Accepted papers

HoloMAS 2013 : 6th International Conference on Industrial Applications of Holonic and Multi-Agent Systems

  1. A Method and Application to Simulate and Validate Manufacturing Control Systems Based on a Discrete Manufacturing Simulation Platform
    Olivier Roulet-Dubonnet, Per Aage Nyen,
  2. A Multi-Agent System for Modelling Urban Transport Infrastructure Using Intelligent Traffic Forecasts
    Abdallah Namoun, Cesar Marin, Bart Saint Germain, Nikolay Mehandjiev, Johan Philips,
  3. A Virtual Design Engineering Environment for Control System Design and Validation
    Francisco Maturana, Polo Paredes, Maulik Kalolia,
  4. Actors, Holonic Enterprises, Ontologies and Multi-Agent Technology
    Vladimir Vittikh, Alexander Tsarev, Vladimir Larukhin,
  5. Adaptive Multi-agent System for a Washing Machine Production Line
    Nelson Rodrigues, Arnaldo Pereira, Paulo Leitão,
  6. Advanced Shop-floor Scheduling with Genetic Algorithm for Combined Horizon Optimization in Holonic Manufacturing Systems
    Cristina Morariu, Octavian Morariu, Theodor Borangiu,
  7. Agent Interaction Protocols in Support of Cloud Services Composition
    Djamel Benmerzoug, Mohamed Gharzouli, Mounira Zerari,
  8. Agent-based Control of Operational Conditions for Smart Factories: the Peak Load Management Scenario
    Anna Florea, Juha Lauttamus, Corina Postelnicu, Jose Luis Martinez Lastra,
  9. BarterCell: An Agent-based Bartering Service for Users of Pocket Computing Devices
    Sameh Abdalla, David Swords, Anara Sandygulova, Gregory M.P. O'Hare, Paolo Giorgini,
  10. Big Data Challenges in Industrial Automation
    Marek Obitko, Vaclav Jirkovsky, Jan Bezdicek,
  11. Context-Aware Self-Configuration of Flexible Supply Networks
    Alexander Smirnov, Leonid Sheremetov, Christian Sánchez, Nikolay Shilov,
  12. Deployment of Multiagent Mechatronic Systems
    Luis Ribeiro, Jose Barata,
  13. Distributed Resource Search in Self-Organising Networks
    Muntasir Al-Asfoor, Maria Fasli,
  14. Formal Study of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems: A High Level Petri Nets based approach
    Laid Kahloul, Karim Djouani, Allaoua Chaoui,
  15. IceHMS, A Middleware for Distributed Control of Manufacturing Systems
    Olivier Roulet-Dubonnet, Morten Lind, Amund Skavhaug,
  16. Negotiating Hour-wise Tariffs in Multi-agent Electricity Markets
    Fernando Lopes, Hugo Algarvio, Helder Coelho,
  17. Ontological extension of PROSA for manufacturing network formation
    Guiovanni Jules, Mozafar Saadat, Salman Saeidlou,
  18. Phase Agents and Dynamic Routing for Batch Process Automation
    Wilfried Lepuschitz, Benjamin Groessing, Emilian Axinia, Munir Merdan,
  19. Product Intelligence in Warehouse Management: A Case Study
    Vaggelis Giannikas, Wenrong Lu, Duncan McFarlane, James Hyde,
  20. Production Plan-Driven Flexible Assembly Automation Architecture
    Alois Zoitl, Gerd Kainz, Nadine Keddis,
  21. Rationales of Holonic Manufacturing Systems in Leather Industry
    Sergiu-Adrian Guta, Ioan Dumitrache, Duncan McFarlane, Tariq Masood,
  22. Structural Self-organized Holonic Multi-Agent Manufacturing Systems
    José Barbosa, Paulo Leitão, Emmanuel Adam, Damien Trentesaux,
  23. The `Two-Hop Principle': Stability of MAS in Communications Networks
    John Debenham, Ante Prodan,
  24. The Art of Negotiation: Developing Efficient Agent-based Algorithms for Solving Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
    Petr Kalina, Jirí Vokrínek, Vladimír Marík,
  25. Towards an Ontology for Small Series Production
    Udo Inden, Nikolay Mehandjiev, Lars Mönch, Pavel Vrba,
  26. Traffic Radar: a holonic traffic coordination system using PROSA++ and D-MAS
    Johan Philips, Bart Saint Germain, Jan Van Belle, Paul Valckenaers,