Accepted papers

DEXA 2013 : 24th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications

  1. A File Recommendation Method Based on Task Workflow Patterns Using File-access Logs
    Qiang Song, Takayuki Kawabata, Fumiaki Itoh, Yousuke Watanabe, Haruo Yokota,
  2. A Framework for Data Processing at the Edges of Networks
    Ichiro Satoh,
  3. A Framework for Data-Driven Workflow Management: Modeling, Verification and Execution
    Nahla Haddar, Mohamed Tmar, Gargouri Faiez,
  4. A Linguistic Graph-based Approach for Web News Sentence Searching
    Kim Schouten, Flavius Frasincar,
  5. A Query-by-Similarity Indexing Strategy for Web Forms
    Willian Koerich, Ronaldo Mello,
  6. A Similarity-based Approach for Financial Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
    Marcos Bedo, Davi Santos, Daniel Kaster, Caetano Traina Jr,
  7. Accelerating Metric Space Similarity Joins with Multi-core and Many-core Processors
    Shichao Jin, Okhee Kim,
  8. An Inductive Logic Programming-Based Approach for Ontology Population from the Web
    Rinaldo Lima, Bernard Espinasse, Hilário Oliveira, Rafael Ferreira, Luciano Cabral, Dimas Filho, Fred Freitas, Renê Gadelha,
  9. An XML-based Policy Model for Access Control in Web Applications
    Tania Basso, Nuno Antunes, Regina Moraes, Marco Vieira,
  10. Analysis of Clinical Documents to Enable Semantic Interoperability
    Barbara Franz, Andreas Schuler, Emmanuel Helm,
  11. Approximate OLAP Query Processing over Uncertain and Imprecise Multidimensional Data Streams
    Alfredo Cuzzocrea,
  12. Behavioral Tendency Obfuscation Framework for Personalization Services
    Ryo Furukawa, Takao Takenouchi, Takuya Mori,
  13. BioDI: A new approach to improve Biomedical Documents Indexing
    Wiem Chebil, Lina Fatima Soualmia, Stefan Jacques Darmoni,
  14. CiDHouse : Contextual SemantIc Data WareHouses
    Selma Khouri, Lama ElSarraj, Ladjel Bellatreche, Bernard Espinasse, Sophie Rodier, Nabila Berkani, Thérèse Libourel,
  15. Classifying Twitter Users Based on User Profile and Followers Distribution
    Liang Yan, Qiang Ma, Masatoshi Yoshikawa,
  16. CoDS: A Representative Sampling Method for Relational Databases
    Teodora Sandra Buda, Thomas Cerqueus, John Murphy, Morten Kristiansen,
  17. Comparison Queries for Uncertain Graphs
    Denis Dimitrov, Lisa Singh, Janet Mann,
  18. Complex Matching of RDF Datatype Properties
    Bernardo Pereira Nunes, Alexander Mera, Marco Antonio Casanova, Besnik Fetahu, Luiz André P. Paes Leme, Stefan Dietze,
  19. Composite Patterns for Web API Search in Agile Web Application Development
    Devis Bianchini, Valeria De Antonellis, Michele Melchiori,
  20. Continuous Predictive Line Queries under Road-network Constraints
    Lasanthi Heendaliya, Dan Lin, Ali Hurson,
  21. Coordination Issues in Artifact-centric Business Process Models
    Giorgio Bruno,
  22. Data Value Storage for Compressed Semi-structured Data
    Brian Tripney, Isla Ross, Francis Wilson, John Wilson,
  23. Database Technology: A World of Interaction
    Amira Kerkad, Ladjel Bellatreche, Dominique Geniet,
  24. Discovering Multi-Stage Attacks Using Closed Multi-dimensional Sequential Pattern Mining
    Hanen Brahmi, Sadok Ben Yahia,
  25. Discovering Semantics from Data-Centric XML
    Luochen Li, Thuy Ngoc Le, Huayu Wu, Tok Wang Ling, Stephane Bressan,
  26. Dynamic Multi-Probe LSH: an I/O Efficient Index Structure for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
    Shaoyi Yin, Mehdi Badr, Dan Vodislav,
