W06: Electronic Government

Second International Workshop on Electronic Government

Organization: Roland Traunmüller, University of Linz, Austria



Tuesday, 4 September 2001


9.00 – 10.00    Invited Talk for all participants of DEXA 2001 Events


E-Commerce - Research Issues

Hannes Werthner, University of Trento, Italy


10.00 – 11.30         Coffee Break


10:30 - 12:30  Opening and Framework I


Introduction to the Workshop:

Directions in e-Government

R. Traunmüller, M. Wimmer, Austria


PASSPORT, A Novel Architectural Model for the Provision of Seamless Cross-Border e-Government Services

D. Gouscos, G. Mentzas, P. Georgiadis, Greece


Information technology in redesigning government

A. Csetenyi, Hungary


E-Governance and the judicial System. A Point of View. Comments based on an analysis of the Romanian Judicial System

N. Costake, Bucharest


12.30 – 14.00         Lunch


14:00 - 15:30  Framework II


Identifying Emerging Communication Patterns between Government and Citizens in the Digital Age based on a Rough Set Analysis of Web-Server Logs

G. Quirchmayr, J. Slay, Australia


The Italian e-Government Action Plan: from Gaining Efficiency to Rethinking Government

F. Virili, Italy


E-Government: Developments within the US and UK

N. Curthoys, P. Jackson, UK


16:00  - 17:30  Systemic Security


Public Key Certification Providers and E-government Assurance Agencies. An Appraisal of Trust on the Internet

F. Galindo, Spain


E-Government: Aspects of Security on Different Layers

M. Wimmer, B. von Bredow; Austria, Switzerland


19.00       Conference Dinner


Wednesday, 5 September 2001


9.00 – 10.00             Invited Talk for all participants of DEXA 2001 Events


Knowledge Management in Heterogeneous Data Warehouse Environments

Larry Kerschberg, George Mason University, USA


10.00 – 10.30         Coffee Break


10:30 - 12:30   Platforms


An Integrated Platform for Realising One-Stop Government: The eGOV Project

Th. Tambouris, Greece


Implementation of e-Government Using Knowledge-Based System

J. Paralic, T. Sabol, Slovak Republic


Legal Knowledge Representation using the Ressource Description Framework (RDF)

P. Ebenhoch, Austria


Information Brokering versus Tunneling through Boundary Objects: Limitations for Interstate E-Government and for Interdisciplinary R&D Projects

R. Riedl, Switzerland


12.30 –14.00          Lunch


14:00 -  15:30  System Integration


Electronic Government and Software Confederations

J. Kral, M. Zemlicka, Czech Republic


Information Technology Helps to Improve most of the Democratic Voting Processes

V. Cordonnier, A. Watson, France, Australia


e-Vienna: Introduction of e-Democracy and e-Government by GIS, Workflow, and XML

G. Jakisch, Austria


15.30 - 16.00          Coffee Break


16:00  - 17:30  Service Delivery


Change Management, a Critical Success factor for e-Government

F. Afrati, E. Hattab, E.Kayafas, V. Loumos, A.Papantoniou, Greece


SIM: a working example of an e-government service infrastructure for mountain cummunities

F.Arcieri, E.Cappadozzi,E.Nardelli, M.Talamo, Italy


Electronic Government Services for the Business Sector in Austria

G. Aichholzer, R. Sperlich, Austria


Early Evidence for the Governments’ Gradually Declining Role into the Cyberspace

D. I. Martakos, D. S. Stamoulis, Greece



18.00       Mayor’s Reception in the Old Townhall of Munich