List of accepted papers

EC-Web 2015 : 16th International Conference on Electronic Commerce and Web Technologies

  1. A Social Approach to Reducing Personal-Level Carbon Emissions
    Ichiro Satoh
  2. A Twitter View of the Brazilian Stock Exchange Market
    Hugo Santos, Alberto Laender, Adriano Pereira
  3. An LDA Topic Model Adaptation for Context-Based Image Retrieval
    Aouadi Hatem, Torjmen Khemakhem Mouna, Ben Jemaa Maher
  4. Exploiting Microdata Annotations to Consistently Categorize Product Offers at Web Scale
    Robert Meusel, Anna Primpeli, Heiko Paulheim, Christian Bizer
  5. Personalized and Context-Aware TV Program Recommendations Based on Implicit Feedback
    Paolo Cremonesi, Primo Modica, Roberto Pagano, Emanuele Rabosio, Letizia Tanca
  6. Product Recommendation for Small-Scale Retailers
    Marius Kaminskas, Derek Bridge, Franclin Foping, Donogh Roche
  7. The interactive effect of review rating and text sentiment on review helpfulness
    Shasha Zhou, Bin Guo
  8. Toward Building a Content-based Video Recommendation System based on Low-level Features
    Yashar Deldjoo, Mehdi Elahi, Massimo Quadrana, Paolo Cremonesi
  9. Towards Smart Logistics Process Management
    Raef Mousheimish, Yehia Taher, Beatrice Finance
  10. Using Graph Metrics for Linked Open Data Enabled Recommender Systems
    Petar Ristoski, Michael Schuhmacher, Heiko Paulheim
  11. Using Implicit Preference Relations to Improve Content Based Recommending
    Ladislav Peska, Peter Vojtas