List of accepted papers

EGOVIS 2016 : 5th International Conference on Electronic Government and the Information Systems Perspective

  1. A method of inspecting and applying Open Government Data in the Auditing Courts of Brazilian States
    Walter Cruz, Cristiano Maciel, Fernando Castilho, Natalina Girata
  2. A strategy to gradual implementation of data interoperability
    João Baptista Gonçalves, Luisa Domingues
  3. Application of Legal Ontologies based Approaches for Procedural Side of Public Administration
    Bálint Molnár, András Béleczki, András Benczúr
  4. Design of Public Sector Websites: Findings from an Eye Tracking Study Emphasizing Visual Attention and Usability Metrics
    Hanne Sørum
  5. Digital Signatures Workflows in Alfresco
    Patricia R. Sousa, Pedro Faria, Manuel E. Correia, João S. Resende, Luís Antunes
  6. E-Government Services Migration to the Public Cloud: Experiments and Technical Findings
    Taavi Kotka, Bruce Johnson, Tomaz Cebul, Luka Lovosevic, Innar Liiv
  7. Effective Biosecurity Knowledge Management: A Provenance Perspective
    Qing Liu, Yanfeng Shu, Chris Peters
  8. Electronic document certification service: an enabler of e-government uptake in Hungary
    Kiss Péter József, Kiss József Károly, Klimkó Gábor
  9. Estonian e-Residency: benefits, risk and lessons learned
    Taavi Kotka, Carlos Vargas, Kaspar Korjus
  10. How to Build Trust-Aware Voting Advice Applications?
    Aigul Kaskina, Nevena Radovanovic
  11. Identifying the Main Problems in IT Auditing: a Comparison Between Unsupervised and Supervised Learning
    Patricia Maia, Leonardo Sales, Rommel Carvalho
  12. Implementing advanced electronic signature by Public Digital Identity System (SPID)
    Francesco Buccafurri, Lidia Fotia, Gianluca Lax
  13. Integrated Quality Assessment of Linked Thesauri for the Environment
    Riccardo Albertoni, Monica De Martino, Alfonso Quarati
  14. Italian Open and Big Data Strategy
    Fernanda Faini, Monica Palmirani
  15. Linked Open Data and e-Participation in the EU Law-Making Process
    Peter Schmitz, Enrico Francesconi, Brahim Batouche, Boris Dombrovschi, Dinh Duy, Simon-Pierre Landercy, Veronique Parisse
  16. Modeling Relevant Legal Information for Consumer Disputes
    Cristiana Santos, Víctor Rodriguez-Doncel , Pompeu Casanovas, Leon Van der Torre
  17. Proposal for Implementing the EU PSI Directive in Serbia
    Valentina Janev, Vuk Mijovic, Sanja Vraneš
  18. Research Challenges of ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling Domain – A Text Mining-based Approach
    Andrea Ko, Saira Gillani
  19. Semantic Application for the Internationalization Audit of Higher Education Institutions
    Katalin Ternai, Ildikó Szabó
  20. The Design of the Estonian Governmental Document Exchange Classification Framework
    Dirk Draheim, Kaarel Koosapoeg, Mihkel Lauk, Ingrid Pappel, Ingmar Pappel, Jaak Tepandi
  21. Using a citizen language in public process models: the case study of a Brazilian university
    Luiz Paulo Silva, Flavia Maria Santoro, Claudia Cappelli
  22. Using Collaborative Filtering Algorithms for Predicting Student Performance
    Juan Manuel Adán-Coello, Carlos Miguel Tobar