  27. Effectively Delivering XML Information in Periodic Broadcast Environments
    Yongrui Qin, Quan Z. Sheng, Muntazir Mehdi, Hua Wang, Dong Xie,
  28. Efficient Time Aggregation and Querying of Flashed Streams in Constrained Motes
    Pedro Furtado,
  29. Efficient XML Keyword Search: From Graph Model to Tree Model
    Yong Zeng, Zhifeng Bao, Tok Wang Ling, Guoliang Li,
  30. Entity Matching Technique for Bibliographic Database
    Sumit Mishra, Samrat Mondal, Sriparna Saha,
  31. Establishing Relevance of Characteristic Features for Authorship Attribution with ANN
    Urszula Stanczyk,
  32. Evaluating Spatial Skyline Queries on Changing Data
    Fabiola Di Bartolo, Marlene Goncalves,
  33. Evaluating the Interest of Revamping Past Search Results
    Claudio Gutiérrez-Soto, Gilles Hubert,
  34. Exploring Data Locality for Clustered Enterprise Applications
    Stoyan Garbatov, João Cachopo,
  35. Exploring Trust to Rank Reputation in Microblogging
    Leila Weitzel, José Palazzo M. de Oliveira, Paulo Quaresma,
  36. Fast Community Detection
    Yi Song, Stephane Bressan,
  37. Finding Image Semantics from a Hierarchical Image Database based on Adaptively Combined Visual Features
    Pritee Khanna, Shreelekha Pandey, Haruo Yokota,
  38. FOPA: A Final Object Pruning Algorithm to Efficiently Produce Skyline Points
    Ana Alvarado, Oriana Baldizan, Marlene Goncalves, Maria-Esther Vidal,
  39. Force-directed Layout Community Detection
    Yi Song, Stephane Bressan,
  40. Formalization and Discovery of Approximate Conditional Functional Dependencies
    Hiroki Nakayama, Ayako Hoshino, Chihiro Ito, Kyota Kanno,
  41. GCAPM: A Generic Context-aware Model in Peer-to-Peer Environment
    Saloua Zammali, Khedija Arour, Amel Bouzeghoub ,
  42. Generic Top-k Query Processing with Breadth-first Strategies
    Mehdi Badr, Dan Vodislav,
  43. Genetic Programming with Greedy Search for Web Service Composition
    Anqi Wang, Hui Ma, Mengjie Zhang,
  44. GUN: An Efficient Execution Strategy for Querying the Web of Data
    Gabriela Montoya, Luis-Daniel Ibáñez, Hala Skaf-Molli, Pascal Molli, Maria-Esther Vidal,
  45. HOIST: A Holistic One-phase Iterative Searching Technique for XML Twig Queries
    Cheng Luo, Wen-Chi Hou, Shan He, Qiang Zhu, Feng Yu,
  46. Implementing Efficient Updates in Compressed Big Text Databases
    Stefan Böttcher, Alexander Bültmann, Rita Hartel, Jonathan Schlüßler,
  47. Incremental Algorithms for Sampling Dynamic Graphs
    Xuesong Lu, Tuan Phan, Stephane Bressan,
  48. Inferring Knowledge from Concise Representations of both Frequent and Rare Jaccard Itemsets
    Souad Bouasker, Sadok Ben Yahia,
  49. LSShare: An Efficient Multiple Query Optimization System in the Cloud
    Xing Ge, Bin Yao, Minyi Guo, Changliang Xu,
  50. Main Content Extraction from Web Documents Using Text Block Context
    Myungwon Kim, Youngjin Kim, Wonmoon Song, Ara Khil,
  51. Metadata Anchoring for Source Code: Robust Location Descriptor Definition, Building and Interpreting
    Karol Rastocny, Maria Bielikova,
  52. Multivariate Prediction Based on the Gamma Classifier: a Data Mining Application to Petroleum Engineering
    Itzamá López-Yáñez, Leonid Sheremetov, Oscar Camacho-Nieto,
  53. MX-tree: A Double Hierarchical Metric Index with Overlap Reduction
    Shichao Jin, Okhee Kim,
  54. MXML Path-based Storage and Ordered-based Context Manipulation
    Nikolaos Fousteris, Manolis Gergatsoulis, Yannis Stavrakas,
  55. On Efficient Map-matching According to Intersections You Pass By
