through KDD to Deployment.
    Keith Rennolls,

  • [#6] A Web-enabled Decision Support System for Small-Scale Entrepreneurs
    Chiyaba Njovu, Johnson Gyamfi,

  • [#7] Wisdom Engineering - Applying Meta-Knowledge to Architecting Systems
    M. Fedorec,Keith Rennolls, University of Greenwich.

  • [#8] Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks in the Molecular Design of Novel Fibres
    Cartwright, Sztandera,Gunatillake.

  • [#9] Some approaches to the model error problem in Data Mining systems.
    Vladimir Reznikov.