DEXA 2005 Poland Pictures

Accepted Papers

4th International Workshop on Biological Data Management - BIDM '06

  • [#1] A Tool for Collaborative Construction of Large Biological Ontologies
    Jie Bao, Zhiliang Hu, Doina Caragea, James Reecy, Vasant G Honavar,

  • [#2] Automated sequence identification in homologous gene family databases
    Anne-Muriel Arigon, Guy Perrière , Manolo Gouy,

  • [#3] ClustDB: A high-performance tool for large scale sequence matching
    Jürgen Kleffe, Friedrich Möller, Burghardt Wittig,

  • [#4] In Services: Data Management for In Silico Workflows
    Fabrício Nogueira da Silva, Maria Cláudia Cavalcanti, Alberto M. R. Dávila,

  • [#5] Storage Processing of Mass Spectromenty Data
    Sebastian Klie, Steffen Neumann,

  • [#6] Extracting Metadata from Biological Experimental Data
    Badr Al-Daihani, Alex Gray, Peter Kille,

  • [#7] Comparative Analysis of Exon Skipping Patterns in Human and Mouse
    Yu-Wei Chiu, Fang-Rong Hsu , Man-Kwan Shan,

  • [#8] SIB: database and tool for the integration and browsing of large scale image high-throughput screening data
    Karol Kozak, Marta Kozak, Eberhard Krausz,

  • [#9] Exploiting Geometrical Properties on Protein Similarity Search
    Saiful Akbar, Josef Küng, Roland Wagner,