First International Workshop on Knowledge Extraction for Enterprise Services

Organizer: G S Loo, The University of Auckland, New Zealand


Friday, September 7, 2001


Session I.    09.00 – 10.30am


Agent-Based Knowledge Extraction Services Inside Enterprise Data Warehousing Systems Environments

Analia Lourenco, Joaquim Goncalves, Orlando Belo; Portugal


Web-based Decision Support Systems Generators for Enterprise Systems Using Software Agents

James C. S. Dong, Grace S Loo; New Zealand.


10-30 – 11.00am.  Coffee Break


Session II.  11.00 –12.30


Modelling Temporal Consistency in Data Warehouses

Robert M. Bruckner, Beate List, Josef Schiefer, and A M. Tjoa;


Agents and Aspects for Intelligent Software systems

Faisal Akkawi, Atef Bader, Tzilla Elrad; USA


A Soft Systems Methodology Model for Clinical Decision Support Systems in Medical Information Systems in Malaysia

Grace S Loo and Philip C H Lee, New Zealand, Malaysia


12.30 – 14.00   Lunch


Session III   14.00 -  15.30


Significant Conceptual Modelling – A Health Care Enterprise Case Study

Paulo César Moreira Gottgtroy,  Márcia de Paiva Bastos Gottgtroy; New Zealand


Knowledge Extraction and Recorded Design Decisions

Torab Torabi; Australia


A Framework for Business Rule Presentation

Gaihua Fu, J.Shao, S. M. Embury, X. K.Liu, W.A. Gray; UK