List of accepted papers

TrustBus 2015 : 12th International Conference on Trust, Privacy & Security in Digital Business

  1. A Privacy Preserving Framework for Big Data in e-Government Environments
    Prokopios Drogkaris, Aristomenis Gritzalis
  2. A Taxonomy of Requirements for the Privacy Goal Transparency
    Rene Meis, Roman Wirtz, Maritta Heisel
  3. Accountability-Preserving Anonymous Delivery of Cloud Services
    Francesco Buccafurri, Gianluca Lax, Serena Nicolazzo, Antonino Nocera
  4. Attacking GSM Networks as a Script Kiddie Using Commodity Hardware and Software
    Christoforos Ntantogian, Grigoris Valtas, Nikos Kapetanakis, Faidon Lalagiannis, Georgios Karopoulos, Christos Xenakis
  5. Attributes Enhanced Role-Based Access Control
    Qasim Mahmood Rajpoot, Christian Damsgaard Jensen, Ram Krishnan
  6. Designing Privacy-Aware Systems in the Cloud
    Christos Kalloniatis
  7. Dynamic Deployment and Monitoring of Security Policies
    José Miguel Horcas, Mónica Pinto, Lidia Fuentes, Wissam Mallouli, Edgardo Montes de Oca
  8. Hidden in plain sight. SDP-based covert channel for Botnet communication
    Zisis Tsiatsikas, Marios Anagnostopoulos, Georgios Kambourakis, Sozon Lambrou, Dimitris Geneiatakis
  9. Identifying factors that influence employees’ security behavior for enhancing ISP compliance
    Ioanna Topa, Maria Karyda
  10. On the efficacy of static features to detect malicious applications in Android
    Dimitris Geneiatakis, Riccardo Satta, Igor Nai-Fovino, Ricardo Neisse
  11. Ontology-based Delegation of Access Control: An Enhancement to the XACML Delegation Profile
    Malik Imran Daud, David Sánchez, Alexandre Viejo
  12. Privacy Principles: Towards a Common Privacy Audit Methodology
    Eleni-Laskarina Makri, Costas Lambrinoudakis
  13. Protecting Android Apps against Reverse Engineering by the Use of the Native Code
    Mykola Protsenko, Tilo Müller
  14. Security, Privacy and Usability – A Survey of Users' Perceptions and Attitudes
    Abdulwahid Al Abdulwahid, Nathan Clarke, Ingo Stengel, Steven Furnell, Christoph Reich
  15. The design of a configurable reputation service
    Marijke Coetzee, Channel Hillebrand
  16. Till all are one: Towards a Unified Cloud IDS
    Nikolaos Pitropakis, Dimitris Geneiatakis, Costas Lambrinoudakis
  17. VISIO: a Visual Approach for Singularity Detection in Recommendation Systems
    Alessandro Colantonio, Roberto Di Pietro, Marinella Petrocchi, Angelo Spognardi