List of accepted papers

EGOVIS 2015 : 4th International Conference on Electronic Government and the Information Systems Perspective

  1. A Document Centric Approach for Analysis and Design of E-government Systems
    Bálint Molnár, András Benczúr
  2. A Lazy Approach for Filtering Parliamentary Documents
    Luis M. de Campos, Juan M. Fernandez-Luna, Juan F. Huete
  3. Analyzing Suspicious Medical Visit Claims from Individual Healthcare Service Providers using K-means Clustering
    Tiago Hillerman, Rommel Carvalho, Ana Carla Reis
  4. Biometric identification in eHealthcare: Learning from the Cases of Russia and Italy
    Lyudmila Bershadskaya (Vidiasova), Polina Kachurina, Francesco Buccafurri, Elena Bershadskaya, Dmitrii Trutnev
  5. Collaborative Innovation in the Public Sector: A case of the Brazilian Federal Government
    Herman Santos, Kawaljeet Kapoor, Dany Tonelli, Vishanth Weerakkody, Dalton Sousa, Paulo Bermejo
  6. Concept of Estonian Government Cloud and Data Embassies
    Taavi Kotka, Innar Liiv
  7. Data Visualization: An Untapped Potential for Political Participation and Civic Engagement
    Samuel Bohman
  8. Dynamic skill gap analysis using ontology matching
    Ildikó Szabó, Gábor Neusch
  9. Elliptic Curve Array Ballots for Homomorphic Tallying Elections
    Maria dels Àngels Cerveró, Víctor Mateu, Santi Martínez, Josep Maria Miret, Francesc Sebé
  10. Encryption-based Second Authentication Factor Solutions for Qualified Server-side Signature Creation
    Christof Rath, Simon Roth, Harald Bratko, Thomas Zefferer
  11. Engineering Semantic Web Services for Government Business Processes Automation
    Jean Vincent Fonou Dombeu, Magda Huisman
  12. Enhancing Public Digital Identity System (SPID) to Prevent Information Leakage
    Francesco Buccafurri, Lidia Fotia, Gianluca Lax, Rocco Mammoliti
  13. Innovative eHealth Services – PISCES Solution
    Andrea Ko, András Gábor, Zoltán Szabó
  14. Italian Open Government Strategy in National and Regional Regulation
    Fernanda Faini
  15. Leveraging the Adoption of Mobile eID and e-Signature Solutions in Europe
    Thomas Zefferer, Peter Teufl
  16. Management of Large Hydroelectric Reservoirs Surrounding Areas Using GIS and Remote Sensing
    Anselmo Paiva, Claudio Campelo, Lucas Figueiredo, Julio Rocha, Hugo Figueiredo, Claudio Baptista
  17. Open Government Data Licensing Framework
    Monica Palmirani, Martynas Mockus
  18. Open Innovation and Social Participation: A Case Study in Public Security in Brazil
    Antonio Claret dos Santos, André Luiz Zambalde, Ricardo Braga Veroneze, Giancarla Aparecida Botelho dos Santos, Paulo Henrique de Souza Bermejo
  19. Open Innovation for Citizen Coproduction
    Teresa Martins, Paulo Henrique de Souza Bermejo
  20. Predictive Models on Tax Refund Claims - Essays of Data Mining in Brazilian Tax Administration
    Leon Silva, Rommel Carvalho, João Carlos Souza
  21. Proposal for Effective Planning of Cooperation Activities in a Company
    Viliam Lendel, Josef Vodák, Jakub Soviar
  22. Relations between Marketing and Innovation in Brazilian Universities
    Dalton de Sousa, Ricardo Braga Veroneze, André Luiz Zambalde, Paulo Henrique de Souza Bermejo
  23. Semi-automatic Methodology for Compliance Checking on Business Processes
    Katalin Ternai
  24. The Ontology-based Approach of the Publications Office of the EU for Document Accessibility and Open Data Services
    Enrico Francesconi, Marc W. Kuster, Patrick Gratz, Sebastian Thelen
  25. Towards a Model of Client-driven Access to Public e-Services
    József Károly Kiss, Péter József Kiss, Gábor Klimkó
  26. Using the Semantic Web for the Integration and Publication of Public Procurement Data
    José Félix Muñoz, Guillermo Esteban