First International Workshop on Big Data Management in Cloud Systems (Workshop BDMICS'16 )

    September 6, 2016
    13:30 - 15:00

    Workshop BDMICS - Session 1 : Trust and Knowledge Extraction

    Location : 5 (Lecture Hall 5)

  • On-the fly AES256 Decryption/Encryption for Trusted Cloud SQL DBS ; Position Statement
    Sushil Jajodia, Witold Litwin, Thomas Schwarz

  • Application of a Practical Approach for Incorporating Trust and Certainty of Information into a Knowledge Processing System in the Agricultural Domain
    Markus Jäger, Stefan Nadschläger

  • Agricultural Knowledge Extraction From Text Sources Using a Distributed MapReduce Cluster
    Pablo Gómez-Pérez, Trong Nhan Phan, Josef Küng

    September 6, 2016
    15:30 - 17:00

    Workshop BDMICS - Session 2 : Scalability and Knowledge Management Systems

    Location : 5 (Lecture Hall 5)

  • On Scalability of Two NoSQL Data Stores for Processing Interactive Social Networking Actions
    Sumita Barahmand, Shahram Ghandeharizadeh, Jia Li

  • Architecture of an Extendable and Cloud-Ready Knowledge Management and Processing Framework for the Agricultural Domain
    Stefan Nadschläger, Markus Jäger, Christian Huber