DEXA 2007 Poland Pictures

W15 - ELSys '07

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Invited talk:
Can computers grade free-text essays comparable to expert human graders? .
Dr Heinz V. Dreher, BSc, DipEd, PgradDip(Curric&EdTech), MEd, PhD, MIEEE. Perth, Western Australia

9:50 Session: New improvements to E-Learning
Chair: Ernesto Damiani

Integrating Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Health Information Systems
Carolina González , Juan C. Burguillo, Martín Llamas

An e-Learning: Modeling Processes and Code Generation of Web Applications using a Collaborative Rich Internet Application
Sara Comai, Juan Carlos Preciado, Marino Linaje, Rober Morales, Fernando Sánchez

Enhancing the Knowledge Management Support Inside the E-Learning Platforms
Mihaela Brut

11:00 break

14:00 Session: E-Learning new applications
Chair: Stefania Marrara

A proposal for interactive-constructivistic teaching methods supported by Web 2.0 technologies and environments
Francesco Di Cerbo, Giancarlo Succi

The institutional effect on e-learning in Hong Kong
Eric Lau

E-studium: an Italian experience of blended e-learning for university education support
Emanuela Falcinelli, Candida Gori, Judit Jasso, Alfredo Milani, Simonetta Pallottelli

Experience of blended e-learning in post-graduate training for High School Teaching
Emanuela Falcinelli, Floriana Falcinelli, Chiara Laici, Alfredo Milani

15:30 break

An e-Learning System Supporting the Problem-Based-Learning Approach: the Case of Virtual eBMS
G. Secundo, G. Elia, C. Taurino

The digital teaching legacy of the International Polar Year (IPY) 2007/8: Details of a present to the global village for achieving sustainability
Falk Huettmann