DEXA 2005 Poland Pictures

Accepted Papers

7th International Workshop on Theory and Applications of Knowledge MAnagement - TAKMA '06

  • [#1] Application of a Community of Practice to improve knowledge sharing in offshoring relations
    Remko Helms

  • [#2] Text Mining of Business News for Forecasting
    Petr Kroha

  • [#3] Capturing and Using the Operational Semantics of Large Distributed Systems: Sharing Common Application Requirements in Virtual Organisations
    Nickolas Falkner

  • [#4] Individual Knowledge Generation for Individual User Environments by Relating User Network Ontology to Local Protocols
    Kenichi Nishikawa

  • [#5] Towards a Maturity Model for Learning Organizations - the Role of Knowledge Management
    Lena Aggestam

  • [#6] Learning Term Spaces based on Visual Feedback
    Michael Granitzer, Thomas Neidhart,

  • [#7] Co-Protégé: Collaborative Ontology Building with Divergences
    Alicia D?az

  • [#9] Structuring Short-Term Organizational Memories by Argumentation Based Transient-Scenarios
    Dino Borri, Adele CELINO , Grazia CONCILIO , Anna DE LIDDO ,

  • [#9] Plagiarism Detection in Large Sets of Press Agency News Articles
    Wolfgang Kienreich