Conference Programme

23rd International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA 2012 )


    2012-09-03 [10:30 - 12:00], DEXA - Session 1A : XML Queries and Labeling I

    Session Chair : Ruiming Tang

  • A Hybrid Approach for General XML Query Processing
    Huayu Wu, Ruiming Tang, Tok Wang Ling, Yong Zeng, Stephane Bressan

  • SCOOTER: A Compact and Scalable Dynamic Labeling Scheme for XML Updates
    Martin O'Connor, Mark Roantree

  • Reuse the Deleted Labels for Vector Order-based Dynamic XML Labeling Schemes
    Canwei Zhuang, Shaorong Feng


    2012-09-03 [10:30 - 12:00], DEXA - Session 1B : Computational Efficiency

  • Towards an Efficient Flash-Based Mid-Tier Cache
    Yi Ou, Jianliang Xu, Theo Härder

  • Evacuation Planning of Large Buildings using Ladders
    Alka Bhushan, Nandlal Sarda, Rami Reddy

  • A Write Efficient PCM-Aware Sort
    Venkata Vamsikrishna Meduri, Zhan Su, Kian-Lee Tan


    2012-09-03 [11:00 - 12:00], Invited Talk : EGOVIS&EDEM

    Session Chair : Andrea Kö

  • Policies to increase ICT competitiveness and integrate Moldova in global ICT value chain

    Dona Scola, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Informations Tehnologies and Comunications of Republic of Moldovia


    2012-09-03 [12:00 - 13:30], Lunch : Lunch


    2012-09-03 [13:30 - 15:00], DEXA - Session 2A : XML Queries

    Session Chair : Zeng Yong

  • Performance Evaluation for Reasoning about XML Keys
    Flavio Ferrarotti, Sven Hartmann, Sebastian Link, Mauricio Marin, Emir Muñoz

  • Finding top-K Correct XPath Queries of User’s Incorrect XPath Query
    Ikeda Kosetsu, Nobutaka Suzuki

  • Analyzing Plan Diagrams of XQuery Optimizers
    Bruhathi H S, Jayant Haritsa


    2012-09-03 [13:30 - 15:00], DEXA - Session 2B : Data Extraction

    Session Chair : Damir Vandic

  • Spreadsheet Metadata Extraction: A Layout-Based Approach
    Somchai Chatvichienchai

  • Automated Extraction of Semantic Concepts From Semi-Structured Data: Supporting Computer-based Education Through the Analysis of Lecture notes
    Thushari Atapattu, Katrina Falkner, Nickolas Falkner

  • A Confidence-Weighted Metric for Unsupervised Ontology Population from Web Texts
    Hilário Oliveira, Rinaldo Lima, João Gomes, Rafael Ferreira, Fred Freitas, Evandro Costa


    2012-09-03 [15:00 - 15:30], CB : Coffee Break


    2012-09-03 [15:30 - 17:00], DEXA - Session 3A : Personalization, Preferences, and Ranking

    Session Chair : John Debenham

  • Situation-Aware User's interests prediction for query enrichment
    Imen Ben Sassi, Chiraz Trabelsi, Amel Bouzeghoub, Sadok Ben Yahia

  • The Effective Relevance Link between a Document and a Query
    Karam Abdulahhad, Jean-Pierre Chevallet, Catherine Berrut

  • Incremental Computation of Skyline Queries with Dynamic Preferences
    Tassadit Bouadi, Marie-Odile Cordier, René Quiniou


    2012-09-03 [15:30 - 17:00], DEXA - Session 3B : Databases and Schemas

    Session Chair : NL Sarda

  • Efficient Discovery of Correlated Patterns in Transactional Databases using Items' Support Intervals
    Uday Kiran, Masaru Kitsuregawa

  • On Checking Executable Conceptual Schema Validity by Testing
    Albert Tort, Antoni Olivé, Maria-Ribera Sancho

