Workshop Programme

2nd International Workshop on Information Systems for Situation Awareness and Situation Management (Workshop ISSASiM '12 )


    2012-09-03 [11:00 - 12:00], Invited Talk : EGOVIS&EDEM

    Session Chair : Andrea Kö

  • Policies to increase ICT competitiveness and integrate Moldova in global ICT value chain

    Dona Scola, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Informations Tehnologies and Comunications of Republic of Moldovia


    2012-09-03 [12:00 - 13:30], Lunch : Lunch


    2012-09-03 [13:30 - 15:00], ISSASiM - Session 1 : Situation Awareness and Management in Disaster Management

  • Dynamic Workflows For Airport Emergency Management Training
    Valentina Janev, Vuk Mijovi?, Nikola Tomaševi?, Lydia Kraus, Sanja Vraneš

  • Rapid Post-Event Catastrophe Modelling and Visualization
    Eric Mason, Kunal Shridhar, Andrew Rau-Chaplin, Blesson Varghese, Naman Varshney

  • Reverse Engineering and Testing Service Life Cycles of Mobile Platforms
    Dominik Franke, Corinna Elsemann, Stefan Kowalewski


    2012-09-03 [15:00 - 15:30], CB : Coffee Break


    2012-09-03 [15:30 - 17:00], ISSASiM - Session 2 : Situation Awareness and Management in Structural Health Monitoring

  • On the Identification of Frequencies and Damping Ratios for Structural Health Monitoring using Autoregressive Models
    Hilda Kosorus, Michaela Höllrigl-Binder, Helga Allmer, Josef Küng

  • On Implementing Risk-Based Content Annotation in SHM
    Kamil Matoušek, Jirí Kopecký

  • On Reasoning within different Domains in the Past, Present and Future
    Jürgen Hönigl, Hilda Kosorus, Josef Küng