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Registration of Participation for DEXA 2001

DEXA Conference, DaWaK Conference, EC-Web Conference

Important Notes

Dear Author,
to ensure proper inclusion of your paper in the proceedings and in order to have a smooth cooperation with the organisers of the DEXA events please read carefully the following instructions for registration:

  1. It is the organisers' policy that every accepted paper must be orally presented by one of the authors. The presenters of a paper have to properly register their participation and pay the registration fee for authors.
  2. The presenting author has to pay the reduced DEXA author fee of Euro 400,-. Due to the high printing and conference overhead costs every author who presents more than one paper at DEXA has to pay an additional Euro 200,- for each additional paper presented.
  3. The author's registration fee must be paid by credit card or bank transfer to the DEXA account prior to the deadline of the submission of the final version of the accepted paper. (Bank: DEXA 2001 Account No. 5.711.098, Raiffeisen Landesbank Oberösterreich (Austria), BLZ - bank code 34000, S.W.I.F.T. Address: RZ 00 AT 2 L). The payment of the registration fee is a necessary condition for the inclusion of the paper in the proceedings.
  4. Co-authors who do not orally present a paper are also entitled to register at the reduced author fee (Euro 400,-).

Personal Information (* indicates required fields)
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I will present the following papers

DEXA paper IDs
DaWaK paper IDs
EC-Web paper IDs

I have already registered for a workshop (please tick)

WEBH2001 PaDD'2001 NBiS'2001 LUMIS 2001
MIW'2001 El. Gov. TAKMA 2001 WBC'01
MDDS'2001 HoloMAS'2001 INBOSA 2001 e-Negotiations
LISA 2001 QPMIDS 2001 KEES 2001 DLib2001

Please indicate the social events you are going to attend (for free)

Welcome Drink: 03-09-2001
Conference Dinner: 04-09-2001
Mayor's Reception: 05-09-2001


Each participant will receive the proceedings containing his paper plus one extra (please tick the extra one)

DEXA Conference
DaWaK Conference
EC-Web Conference
DEXA Workshop


reduced conference fee for authors
(DEXA Conference, DaWaK Conference, EC-Web Conference)
Euro 400,--
additional pages
à Euro 80,--
additional printing fee for authors presenting more than one paper at
DEXA Conference, Workshop, DaWaK Conference, EC-Web Conference
à Euro 200,--
additional dinner ticket
à Euro 40,--

Total amount to be paid: 

Form of Payment: Card number:
Card exp. date: Card holder:

(Bank: Raiffeisen Landesbank Oberösterreich (Austria); S.W.I.F.T Address: RZ 00 AT 2 L, BLZ bank code. 34000; Account No. 5.711.098)

SECURITY NOTICE: The submission of this form will be performed with a reliable encryption. If the level of security provided by this transmission (anonymous certification) does not satisfy you, you are kindly asked to submit only the first 12 digits of your credit card. The last 4 digits of your credit card with your name should then be sent by fax to the DEXA registration office (FaxNo: +43-732-2468-9308).