List of accepted papers

EC-Web 2016 : 17th International Conference on Electronic Commerce and Web Technologies

  1. An E-Shop Analysis with a Focus on Product Data Extraction
    Andrea Horch, Andreas Wohlfrom, Anette Weisbecker
  2. Explorative Analysis of Recommendations Through Interactive Visualization
    Christian Richthammer, Günther Pernul
  3. Feature Selection Approaches to Fraud Detection in e-Payment Systems
    Rafael Lima, Adriano Pereira
  4. Handling Branched Web Service Composition with a QoS-Aware Graph-based Method
    Alexandre Sawczuk da Silva, Hui Ma, Mengjie Zhang, Sven Hartmann
  5. How to Combine Visual Features with Tags to Improve the Movie Recommendation Accuracy?
    Yashar Deldjoo, Mehd Elahi, Paolo Cremonesi, Farshad Bakhshandegan Moghaddam, Andrea Luigi Edoardo Caielli
  6. MFI-TransSW+: Efficiently Mining Frequent Itemsets in Clickstreams
    Franklin A. de Amorim, Bernardo Pereira Nunes, Giseli Rabello Lopes, Marco Antonio Casanova
  7. Multimodal indexing and search of business processes based on cumulative and continuous N-Grams
    Hugo Ordoñez, Armando Ordoñez, Luis Merchan
  8. Predicting Customer Churn in E-commerce Using Data Mining Techniques
    Julita Vassileva, Ifeoma Adaji
  9. Recommendation in interactive Web Services Composition: A state-of-the-art survey
    Meriem Kasmi, Yassine Jamoussi, Henda Hajjami Ben Ghézala
  10. Reranking strategies based on fine-grained business user events benchmarked on a large e-commerce data set
    Yang Jiao, Bruno Goutorbe, Matthieu Cornec, Jérémie Jakubowicz, Christelle Grauer, Sebastien Romano, Maxime Danini
  11. Scoring Cloud Services through Digital Ecosystem Community Analysis
    Jaume Ferrarons Llagostera, Smrati Gupta, Victor Muntés-Mulero, Josep-Lluis Larriba-Pey, Peter Matthews
  12. The WDC Gold Standards for Product Feature Extraction and Product Matching
    Petar Petrovski, Anna Primpeli, Robert Meusel, Christian Bizer
  13. User Control in Recommender Systems: Overview and Interaction Challenges
    Dietmar Jannach, Sidra Naveed, Michael Jugovac