Accepted papers

EC-Web 2012 - accepted papers:

  1. A Multidimensional Model of Trust in Recommender Systems
    Martina Maida, Konradin Maier, Nikolaus Obwegeser, Volker Stix,
  2. A Systematic Success Factor Analysis in the Context of Enterprise 2.0: Results of an Exploratory Analysis comprising Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives
    Dietmar Nedbal, Andreas Auinger, Alexander Hochmeier, Andreas Holzinger,
  3. An Experimental Analysis of Online Unidirectional Conversion Problem
    Iftikhar Ahmad, Günter Schmidt,
  4. Applying Contextual Advertising to MultiModal Information Content
    Giuliano Armano, Alessandro Giuliani, Alberto Messina, Maurizio Montagnuolo, Eloisa Vargiu,
  5. Argumentation-Based Negotiation? Negotiation-Based Argumentation!
    Jürgen Landes, Ricardo Buettner,
  6. Community Discovery and Ranking in Crowdsourcing Markets
    Daniel Schall, Florian Skopik,
  7. Computational commerce: a vision for the future
    Richard Taylor, Alegria Baquero,
  8. Differential Context Relaxation for Context-aware Travel Recommendation
    Yong Zheng, Robin Burke, Bamshad Mobasher,
  9. Leveraging Social Media Sources to Generate Personalized Music Playlists
    Cataldo Musto, Giovanni Semeraro, Pasquale Lops, Marco de Gemmis, Fedelucio Narducci,
  10. Mapping and Integration of Dimensional Attributes Using Clustering Techniques
    Francesco Guerra, Marius-Octavian Olaru, Maurizio Vincini,
  11. Multi-criteria ratings for Recommender Systems: An Empirical Analysis in the Tourism Domain
    Matthias Fuchs, Markus Zanker,
  12. Multichannel Sales Services for Enterprise Cloud Vendors
    Jih-Shyr Yih,
  13. PAEAN- A Risk-Mitigation Framework for Business Transaction at Run-time
    Denada Cfarku, Yehia Taher, Rafiqul Haque, Willem-Jan van den Heuvel, Mike Papazoglou,
  14. Performative-based Mining of Workflow Organizational Structures
    Chihab Hanachi, Walid Gaaloul, Mondi Ravi,
  15. Recommender Systems in Computer Science and Information Systems - a Landscape of Research
    Dietmar Jannach, Markus Zanker, Mouzhi Ge, Marian Groeningg,
  16. Robust Trust: Prior Knowledge, Time and Context
    John Debenham, Carles Sierra,
  17. Service Offer Descriptions and Expressive Search Requests - Key Enablers of Late Service Binding
    Maciej Zaremba, Tomas Vitvar, Sami Bhiri, Wassim Derguech, Feng Gao,
  18. Usage Analysis of a Mobile Bargain Finder Application
    Stephan Karpischek, Darshan Santani, Florian Michahelles,
  19. User Semantic Preferences for Collaborative Recommendations
    Sonia Ben Ticha, Azim Roussanaly, Anne Boyer, Khaled Bsaies,
  20. Validating the Relationship between Information Quality and Trust: The Moderating Effect from Customer Orientation
    Xina Yuan, Shun Cai, Kyounghee Chu,