TrustBus 2022

The 19th International Conference on Trust, Privacy and Security in Digital Business

(TrustBus 2022)

(co-located event)



PriPoCoG: Guiding Policy Authors to Define GDPR-Compliant Privacy Policies
  Authors: Jens Leicht, Maritta Heisel and Armin Gerl
Closing the Gap between Privacy Policies and Privacy Preferences with Privacy Interfaces
  Authors: Stefan Becher, Felix Bölz and Armin Gerl
A Constructive Approach for Raising Information Privacy Competences: The Case of Escape Room Games
  Authors: Thanos Papaioannou, Aggeliki Tsohou, Georgios Bounias and Stylianos Karagiannis
Mitigating Sovereign Data Exchange Challenges: A Mapping to Apply Privacy- and Authenticity-Enhancing Technologies
  Authors: Kaja Schmidt, Gonzalo Munilla Garrido, Alexander Mühle and Christoph Meinel
Sandboxing for Threat Detection and Mitigation for IoT
  Authors: Simão Silva, Patrícia R. Sousa, João S. Resende and Luís Antunes
Homomorphic encryption in manufacturing compliance checks
  Authors: Aikaterini Triakosia, Panagiotis Rizomiliotis, Konstantinos Tserpes, Cecilia Tonelli, Valerio Senni and Fabio Federici