Accepted papers

TrustBus 2012 - accepted papers:

  1. A Conceptual Framework for Trust Models
    Javier Lopez, Francisco Moyano, Carmen Fernandez-Gago,
  2. A Prototype for Enforcing Usage Control Policies Based on XACML
    Aliaksandr Lazouski, Fabio Martinelli, Paolo Mori,
  3. A User-level Authentication Scheme to Mitigate Web Session-Based Vulnerabilities
    Bastian Braun, Stefan Kucher, Martin Johns, Joachim Posegga,
  4. Access Control Configuration for J2EE Web Applications: A Formal Perspective
    Matteo Maria Casalino, Romuald Thion, Mohand-Said Hacid,
  5. Advances and Challenges in Standalone Host-based Intrusion Detection Systems
    Vit Bukac, Pavel Tucek, Martin Deutsch,
  6. An Autonomous Social Web Privacy Infrastructure with Context-Aware Access Control
    Michael Netter, Sabri Hassan, Günther Pernul,
  7. Cloud Separation: Stuck inside the cloud.
    Waldo Delport, Martin S. Olivier,
  8. Damage sharing may not be enough: an analysis of an ex-ante regulation policy for data breaches
    Giuseppe D'Acquisto, Marta Flamini, Maurizio Naldi,
  9. Efficient Comparison of Encrypted Biometric Templates
    Michael Dorn, Peter Wackersreuther, Christian Böhm,
  10. Encrypted Adaptive Storage Model - Analysis and Performance Tests
    Marcin Gorawski, Michal Lorek, Michal Gorawski,
  11. Flexible regulation with privacy points
    Hanno Langweg, Lisa Rajbhandari,
  12. How much Network Security must be Visible in Web Browsers?
    Tobias Hirsch, Luigi Lo Iacono, Ina Wechsung,
  13. On the Security of the Non-Repudiation of Forwarding Service
    Rainer Schick, Christoph Ruland,
  14. Profitability and Cost Management of Trustworthy Composite Services
    Hisain Elshaafi, Jimmy McGibney, Dmitri Botvich,
  15. Proposed Control Procedure to Mitigate the Risks of Strategic Information Outflow in the Recruitment Process
    Kashif Syed, Pavol Zavarsky, Ron Ruhl, Dale Lindskog, Shaun Aghili,
  16. Query Auditing for Protecting Max/Min Values of Sensitive Attributes in Statistical Databases
    Thong Ta Vinh, Levente Buttyán,
  17. Short and Efficient Identity-Based Undeniable Signature Scheme
    Rouzbeh Behnia, Swee-Huay Heng, Che-Sheng Gan,
  18. Verification of Security Coherence in Data Warehouse Designs
    Ali Salem, Salah Triki, Hanen Ben Abdallah, Nouria Harbi, Omar Boussaid,