  • Querying Transaction-time Databases under Branched Schema Evolution
    Wenyu Huo, Vassilis Tsotras


    2012-09-04 [09:00 - 10:30], DEXA - Session 4A : Privacy and Provenance

    Session Chair : A Min Tjoa

  • Fast Identity Anonymization on Graphs
    Xuesong Lu, Yi Song, Stephane Bressan

  • Probabilistic Inference of Fine-grained Data Provenance
    Mohammad Rezwanul Huq, Peter Apers, Andreas Wombacher

  • Enhancing Utility and Privacy-safety via Semi-homogenous Generalization
    Xianmang He, Wei Wang, Huahui Chen, Guang Jin, Yefang Chen, Yihong Dong


    2012-09-04 [09:00 - 10:30], DEXA - Session 4B : XML Queries and Labeling II

    Session Chair : Yi Ou

  • Processing XML Twig Pattern Queries with Wildcards
    Huayu Wu, Chunbin Lin, Tok Wang Ling, Jiaheng Lu

  • Full tree-based Encoding Technique for Dynamic XML Labeling Schemes
    Canwei Zhuang, Shaorong Feng


    2012-09-04 [10:30 - 11:00], CB : Coffee Break


    2012-09-04 [11:00 - 12:00], IT 1 : Invited Talk

    Session Chair : Xiaofang Zhou

  • DEXA Keynote

    Georg Gottlob, Vienna University of Technology and Oxford University

    "DIADEM: Domains to Databases"


    2012-09-04 [12:00 - 13:30], Lunch : Lunch


    2012-09-04 [13:30 - 15:00], DEXA - Session 5A : Data Streams

    Session Chair : Alfredo Cuzzocrea

  • Top-k Maximal Influential Paths in Network Data
    Enliang Xu, Wynne Hsu, Mong Li Lee, Dhaval Patel

  • Learning to Rank from Concept-Drifting Network Data Streams
    Lucrezia Macchia, Michelangelo Ceci, Donato Malerba

  • Top-k Context-Aware Queries on Stream Data
    Sandra de Amo, Claudia Roncancio, Loic Petit, Cyril Labbé


    2012-09-04 [13:30 - 15:00], DEXA - Session 5B : Structuring, Compression and Optimization

    Session Chair : Robert Wrembel

  • Fast Block-Compressed Inverted Lists (short paper)
    Giovanni Maria Sacco

  • Positional Data Organization and Compression in Web Inverted Indexes (short paper)
    Leonidas Akritidis, Panayiotis Bozanis

  • Decreasing Memory Footprints for Better Enterprise Java Application Performance (short paper)
    Stoyan Garbatov, João Cachopo

  • Knowledge-Driven Syntactic Structuring: the Case of Multidimensional Space of Music Information
    Wladyslaw Homenda, Mariusz Rybnik


    2012-09-04 [15:00 - 15:30], CB : Coffee Break


    2012-09-04 [15:30 - 16:30], DEXA - Session 6A : Query Processing I

    Session Chair : Alfredo Cuzzocrea

  • Consistent Query Answering Using Relational Databases Through Argumentation
    Cristhian A. D. Deagustini, Santiago E. Fulladoza Dalibón, Sebastián Gottifredi, Marcelo A. Falappa, Guillermo R. Simari

  • Analytics-driven Lossless Data Compression for Rapid In-situ Indexing, Storing, and Querying
    John Jenkins, Isha Arkatkar, Sriram Lakshminarasimhan, Neil Shah, Eric Schendel, Stephane Ethier, Choong-Seock Chang, Jacqueline Chen, Hemanth Kolla, Scott Klasky, Robert Ross, Nagiza Samatova


    2012-09-04 [15:30 - 16:30], DEXA - Session 6B : Road Networks and Graph Search

    Session Chair : Sandra de Amo

  • Sequenced Route Query in Road Network Distance Based on Incremental Euclidean Restriction (short paper)
    Yutaka Ohsawa, Htoo Htoo, Noboru Sonehara, Masao Sakauchi

