Accepted papers

DaWaK 2013 : 15th International Conference on Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery

  1. A Data Mining-Based Wind Power Forecasting Method: Results for Wind Power Plants in Turkey
    Mehmet Baris Ozkan, Dilek Kucuk, Erman Terciyanli, Serkan Buhan , Turan Demirci, Pinar Karagoz,
  2. A Hybrid Graph-based Method for Concept Rule Discovery
    Alev Mutlu, Pinar Karagoz,
  3. An Analytics-Aware Conceptual Model For Evolving Graphs
    Amine Ghrab, Sabri Skhiri, Salim Jouili, Esteban Zimányi,
  4. An Automatic Email Management Approach using Data Mining Techniques
    Gunjan Soni, Christie Ezeife,
  5. An Extended Local Hierarchical Classifier for Prediction of Protein and Gene Functions
    Luiz Henrique de Campos Merschmann, Alex Alves Freitas,
  6. An OLAP summarization function for textual documents
    Aicha Lababou, Yacine Atif,
  7. Applications of Concurrent Access Patterns in Web Usage Mining
    Jing Lu, Malcolm Keech, Cuiqing Wang,
  8. Cell-at-a-Time Approach to Lazy Evaluation of Dimensional Aggregations
    Tapio Niemi, Jyrki Nummenmaa, Peter Thanisch, Marko Niinimäki,
  9. Concurrent Execution of Data Mining Queries for Spatial Collocation Pattern Discovery
    Pawel Boinski, Maciej Zakrzewicz,
  10. Declarative expression and optimization of data-intensive flows
    Georgia Kougka, Anastasios Gounaris,
  11. Depth-first Traversal over a Mirrored Space for Non-redundant Discriminative Itemsets
    Yoshitaka Kameya, Hiroki Asaoka,
  12. Discovering Co-Location Patterns in Datasets with Extended Spatial Objects
    Aibek Adilmagambetov, Osmar Zaiane, Alvaro Osornio-Vargas,
  13. Disease Occurrence Prediction based on Spatio-Temporal Characterization – A Mesoscale Study for Knowledge and Pattern Discovery
    Vipul Raheja, K S Rajan,
  14. Document Difficulty Framework for Semi-Automatic Text Classification
    Miguel Martinez-Alvarez, Alejandro Bellogin, Thomas Roelleke,
  15. Efficient Evaluation of Ad-hoc Range Aggregates
    Christian Ammendola, Michael H. Böhlen, Johann Gamper,
  16. Fast Causal Network Inference over Event Streams
    Saurav Acharya, Byung Suk Lee,
  17. Finding Maximal Overlapping Communities
    Eileen Wei, Yun Sing Koh, Gillian Dobbie,
  18. GMAC: A Seed-Insensitive Approach to Local Community Detection
    Lianhang Ma, Hao Huang, Qinming He, Kevin Chiew, Jianan Wu, Yanzhe Che,
  19. Knowledge-free Table Summarization
    Dino Ienco, Yoann Pitarch, Pascal Poncelet, Maguelonne Teisseire,
  20. Lily: A Geo-Enhanced Library for Location Intelligence
    Matteo Golfarelli, Marco Mantovani, Federico Ravaldi, Stefano Rizzi,
  21. MAF: A Method for Detecting Temporal Associations from Multiple Event Sequences
    Han Liang,
  22. Main Content Extraction from Web Documents Using Text Block Context
    Myungwon Kim, Youngjin Kim, Wonmoon Song, Ara Khil,
  23. Metrics to Support the Evaluation of Association Rule Clustering
    Veronica Carvalho, Fabiano Santos, Solange Rezende,
  24. Minimal Vertex Unique Labelled Subgraph Mining
    Wen Yu, Frans Coenen, Michele Zito, Subhieh El Salhi,
  25. Population Estimation Mining Using Satellite Imagery
    Kwankamon Dittakan, Frans Coenen, Rob Christley, Maya Wardeh,
  26. Predicting your next OLAP query based on recent analytical sessions
    Marie-Aude Aufaure, Nicolas Kuchmann-Beauger, Patrick Marcel, Stefano Rizzi, Yves Vanrompay,
  27. Probabilistic Vector Machine. Scalability through Clustering Hybridization
    Mihai Cimpoesu, Andrei Sucila, Henri Luchian,
  28. SOLAP4epidemiologist: a Spatial Data Warehousing application in Epidemiology domain
    Assuntina Cembalo, Michele Ferrucci, Francesca Maria Pisano, Gianpaolo Pigliasco,
  29. SPIN:Concurrent Workload Scaling over Data Warehouses
    João Costa, Pedro Furtado,
  30. SSCJ: A Semi-Stream Cache Join using a Front-Stage Cache Module
    Muhammad Asif Naeem, Gerald Weber, Gillian Dobbie, Christof Lutteroth,
  31. Stream mining of frequent patterns from delayed batches of uncertain data
    Fan Jiang, Carson Leung,
  32. Supervised Dimensionality Reduction Via Nonlinear Target Estimation
    Josif Grabocka, Lucas Drumond, Lars Schmidt-Thieme,
  33. Tabular Web Data: Schema Discovery and Integration
    Prudhvi Janga, Karen Davis,
  34. Uncoupled MapReduce: a Balanced and Efficient Data Transfer Model
    Jie Zhang, Maosen Sun, Jian Lin, Li Zha,
  35. Where will you go? Mobile Data Mining for Next Place Prediction
    João Bártolo Gomes, Clifton Phua, Shonali Krishnaswamy,