Technical Program EC-Web 2001


Tuesday, September 4, 2001


9.00 – 10.00             Invited Talk


E-Commerce - Research Issues

Hannes Werthner, University of Trento, Italy


            10.00 – 10.30       Coffee Break


Session 1:                Web Software Development

10.30 – 12.30


An Object-Oriented Approach to Automate Web Applications Development

Oscar Pastor, Silvia Mara Abrahão, Joan Fons i Cors , Sergio Ramon; Spain


Tools for the design of user friendly Web applications

Nieves R. Brisaboa, Miguel R. Penabad, Angeles S. Places, Francisco J. Rodriguez; Spain


EProMS: An E-Commerce based Process Model for Cooperative Software Development in Small Organisations

Awais Rashid, Ruzanna Chitchyan, Andreas Speck, Elke Pulvermueller; United Kingdom


            12.30 – 14.00       Lunch


Session 2A:             XML Transformation  

14.00 – 15.30


Extracting Object-Oriented Database Schemas from XML DTDs Using Inheritance

Tae-Sun Chung, Sangwon Park, Sang-Yong Han, Hyoung-Joo Kim; Korea


Creating XML documents from relational data sources

César M. Vittori, Carina F. Dorneles, Carlos A. Heuser; Brazil


Composition of XML-Transformations

Johann Eder, Walter Strametz; Austria


Session 2B:             Electronic Payment

14.00 – 15.30


Classification and Characteristics of  Electronic Payment Systems

Dennis Abrazhevich; The Netherlands


An E-Check Framework for Electronic Payment Systems in the Web Based Environment

P Radha Krishna, A R Dani; India


            15.30 – 16.00       Coffee Break


Session 3:                Simulation-, Case Studies

16.00 – 17.00


Trader-Supported Information Markets - a Simulation Study

Michael Christoffel, Thorwald Franke, Stefan Kotkamp; Germany


An Integrated Framework of Business Models for Guiding Electronic Commerce Applications and Case Studies

Chien-Chih Yu; R.O.C.


19.00                        Conference Dinner



Wednesday, September 5, 2001


9.00 – 10.00             Invited Talk of the DaWaK Conference


Knowledge Management in Heterogeneous Data Warehouse Environments

Larry Kerschberg, George Mason University, USA


            10.00 – 10.30       Coffee Break


Session 4:                Modelling, Design and Complex Transactions

10.30 – 12.30


A Protocol For Agent Based Complex E-Commerce Transactions

Wang Guandong, Amitabha Das; Singapore


A multidimensional approach for modelling and supporting Adaptive Hypermedia Systems

Mario Cannataro, Alfredo Cuzzocrea, Andrea Pugliese; Italy


Modelling the ICE standard with a formal language for information commerce

Andreas Wombacher, Prof. Karl Aberer; Germany


Managing Web Data Through Views

Alisson R. Arantes, Alberto H. F. Laender, Paulo B. Golgher, Altigran S. da Silva; Brazil


            12.30 – 14.00       Lunch


Session 5:                Security Aspects

14.00 – 15.30


Applied Information Security for m-Commerce and Digital Television Environments

Stefan Katzenbeisser, Philipp Tomsich; Austria


Flexible Authentication Model Supporting Multiple Domains in Electronic Commerce

Kyung-Ah Chang, Byung-Rae Lee, Tai-Yun Kim; Korea


An Asymmetric Traceability Scheme for Copyright Protection Without Trust Assumptions

Emmanouil Magkos, Panayiotis Kotzanikolaou, Vassilios Chrissikopoulos; Greece


            15.30 – 16.00       Coffee Break


Session 6:                Electronic Negotiation, Trust

16.00 – 17.00


An Application Architecture for Supporting Interactive Bilateral Electronic Negotiations

Michael Rebstock; Germany


Strategies for Software Agent Based Multiple Issue Negotiations

Freimut Bodendorf, Dominik Deschner, Florian Lang; Germany



18.00                        Mayor’s Reception in the Old Townhall of Munich



Thursday, September 6, 2001


Session 7                 Product Catalogs

9.00 – 10.30


Automatic Construction of Online Catalog Topologies Using Decision Trees

Wing-Kin Sung, David Yang, Siu-Ming Yiu, Wai-Shing Ho, David Cheung, Tak-Wah Lam; Hong Kong


Layered Integration of XML-based Product Catalogs for B2B E-commerce

Borys Omelayenko, Dieter Fensel; The Netherlands


A Visual One-Page Catalog Interface for Analytical Product Selection

Juhnyoung Lee, Ho Soo Lee, Priscilla Wang; USA


            10.30 – 11.00       Coffee Break



Session 8                 Web Site Engineering

11.00 – 12.30


Engineering High Performance Database-Driven E-commerce Web Sites Through Dynamic Content Caching

Wen-Syan Li, Selcuk Candan, Wang-Pin Hsiung, Oliver Po, Divyakant Agrawal; USA


XML Enabled Metamodeling and Tools for Cooperative Information Systems

Christophe Nicolle, Kokou Yétongnon; France


E-speak -- a XML-based Document Exchange Engine for Web-based e-Services

Wooyoung Kim, Sven Graupner, Akhil Sahai, Dmitry Lenkov; USA


            12.30 – 14.00       Lunch


Session 9A               User Behaviour  

14.00 – 15.30


Feature Matrices: A Model for Efficient and Anonymous Mining of Web Navigations

Cyrus Shahabi, Farnoush Banaei-Kashani, Jabed Faruque, Adil Faisal; USA


Faceted Preference Matching in Recommender Systems

Fred N. Loney, USA


Pinpoint Web Searching and User Modeling on the Collaborative Kodama Agents

Tarek Helmy, Satoshi Amamiya, Tsunenori Mine, Makoto Amamiya; Japan


Session 9B               Business Models and System Aspects

14.00 – 15.30


Analyzing Workflow Audit Trails in Web-based Environments with Fuzzy Logic

Gerald Quirchmayr, Beate List , A Min Tjoa; Austria


Using Hypertext Composites in Structured Query and Search

Zhanzi Qiu, Matthias Hemmje, Erich J. Neuhold; Germany


Categorizing Business Model Scenarios for Online Music

Willms Buhse; USA


            15.30 – 16.00       Coffee Break