  • Path-based Constrained Nearest Neighbor Search in a Road Network (short paper)
    Yingyuan Xiao, Yan Shen, Tao Jiang, Heng Wang

  • Efficient Fuzzy Ranking for Keyword Search on Graphs (short paper)
    Nidhi Arora, Wookey Lee, Carson Leung, Jinho Kim


    2012-09-04 [16:30 - 17:30], DEXA - Session 7A : Data Mining I

    Session Chair : Giovanni Maria Sacco


    2012-09-04 [16:30 - 17:30], DEXA - Session 7B : Prediction, Extraction, and Annotation

    Session Chair : Wladyslaw Homenda

  • Prediction of Web User Behavior by Discovering Temporal Relational Rules from Web Log Data (short paper)
    Xiuming Yu, Meijing Li, Incheon Paik, Keun Ho Ryu

  • A Hybrid Approach to Text Categorization Applied to Semantic Annotation (short paper)
    José Luis Navarro-Galindo, José Samos, María José Muñoz Alférez

  • An Unsupervised Framework for Topological Relations Extraction from Geographic Documents (short paper)
    Corrado Loglisci, Dino Ienco, Maguelonne Teisseire, Mathieu Roche, Donato Malerba


    2012-09-05 [09:00 - 10:30], DEXA - Session 8A : Failure, Fault Analysis, and Uncertainty

    Session Chair : Berhard Freudenthaler

  • Combination of Machine-Learning Algorithms for Fault Prediction in High-Precision Foundries
    Javier Nieves, Igor Santos, Pablo G. Bringas

  • A Framework for Conditioning Uncertain Relational Data
    Ruiming Tang, Reynold Cheng, Huayu Wu, Stephane Bressan

  • Cause Analysis of New Incidents by Using Failure Knowledge Database
    Yuki Awano, Qiang Ma, Masatoshi Yoshikawa


    2012-09-05 [09:00 - 10:30], DEXA - Session 8B : Ranking and Personalization

    Session Chair : Mohammad Rezwanul Huq

  • Modelling and Quering Context-Aware Personal Information Spaces (short paper)
    Rania Khefifi, Pascal Poizat, Fatiha Saïs

  • Ontology-based recommendation algorithms for personalized education (short paper)
    Amir Bahmani, Sahra Sedigh, Ali Hurson

  • Towards Quantitative Constraints Ranking In Data Clustering (short paper)
    Eya Ben Ahmed, Ahlem Nabli, Faiez Gargouri

  • A Topic-Oriented Analysis of Information Diffusion in a Blogosphere
    Seung-Hwan Lim, Kyu-Hwang Kang, Sang-Wook Kim, Min-Hee Jang, Byeong-Soo Jeong


    2012-09-05 [10:30 - 11:00], CB : Coffee Break


    2012-09-05 [11:00 - 12:00], IT2 : Invited Talk

    Session Chair : Klaus-Dieter Schewe

  • DEXA Keynote:

    Yamine Ait-Ameur, INPT-ENSEEIHT/IRIT, Toulouse, France

    "Stepwise development of formal models for web services compositions. Modelling and property verification"


    2012-09-05 [12:00 - 13:30], Lunch : Lunch


    2012-09-05 [13:30 - 15:00], DEXA - Session 9A : Searching I

    Session Chair : Javier Nieves

  • Trip Tweets Search by Considering Spatio-temporal Continuity of User Behavior
    Keisuke Hasegawa, Qiang Ma, Masatoshi Yoshikawa

  • Incremental Cosine Computations for Search and Exploration of Tag Spaces
    Raymond Vermaas, Damir Vandic, Flavius Frasincar

  • Impression-Aware Video Stream Retrieval System with Temporal Color-Sentiment Analysis and Visualization
    Shuichi Kurabayashi, Yasushi Kiyoki


