List of accepted papers

ITBAM 2016 : 7th International Conference on Information Technology in Bio- and Medical Informatics

  1. A Clinical Case Simulation Tool for Medical Education
    Juliano Gaspar, Marcelo Santos Júnior, Zilma Silveira Nogueira Reis
  2. A Comparison between Classification Algorithms for Postmenopausal Osteoporosis Prediction in Tunisian Population
    Naoual Guannoni, Rim Sassi, Walid Bedhiafi, Mourad Elloumi
  3. A Model for Semantic Medical Image Retrieval Applied in a Medical Social Network
    Riadh Bouslimi, Mouhamed Gaith Ayadi, Jalel Akaichi
  4. Adaptive segmentation optimization for sleep spindle detector
    Elizaveta Saifutdinova, Martin Macas, Vaclav Gerla, Lenka Lhotska
  5. Applying Ant-Inspired Methods in Childbirth Asphyxia Predition
    Miroslav Bursa, Lenka Lhotska
  6. Covariate-related Structure Extraction from Paired Data
    Linfei ZHOU, Elisabeth Georgii, Claudia Plant, Christian Boehm
  7. Enhancing EHR Systems interoperability by Big Data Techniques
    Nunziato Cassavia, Mario Ciampi, Giuseppe De Pietro, Elio Masciari
  8. Filter Bank Common Spatio-Spectral Patterns for Motor Imagery Classification
    Ayhan Yuksel, Tamer Olmez
  9. Importance and quality of eating related photos in diabetics
    Kyriaki Saiti , Martin Macas, Lenka Lhotska
  10. Integrated DB for bioinformatics: a case study on analysis of functional effect of miRNA SNPs in cancer
    Antonino Fiannaca, Laura La Paglia, Massimo La Rosa, Antonio Messina, Pietro Storniolo, Alfonso Urso
  11. Integrating Open Data on Cancer in Support to Tumor Growth Analysis
    Fleur Jeanquartier, Claire Jean-Quartier, Tobias Schreck, David Cemernek, Andreas Holzinger
  12. Multidisciplinary Team Meetings - A Literature Based Process Analysis
    Oliver Krauss, Martina Angermaier, Emmanuel Helm
  13. Ontology-Guided Principal Component Analysis
    Sandra Wartner, Dominic Girardi, Manuela Wiesinger-Widi, Johannes Trenkler, Raimund Kleiser, Andreas Holzinger
  14. Probabilistic Model of Neuronal Background Activity in Deep Brain Stimulation Trajectories
    Eduard Bakstein, Tomas Sieger, Daniel Novak, Robert Jech
  15. Process Mining: Towards Comparability of Healthcare Processes
    Emmanuel Helm, Josef Küng
  16. Semantic annotation of medical documents in CDA context
    Diego Monti, Maurizio Morisio
  17. The Database-is-the-Service Pattern for Microservice Architectures
    Antonio Messina, Riccardo Rizzo, Pietro Storniolo, Mario Tripiciano, Alfonso Urso
  18. Tumor Growth Simulation Profiling
    Claire Jean-Quartier, Fleur Jeanquartier, David Cemernek, Andreas Holzinger
  19. Univariate Analysis of Prenatal Risk Factors for Low Umbilical Cord Artery pH at Birth
    Ibrahim Abou Khashabh, Vaclav Chudacek, Michal Huptych
  20. What Do the Data Say in 10 Years of Pneumonia Victims? A Geo-Spatial Data Analytics Perspective
    Maribel Yasmina Santos, António Carvalheira Santos, Artur Teles de Araújo