Workshop TIR 2018 : 15th International Workshop on Technologies for Information Retrieval

  1. A Case Study of Closed-Domain Response Suggestion with Limited Training Data
    Lukas Galke, Gunnar Gerstenkorn, Ansgar Scherp
  2. A semantic-based personalized information retrieval approach using a geo-social user profile
    Tahar RAFA, Samir KECHID
  3. Analysing Author Self-Citations in Computer Science Publications
    Tobias Milz, Christin Seifert
  4. Can we Quantify Domainhood? Exploring Measures to Assess Domain-Specificity in Web Corpora
    Marina Santini, Wiktor Strandqvist, Mikael Nyström, Marjan Alirezai, Arne Jönsson
  5. Detecting link and landing page misalignment in marketing emails
    Nedim Lipka, Tak Yeon Lee, Eunyee Koh
  6. Investigating the Effect of Attributes on User Trust in Social Media
    Jamal Al Qundus, Adrian Paschke
  7. Text-based annotation of scientific images using Wikimedia categories
    Frieda Josi, Christian Wartena, Jean Charbonnier
  8. Toward Validation of Textual Information Retrieval Techniques for Software Weaknesses
    Jukka Ruohonen, Ville Leppänen
  9. What to read next? Challenges and Preliminary Results in Selecting Representative Documents
    Tilman Beck, Falk Böschen, Ansgar Scherp