DEXA 2007 Poland Pictures

W12 - ACKE '07

Friday, 7 September 2007

Session 1 : Data Mining and Knowledge Processing
Subtree Testing and Closed Tree Mining Through Natural Representations
José L. Balcazar, Albert Bifet and Antoni Lozano

Towards a finer assessment of extraction context sparseness
T. Hamrouni, S. Ben Yahia & E. Mephu Nguifo

A Binary Decision Diagram to discover low threshold support frequent itemsets
Wassim Ayadi & Khedija Arour

Ines Bouzouita & Samir Elloumi

Session 2 : Ontologies and Applications
14.00 – 15.30

Mining Complex Hydrobiological Data with Galois Lattices
A. Bertaux, A. Braud, F. Le Ber

A new alignment method for OWL-Lite ontologies using propagation of similarity over the graph
Sami Zghal, Engelbert Mephu Nguifo, Sadok Ben Yahia & Yahya Slimani

A clarification of the ontological status of knowledge roles
Sabine Bruaux, Gilles Kassel & Gilles Morel

16.00 – 18.00
Invited Talk : Gerd Stumme/ Title : TBAL

Poster Session:

Session 3 : Software engineering and Knowledege processing

FCA for contextual semantic navigation and information retrieval in heterogeneous information systems
Géraldine Polaillon, Marie-Aude.Aufaure, Bénédicte Le Grand, Michel Soto

Exploring a Geographical Dataset with GEOLIS
Olivier Bedel, Sébastien Ferréand Olivier Ridoux

Citation Analysis using Formal Concept Analysis: A case study in Software Engineering using FCA
Thomas Tilley & Peter Eklund