In order to prepare the camera ready of your paper, 

  1. Please refer carefully to the comments of the reviewers sent to you by email to assist you in preparing the final version of your paper for publication
  2. The conferences proceedings will be published by Springer in their Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) and will be available during the conference.
  3. The workshop proceedings will be published by Springer in their Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS) and will be available during the conference.
  4. Page Limits are 12 pages for Full Papers and 6 pages for Short and Workshops papers ( with the option to have 2 additional pages for a fee)
  5. To speed up the publication process, please adhere strictly to the formatting instructions to be found at (
  6. You need to fill in and sign the copyright form to be downloaded here for LNCS publications (All conferences) and here for CCIS publications (All workshops). Please use the program committee chairs as volume editors.
  7. As soon as all the above is done, please follow the camera ready submission procedure here and upload a ZIP file containing the following:
  • The PDF of your camera ready
  • all source files (Word document, Latex sources)
  • The copyright form
  1. In order for your paper to be included in the proceedings, we require at least one author to register for the conference and pay the registration fees before camera ready deadline [SHARP]. Please confirm your participation and register for the conference as soon as possible in order for us to prepare a coherent program.
  2. Registration and registration procedure can be done through this page.
  3. Non-registration and failure to pay the fees before the deadline will result in the paper not being included in the conference proceedings.

Feel free to contact us (dexa//AT\\ if you need assistance in the preparation of your camera ready copy