    Yaguang Li, Chengfei Liu, Kuien Liu, Jiajie Xu, Fengcheng He, Zhiming Ding,
  56. On Preference Order of DRSA Conditional Attributes for Computational Stylistics
    Urszula Stanczyk,
  57. On the Composition of Digital Licenses in Collaborative Environments
    Marco Mesiti, Paolo Perlasca, Stefano Valtolina,
  58. Opinion-based Collaborative Filtering to Solve Popularity Bias in Recommender Systems
    Xiangyu Zhao, Zhendong Niu, Wei Chen,
  59. Organizing Scientific Competitions on the Semantic Web
    Sayoko Shimoyama, Robert Cox, David Gifford, Tetsuro Toyoda,
  60. Parallel and Distributed Mining of Probabilistic Frequent Itemsets Using Multiple GPUs
    Yusuke Kozawa, Toshiyuki Amagasa, Hiroyuki Kitagawa,
  61. Parallel Partitioning and Mining Gene Expression Data with Butterfly Network
    Tao Jiang, Zhanhuai Li, Qun Chen, Zhong Wang, Wei Pan, Zhuo Wang,
  62. Permutation-based Pruning For Approximate K-NN Search
    Hisham Mohamed, Stéphane Marchand-Maillet,
  63. Preferences Chain Guided Search and Ranking Refinement
    Yann Loyer, Isma Sadoun, Karine Zeitouni,
  64. Processing k Nearest Neighbor Queries for Location-dependent Data in MANETs
    Yuka Komai, Yuya Sasaki, Takahiro Hara, Shojiro Nishio,
  65. Publishing Trajectory with Differential Privacy: A Priori vs A Posteriori Sampling Mechanisms
    Dongxu Shao, Kaifeng Jiang, Thomas Kister, Stephane Bressan, Kian-Lee Tan,
  66. Quantifying Reviewer Credibility in Online Tourism
    Yuanyuan Wang, Stephen Chi Fai Chan, Grace Ngai, Hong-Va Leong,
  67. Reverse Engineering of Database Security Policies
    Salvador Martínez, Valerio Cosentino, Jordi Cabot, Frédéric Cuppens,
  68. Revisiting the Term Frequency in Concept-Based IR Models
    Karam Abdulahhad, Jean-Pierre Chevallet, Catherine Berrut,
  69. Sensitivity Analysis of Answer Ordering from Probabilistic Databases
    Jianwen Chen, Yiping Li, Ling Feng,
  70. Similarities in Spaces of Features and Concepts: Semantic Approach
    Wladyslaw Homenda, Agnieszka Jastrzebska,
  71. SONIC: Scalable multi-query Optimization through Integrated Circuit
    Ahcene Boukorca, Ladjel Bellatreche, Sid-Ahmed Benali Senouci, Zoé Faget,
  72. StdTrip+K: Design Rationale in the RDB-to-RDF process
    Rita Berardi, Karin Breitman, Marco Antônio Casanova, Giseli Lopes, Adriana Medeiros,
  73. STRING : A Social-Transaction Routing over a Ring
    Idrissa Sarr, Hubert Naacke, Abderrahmane Ould Mohamed Moctar,
  74. Taming Elephants, or How to Embed Parallelism into PostgreSQL
    Constantin S. Pan, Mikhail L. Zymbler,
  75. The Hints from the Crowd Project
    Paolo Fosci, Giuseppe Psaila, Marcello Di Stefano,
  76. The Price Is Right
    Ruiming Tang, Huayu Wu, Zhifeng Bao, Stephane Bressan, Patrick Valduriez,
  77. Towards Addressing the Coverage Problem in Association Rule-based Recommender Systems
    Uday Kiran, Masaru Kitsuregawa,
  78. Towards Automated Compliance Checking in the Construction Industry
    Thomas Beach, Tala Kasim, Haijiang Li, Yacine Rezgui, Nick Nisbet,
  79. Towards Connected Enterprises: The Business Network System
    Daniel Ritter,
  80. UMAP: A Universal Layer for Schema Mapping Languages
    Florin Chertes, Ingo Feinerer,
  81. User Location Anonymization Method for Wide Distribution of Dummies
    Ryo Kato, Mayu Iwata, Takahiro Hara, Yuki Arase, Xing Xie, Shojiro Nishio,
  82. What you Pay for is What you Get
    Ruiming Tang, Dongxu Shao, Stephane Bressan, Patrick Valduriez,
  83. XML Schema Transformations - The ELaX Approach
    Thomas Nösinger, Meike Klettke, Andreas Heuer,