Accepted papers

EC-Web 2013 : 14th International Conference on Electronic Commerce and Web Technologies

  1. A hybrid approach for business environment-aware management of service-based business processes
    Olfa Bouchaala, Samir Tata, Mohamed Jmaiel,
  2. A Rule Based Personalized Location Information System for the Semantic Web
    Iosif Viktoratos, Athanasios Tsadiras, Nick Bassiliades,
  3. An Adaptive Social Influence Propagation Model Based on Local Network Topology
    Liu Haifeng, Hu Zheng, Tian Hui, Dian Zhou,
  4. An Emotion Dimensional Model based on Social Tags: Crossing Folksonomies and Enhancing Recommendations
    Ignacio Fernández-Tobías, Iván Cantador, Laura Plaza,
  5. BRF: A Framework of Retrieving Brand Names of Products in Auction Sites
    Hong-Ieng Hoi, Mars Liao, Chih-Chieh Hung, Evans Tseng,
  6. Cold-Start Management with Cross-Domain Collaborative Filtering and Tags
    Manuel Enrich, Matthias Braunhofer, Francesco Ricci,
  7. Confidence on collaborative filtering and trust-based recommendations
    Simon Meyffret, Lionel Médini, Frédérique Laforest,
  8. Context-Aware Movie Recommendations: An Empirical Comparison of Pre-Filtering, Post-Filtering and Contextual Modeling Approaches
    Pedro G. Campos, Ignacio Fernández-Tobías, Iván Cantador, Fernando Díez,
  9. Contextual eVSM: a content-based context-aware recommendation framework based on distributional semantics
    Cataldo Musto, Giovanni Semeraro, Pasquale Lops, Marco de Gemmis,
  10. DIESECT: A DIstributed Environment for Simulating E-commerce ContracTs
    Damian Wood, Ozgur Kafali, Kostas Stathis,
  11. Discovering Workflow-Aware Virtual Knowledge Flows for Knowledge Dissemination
    Minxin Shen, Duen-Ren Liu,
  12. Exploiting Big Data for enhanced representations in content-based recommender systems
    Fedelucio Narducci, Cataldo Musto, Giovanni Semeraro, Pasquale Lops, Marco de Gemmis,
  13. Matching Ads in a Collaborative Filtering Advertising
    Giuliano Armano, Alessandro Giuliani,
  14. Model Driven Realization of Long Running Transactions in Business Process Collaborations
    Ogren Paunovic, Sinisa Neskovic,
  15. Rating Pattern Formation for Better Recommendations
    Warat Chalermpornpong, Saranya Maneeroj, Takasu Atsuhiro,
  16. Recommendations Based on Different Aspects of Influences in Social Media
    Chin-Hui Lai, Duen-Ren Liu, Mei-Lan Liu,
  17. Robustness Analysis of Naive Bayesian Classifier-based Collaborative Filtering
    Cihan Kaleli, Huseyin Polat,
  18. SDRule-L: Managing Semantically Rich Business Decision Processes
    Yan Tang Demey, Christophe Debruyne,
  19. Semi-automated Structural Adaptation of Advanced E-Commerce Ontologies
    Marek Dudas, Vojtech Svatek, Laszlo Torok, Ondrej Zamazal, Benedicto Rodriguez Castro, Martin Hepp,
  20. Smoothly Extending e-Tourism Services with Personalized Recommendations: A Case Study
    Paolo Cremonesi, Franca Garzotto,
  21. UtilSim: Iteratively Helping Users Discover their Preferences
    Saurabh Gupta, Sutanu Chakraborti,