    2012-09-05 [13:30 - 15:00], DEXA - Session 9B : Database Partitioning and Performance

    Session Chair : Ladjel Bellatreche

  • Dynamic Workload Based Partitioning for Large-Scale Databases (short paper)
    Miguel Liroz-Gistau, Reza Akbarinia, Esther Pacitti, Fabio Porto, Patrick Valduriez

  • Dynamic Vertical Partitioning of Multimedia Databases Using Active Rules (short paper)
    Lisbeth Rodríguez, Xiaoou Li

  • RTDW-bench: Benchmark for Testing Refreshing Performance of Real-Time Data Warehouse (short paper)
    Jacek Jedrzejczak, Tomasz Koszlajda, Robert Wrembel

  • A Middleware for Sensor Streams (short paper)
    Pedro Furtado


    2012-09-05 [15:00 - 15:30], CB : Coffee Break


    2012-09-05 [15:30 - 16:30], DEXA - Session 10A : Semantic Web

  • Statistical Analysis of the owl:sameAs Network for Aligning Concepts in the Linking Open Data Cloud
    Gianluca Correndo, Antonio Penta, Nicholas Gibbins, Nigel Shadbolt

  • Paragraph Tables: A Storage Scheme Based on RDF Document Structure
    Akiyoshi Matono, Isao Kojima


    2012-09-05 [15:30 - 16:30], DEXA - Session 10B : Web Searching and Query Answering

    Session Chair : Pedro Furtado

  • The Impact of Modes of Mediation on the Web Retrieval Process (short paper)
    Mandeep Pannu, Rachid Anane, Anne James

  • Querying a Semi-Automated Data Integration System (short paper)
    Cheikh Niang, Béatrice Bouchou, Moussa Lo, Yacine Sam


    2012-09-05 [16:30 - 17:30], DEXA - Session 11A : Distributed Systems

    Session Chair : Enliang Xu

  • R-Proxy Framework for In-DB Data-Parallel Analytics
    Qiming Chen, Meichun Hsu, Ren Wu, Jerry Shan

  • View Selection Under Multiple Resource Constraints in a Distributed Context
    Imene Mami, Zohra Bellahsene, Remi Coletta


    2012-09-05 [16:30 - 17:40], DEXA - Session 11B : Data Mining II

    Session Chair : Hilda Kosorus

  • Continuously Mining Sliding Window Trend Clusters in a Sensor Network (short paper)
    Appice Annalisa, Malerba Donato, Ciampi Anna

  • Generic Subsequence Matching Framework: Modularity, Flexibility, Efficiency (short paper)
    David Novak, Petr Volny, Pavel Zezula

  • Mining Frequent Itemsets Using Node-Sets of a Prefix-Tree
    Jun-Feng Qu, Mengchi Liu


    2012-09-06 [09:00 - 10:30], DEXA - Session 12A : Recommendation and Prediction Systems

    Session Chair : Yi Song

  • A New Approach for Date Sharing and Recommendation in Social Web
    Dawen Jia, Cheng Zeng, Wenhui Nie, Zhihao Li, Zhiyong Peng

  • A Framework for Time-aware Recommendations
    Kostas Stefanidis, Irene Ntoutsi, Kjetil Nørvåg, Hans-Peter Kriegel

  • A Hybrid Time-Series Link Prediction Framework for Large Social Network
    Jia Zhu, Qing Xie, Eunjung Chin


    2012-09-06 [09:00 - 10:30], DEXA - Session 12B : Query Processing II

    Session Chair : Huayu Wu

  • A Comparison of Top-k Temporal Keyword Querying over Versioned Text Collections
    Wenyu Huo, Vassilis Tsotras

  • An Efficient SQL Rewrite Approach for Temporal Coalescing in the Teradata RDBMS (short paper)
    Mohammed Al-Kateb, Ahmad Ghazal, Alain Crolotte

  • HIP: Information Passing for Optimizing Join-Intensive Data Processing Workloads on Hadoop (short paper)
    Seokyong Hong, Kemafor Anyanwu


    2012-09-06 [10:30 - 11:00], CB : Coffee Break


    2012-09-06 [11:00 - 12:00], IT 3 : Invited Talk TrustBus

    Session Chair : Simone Fischer-Hübner

  • Sarah Spiekermann, Vienna University of Economics and Business

    "Privacy - A New Era?"


