EGOVIS 2018 : 7th International Conference on Electronic Government and the Information Systems Perspective

  1. BI End-user Segments in Public Health Sector
    Rikke Gaardboe, Tanja Svarre
  2. Co-production of Digital Services: Definitions, Frameworks, Cases and Evaluation Initiatives - Findings from a Systematic Literature Review
    Gustavo Almeida, Claudia Cappelli, Cristiano Maciel, Yamile Mahecha
  3. Connecting, Integrating and Empowering Society for Social Control through Distance Education
    Cristiano Maciel, Cassyra Vuolo, Taciana Sambrano, Alexandre dos Anjos, Ana Paula Kuhn, Claudia Rouiller
  4. Critical Factors that Impact Process Management Implementation Strategies: A Case Study of a Government Agency
    Renato Neder, Paulo de Souza, Olivan Rabelo, Elisandra Zambra, Cristiano Maciel, Rodrigo de Mello, Samara Trejan, Alexandre dos Anjos
  5. Critical Success Factors (CSF) to Commercializing Technologies in Universities: the radar framework
    Jaqueline Vargas, Andre Luiz Zambalde, Andre Grützmann, Thiago Bellotti Furtado
  6. Discovering and Analyzing Alignment Problems in a Public Organization
    Dora Ori, Zoltan Szabo
  7. Emerging Data Governance Issues in Big Data Applications for Food Safety
    Salvatore Sapienza, Monica Palmirani
  8. Improving Opinion Analysis through Statistical Disclosure Control in eVoting Scenarios
    Pol Blasco, Jose Moreira, Jordi Puiggalí, Jordi Cucurull, David Rebollo-Monedero
  9. Key Factors in Coping with Large-Scale Security Vulnerabilities in the eID Field
    Silvia Lips, Valentyna Tsap, Ingrid Pappel, Dirk Draheim
  10. Meeting the migration challenges at local governance level by small scale population projections
    Henning Sten Hansen
  11. Open Data Research Challenges in the EU
    Csaba Csáki, Andrea Ko
  12. Platforms of Ideas Management and Open Innovation: The Crowdstorm Approach Applied to Public University in Brazil
    Karen Moreira Vilas Boas, Andre Luiz Zambalde, Paulo Henrique de So Bermejo, Thiago Bellotti Furtado, Rodrigo de Freitas Santos, Andre Grützmann
  13. PrOnto: Privacy Ontology for Legal Reasoning
    Monica Palmirani, Michele Martoni, Arianna Rossi, Cesare Bartolini, Livio Robaldo
  14. Quality Issues of Public Procurement Open Data
    Csaba Csáki, Eric Prier
  15. Semantic Interoperability of Multilingual Language Resources by Automatic Mapping
    Peter Schmitz, Enrico Francesconi, Najeh Hajlaoui, Brahim Batouche, Armando Stellato
  16. The Effect of Co-Creation on Citizens’ Intentions to Accept Virtual Civil Servants
    Yuting Lin, Hersen Doong
  17. The Right to Know and Digital Technology: Proactive and Reactive Transparency in the Italian Legal System
    Fernanda Faini, Monica Palmirani
  18. Workload Balancing in the Hungarian Public Administration
    Péter József Kiss, Gábor Klimkó
  19. Young People’s Views of Municipality Websites: Use, Attitudes, and Perception of Quality
    Hanne Sørum