Accepted papers

DaWaK 2014 : 16th International Conference on Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery

  1. A Scalable Algorithm for Banded Pattern Mining In Multi-Dimensional Zero-One Data
    Fatimah Abdullahi, Frans Coenen, Russell Martin
  2. A Logicall Model for Multiversion Data Warehouses
    Waqas Ahmed, Esteban Zimányi, Robert Wrembel
  3. A Novel Approach Using Context-based Measure for Matching Large Scale Ontologies
    Warith Eddine DJEDDI, Mohamed Tarek KHADIR
  4. ActMiner: Discovering Location-specific Activities from Community-authored Reviews
    Sahisnu Mazumder, Dhaval Patel, Sameep Mehta
  5. An Approach on ETL Attached Data Quality Management
    Christian Lettner, Reinhard Stumptner, Karl-Heinz Bokesch
  6. An OLAP-based approach to Modeling and Querying Granular Temporal Trends
    Alberto Sabaini, Esteban Zimànyi, Carlo Combi
  7. Approximation of Frequent Itemset Border by Computing Approximate Minimal Hypergraph Transversals
    Nicolas Durand, Mohamed Quafafou
  8. BLIMP: A Compact Tree Structure for Uncertain Frequent Pattern Mining
    Carson Leung, Richard Kyle MacKinnon
  9. Brain Scan Classification Using A Point Series Based Representation
    Akadej Udomchaiporn, Frans Coenen, Vanessa Sluming, Marta Garcia-Finana
  10. Building Smart Cubes for Reliable and Faster Access to Data
    Daniel Antwi, Herna Viktor
  11. Clustering based on sequential multi-objective games
    Imen Heloulou, Mohammed Said Radjef, Mohand Tahar Kechadi
  12. Computing Hierarchical Skyline Queries "On-the-fly" in a Datawarehouse
    Tassadit BOUADI, Marie-Odile CORDIER, René QUINIOU
  13. Discovering Community Preference Influence Network by Social Network Opinion Posts Mining
    Tamanna Mumu, Christie Ezeife
  14. Discovering Statistically Significant Co-location Rules in Datasets with Extended Spatial Objects
    Jundong Li, Osmar Zaiane, Alvaro Osornio-Vargas
  15. Drift Detector for Memory-Constrained Environments
    Timothy D. Robinson, David Tse Jung Huang, Yun Sing Koh, Gillian Dobbie
  16. Extending drill-down through semantic reasoning on indicator formulas
    Claudia Diamantini, Domenico Potena, Emanuele Storti
  17. Impact of Content Novelty on the Accuracy of a Group Recommender System
    Ludovico Boratto, Salvatore Carta
  18. Improving the processing of DW star-queries under concurrent query workloads
    Joao Costa, Pedro Furtado
  19. Interval OLAP: Analyzing Sequences of Intervals
    Christian Koncilia, Robert Wrembel, Tadeusz Morzy, Johann Eder
  20. Mean Shift Clustering Algorithm for Data with Missing Values
    loai abdAllah, ilan shimshoni
  21. Mining Churning Factors in Indian Telecommunication Sector using Social Media Analytics
    Nitish Varshney, S.K. Gupta
  22. Mining Fuzzy Contextual Preferences
    Sandra de Amo, Juliete A. Ramos Costa
  23. Mining Interesting "Following" Patterns from Social Networks
    Carson Leung, Fan Jiang
  24. Mining Recurrent Concepts in Data Streams using the Discrete Fourier Transform
    Sakthithasan Sripirakas, Russel Pears
  25. Modeling and Querying Data Warehouses on the Semantic Web using QB4OLAP
    Lorena Etcheverry, Alejandro Vaisman, Esteban Zimanyi
  26. OntoWarehousing – Multidimensional Design Supported by a Foundational Ontology: A Temporal Perspective
    Joao Moreira, Kelli Cordeiro, Maria Luiza Campos, Marcos Borges
  27. Opening up Data Analysis for Medical Health Services: Cancer Survival Analysis with CARESS
    David Korfkamp, Stefan Gudenkauf, Martin Rohde, Eunice Sirri, Joachim Kieschke, H.-Jürgen Appelrath
  28. Optimizing Queue-based Semi-Stream Joins with Indexed Master Data
    Muhammad Asif Naeem, Gerald Weber, Christof Lutteroth, Gillian Dobbie
  29. Optimizing Reaction and Processing Times in Automotive Industry’s Quality Management: A Data Mining Approach
    Thomas Leitner, Christina Feilmayr, Wolfram Wöß
  30. Parallel co-clustering with augmented matrices algorithm with Map-Reduce
    Meng-Lun Wu, Chia-Hui Chang
  31. Parameter-Free Extended Edit Distance
    Muhammad Marwan Muhammad Fuad
  32. Processing OLAP Queries over an Encrypted Data Warehouse Stored in the Cloud
    Claudivan Cruz Lopes, Valéria Cesário Times, Stan Matwin, Ricardo Rodrigues Ciferri, Cristina Dutra de Aguiar Ciferri
  33. Quality Measures for ETL Processes
    Vasileios Theodorou, Alberto Abelló, Wolfgang Lehner
  34. Real-Time Data Warehousing: A Rewrite/Merge Approach
    Alfredo Cuzzocrea, Nickerson Ferreira, Pedro Furtado
  35. Reducing Multidimensional Data
    Faten Atigui, Franck Ravat, Jiefu Song, Gilles Zurfluh
  36. Semi-Supervised Learning to Support the Exploration of Association Rules
    Veronica Carvalho, Renan Padua, Solange Rezende
  37. Short Text Classification Using Semantic Random Forest
    Ameni Bouaziz, Christel Dartigues-Pallez, Célia Da Costa Pereira, Frédéric Precioso, Patrick Lloret
  38. Towards an OLAP environment for column-oriented data warehouses
    khaled dehdouh, Fadila Bentayeb, Omar Boussaid, Nadia Kabachi
  39. Towards Next Generation BI Systems: The Analytical Metadata Challenge
    Jovan Varga, Oscar Romero, Torben Bach Pedersen, Christian Thomsen
  40. Using Closed n-set Patterns for Spatio-Temporal Classification
    Saulius Samulevicius, Yoann Pitarch, Torben Pedersen, Bach
  41. VGEN: Fast Vertical Mining of Sequential Generator Patterns
    Philippe Fournier-Viger, Antonio Gomariz, Michal Sebek, Martin Hlosta
  42. “Real-time” Instance Selection for Biomedical Data Classification
    Chongsheng Zhang, Roberto D'Ambrosio, Paolo Soda