    2012-09-06 [12:00 - 13:30], Lunch : Lunch


    2012-09-06 [13:30 - 15:00], DEXA - Session 13A : Query Processing III

    Session Chair : Josef Küng

  • All-Visible-k-Nearest-Neighbor Queries
    Yafei Wang, Yunjun Gao, Lu Chen, Gang Chen, Qing Li

  • Algorithm for Term Linearizations of Aggregate Queries with Comparisons (short paper)
    Victor Felea, Violeta Felea

  • Evaluating Skyline Queries on Spatial Web Objects (short paper)
    Alfredo Regalado, Marlene Goncalves, Soraya Abad-Mota

  • Alternative Query Optimization for Workload Management (short paper)
    Zahid Abul-Basher, Parke Godfrey, Xiaohui Yu, Mokhtar Kandil, Danny Zilio, Calisto Zuzarte, Yi Feng


    2012-09-06 [13:30 - 15:00], DEXA - Session 13B : Searching II

    Session Chair : Mandeep Pannu

  • Online Top-k Similar Time-lagged Pattern Pair Search in Multiple Time Series (short paper)
    Hisashi Kurasawa, Hiroshi Sato, Motonori Nakamura, Hajime Matsumura

  • Improving the Performance for the Range Search on Metric Spaces using a Multi-GPU Platform (short paper)
    Roberto Uribe-Paredes, Enrique Arias, José L. Sánchez, Diego Cazorla, Pedro Valero-Lara

  • A Scheme of Fragment-based Faceted Image Search (short paper)
    Takahiro Komamizu, Mariko Kamie, Kazuhiro Fukui, Toshiyuki Amagasa, Hiroyuki Kitagawa

  • Indexing Metric Spaces with Nested Forests of Topological Balls and Hyperplanes (short paper)
    José Martinez, Zineddine Kouahla


    2012-09-06 [15:00 - 15:30], CB : Coffee Break


    2012-09-06 [15:30 - 17:00], DEXA - Session 14A : Business Processes and Social Networking

    Session Chair : Victor Felea

  • Navigating in Complex Business Processes
    Markus Hipp, Bela Mutschler, Manfred Reichert

  • Combining information and activities in business processes (short paper)
    Giorgio Bruno

  • Opinion Extraction Applied to Criteria (short paper)
    Benjamin Duthil, François Trousset, Gérard Dray, Jacky Montmain, Pascal Poncelet

  • SocioPath: Bridging the Gap between Digital and Social Worlds (short paper)
    Nagham Alhadad, Philippe Lamarre, Yann Busnel, Patricia Serrano-Alvarado, Marco Biazzini, Christophe Sibertin-Blanc


    2012-09-06 [15:30 - 16:10], DEXA - Session 14B : Data Security and Privacy

    Session Chair : Alain Crolotte

  • Detecting Privacy Violations in Multiple views publishing (short paper)
    Deming Dou, Stéphane Coulondre

  • Anomaly Discovery and Resolution in MySQL Access Control Policies (short paper)
    Mohamed Shehab, Saeed Al-Haj, Salil Bhagurkar, Ehab Al-Shaer


    2012-09-06 [17:30 - 19:00], Smart Grid : Smart Grid for Consumers - The Austrian Approach

  • Smart Grid for Consumers - The Austrian Approach / IFIP WG 8.4. Working Group Meeting (P. Tomsich, E. Weippl, U.Bayer, S. Jakoubi, A M. Tjoa)

    Place: SBA Research / Favoritenstraße 16 / 1040 Vienna