List of accepted papers

HoloMAS 2015 : 7th International Conference on Industrial Applications of Holonic and Multi-Agent Systems

  1. A Service-Oriented Architecture implementation in the Digital Factory of the University
    Jeffrey Wermann, Eduardo Cardoso Moraes , Armando Colombo
  2. A Survey on Standards and Ontologies for Process Automation
    Wilfried Lepuschitz, Alvaro Lobato-Jimenez, Emilian Axinia, Munir Merdan
  3. A Volatile knowledge approach to improve the autonomy of holons: application to a flexible job shop manufacturing system.
    Emmanuel Adam
  4. Adaptive production management for small-lot enterprise
    Daria Kazanskaia, Yaroslav Shepilov, Bjorn Madsen
  5. Adaptive Production Management Using A Service-based Platform
    Usman Wajid, Vadim Chepegin, Despina Meridou, Maria-Eleftheria Papadopoulou
  6. Agent simulation of traffic optimisation with the use of complex networks analysis and voting
    Jaroslaw Kozlak, Malgorzata Zabinska
  7. Agent-based Production Scheduling for Aircraft Manufacturing Ramp-up
    Pavel Vrba, Ondrej Harcuba, Martin Klima, Vladimir Marik
  8. An Approach for characterizing the operating modes in dynamic hybrid control architectures
    Jose-Fernando Jimenez, Abdelghani Bekrar, Damien Trentesaux, Paulo Leitão
  9. An Open Source-based and Standard-compliant Smart Grid Laboratory Automation System: The AIT SmartEST Approach
    Filip Andren, Georg Lauss, Roland Bründlinger, Philipp Svec, Thomas Strasser
  10. Applying Agents and Genetic Algorithms for Reducing Peak Consumption in District Heating
    Petr Kadera, Martin Macaš
  11. Approach to the solution of aerospace product lifecycle management problem based on network-centric principles
    Petr Skobelev, Oleg Lakhin, Alexander Polnikov, Elena Simonova
  12. Behavioural validation of the ADACOR2 Self-organized Holonic Multi-Agent Manufacturing System
    José Barbosa, Paulo Leitão, Emmanuel Adam, Damien Trentesaux
  13. Big Data Semantics in Industry 4.0
    Marek Obitko, Václav Jirkovský
  14. Designing Multi-Agent Systems for Resilient Engineering Systems
    Amro M. Farid
  15. From conception to implementation of reconfigurable and distributed manufacturing control system
    Robson Marinho da Silva, Diolino J. dos Santos Filho, Paulo E. Miyagi
  16. Interacting Holons in Evolvable Execution Systems: the NEU Protocol
    Paul Valckenaers, Patrick De Mazière
  17. Invariant-Based Production Control Reviewed: Mixing Hierarchical and Heterarchical Control in Flexible Job Shop Environments
    Henning Blunck, Julia Bendul
  18. Software engineering methods for Intelligent Manufacturing Systems: A comparative survey
    Adriana Giret, Damien Trentesaux
  19. The designing process for a HMES used for the management of radiopharmaceuticals production
    Andrei-Octavian Silisteanu
  20. Towards a design methodology for agent-based automation of smart grid
    Gulnara Zhabelova, Valeriy Vyatkin