22nd International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA 2011 )


    2011-08-29 [10:30 - 12:00] : Session 1A: Query Processing

    Session Chair : Klaus-Dieter Schewe

  • Multi-Objective Optimal Combination Queries
    Xi Guo, Yoshiharu Ishikawa

  • NEFOS: Rapid Cache-Aware Range Query Processing with Probabilistic Guarantees
    Spyros Sioutas, Kostas Tsichlas, Ioannis Karydis, Yannis Manolopoulos, Yannis Theodoridis

  • Reuse-oriented Mapping Discovery for Meta-querier Customization
    Xiao Li, Randy Chow


    2011-08-29 [10:30 - 12:00] : Session 1B: Database Semantics

    Session Chair : Bernhard Thalheim

  • Extracting Temporal Equivalence Relationships Among Keywords From Time-Stamped Documents
    Parvathi Chundi, Mahadevan Subramaniam, Aruna Weerakoon

  • Attribute Grammar for XML Integrity Constraint Validation
    Béatrice Bouchou, Mírian Halfeld Ferrari, Maria Adriana Vidigal Lima

  • Codd table representations under weak possible world semantics
    Flavio Ferrarotti, Sven Hartmann, Van Bao Tranh Le, Sebastian Link


    2011-08-29 [12:00 - 14:00] : Lunch


    2011-08-29 [14:00 - 15:30] : Session 2A: Skyline Queries

    Session Chair : Alfredo Cuzzocrea

  • Efficient Early Top-k Query Processing in Overloaded P2P Systems
    William Kokou Dédzoé, Philippe Lamarre, Reza Akbarinia, Patrick Valduriez

  • Top-k query evaluation in sensor networks with the guaranteed accuracy query results
    Baichen Chen, Weifa Liang, GEyong Min

  • Learning Top-k Transformation Rules
    Sunanda Patro, Wei Wang


    2011-08-29 [14:00 - 15:30] : Session 2B: Security and Privacy

    Session Chair : Igor Santos

  • Privacy beyond Single Sensitive Attribute
    Yuan Fang, Mafruz Ashrafi, See-Kiong Ng

  • Privacy-aware DaaS Services Composition
    Salah-Eddine Tbahriti, Michael Mrissa, Brahim Medjahed, Chirine Ghedira, Mahmoud Barhamgi, Jocelyne Fayn

  • Empirical study on using the National Vulnerability Database to predict software vulnerability
    Su Zhang, Doina Caragea, Xinming Ou


    2011-08-29 [15:30 - 16:00] : Coffee Break


    2011-08-29 [16:00 - 17:00] : Session 3A: Spatial and Temporal Data I

  • Similar Subsequence Search in Time Series Databases
    Shrikant Kashyap, Mong Li Lee, Wynne Hsu

  • Optimizing Predictive Queries on Moving Objects under Road-network Constraints
    Lasanthi Heendaliya, Dan Lin, Ali Hurson


    2011-08-29 [16:00 - 17:00] : Session 3B: Semantic Web Search I

    Session Chair : Frederik Hogenboom

  • Smeagol: a "specific-to-general" Semantic Web query interface paradigm for novices
    Aaron Clemmer, Stephen Davies

  • Browsing-oriented Semantic Faceted Search
    Andreas Wagner, Günter Ladwig, Thanh Tran


    2011-08-29 [17:30 - 18:00] : General Opening of DEXA 2011

  • Official Opening of DEXA 2011

    Prof. Gilles Fourtanier, President of Paul Sabatier University

    Prof. Michel Daydé, Director of IRIT

    Prof. Abdelkader Hameurlain, Dexa 2011 General Chairman

    Prof. A Min Tjoa, Vice-President of DEXA Association

    Prof. Klaus-Dieter Schewe, DEXA 2011 Program Chairman


    2011-08-30 [09:00 - 10:00] : Session 4A: Storage and Search I

    Session Chair : Jose Enrique Armendariz-Inigo

  • Genetic Algorithm for Finding Cluster Hierarchies
    Christian Böhm, Annahita Oswald, Christian Richter, Bianca Wackersreuther, Peter Wackersreuther

  • A File Search Method based on Intertask Relationships Derived from Access Frequency and RMC Operations on Files
    Yi Wu, Kenichi Otagiri, Yousuke Watanabe, Haruo Yokota


    2011-08-30 [09:00 - 10:00] : Session 4B: Web Search I

    Session Chair : Leonidas Fegaras

  • Alternative Query Generation for XML Keyword Search and Its Optimization
    Tetsutaro Motomura, Toshiyuki Shimizu, Yoshikawa Masatoshi

  • Selecting Top-k Data Sources for XML Keyword Queries
    Khanh Nguyen, Jinli Cao


    2011-08-30 [10:00 - 10:30] : Coffee Break


    2011-08-30 [10:30 - 12:00] : Keynote Talk

    Session Chair : Abdelkader Hameurlain

  • Patrick Valduriez, INRIA and LIRMM, Montpellier, France

    Title: "Principles of Distributed Data Management in 2020?"


    2011-08-30 [12:00 - 14:00] : Lunch


    2011-08-30 [14:00 - 15:30] : Session 5A: Data Integration, Transactions and Optimization

    Session Chair : Sebastian Link

  • A Theoretical and Experimental Comparison of Algorithms for Containment of Conjunctive Queries with Negation
    Khalil Ben Mohamed, Michel Leclère, Marie-Laure Mugnier

  • Data Integration over NoSQL Stores Using Access Path Based Mappings
    Olivier Curé, Robin Hecht, Chan Le Duc, Myriam Lamolle

  • An Energy-efficient Concurrency Control Algorithm for Mobile Ad-hoc Network Databases
    Zhaowen Xing, Le Gruenwald


    2011-08-30 [14:00 - 15:30] : Session 5B: Web Applications

    Session Chair : Dejing Dou

  • An Ontology-based method for Duplicate Detection in Web Data Tables
    Patrice Buche, Juliette Dibie-Barthélemy, Rania Khefifi, Fatiha Saïs

  • Approaches for Semantically Annotating and Discovering Scientifc Observational Data
    Huiping Cao, Shawn Bowers, Mark Schildhauer

  • A Scalable Tag-based Recommender System for New Users of the Social Web
    Valentina Zanardi, Licia Capra


    2011-08-30 [15:30 - 16:00] : Coffee Break


    2011-08-30 [16:00 - 17:00] : Session 6A: XML Querying and Views I

    Session Chair : Rania Khefifi

  • On Equivalence and Rewriting of XPath queries using views under DTD Constraints
    Pantelis Aravogliadis, Vasilis Vassalos

  • Incremental Maintenance of Materialized XML Views
    Leonidas Fegaras


    2011-08-30 [16:00 - 17:00] : Session 6B: Storage and Search II

    Session Chair : Reinhard Stumptner

  • A general top-k algorithm for web data sources
    Mehdi Badr, Dan Vodislav

  • Improving the Quality of Web Archives through the Importance of Changes
    Myriam Ben Saad, Stéphane Gançarski


    2011-08-30 [17:00 - 18:00] : Session 7A: Data Mining I

    Session Chair : Bernhard Freudenthaler

  • Prediction of Cerebral Aneurysm Rupture using Hemodynamic, Morphologic and Clinical Features: A Data Mining Approach
    Jesus Bisbal, Gerhard Engelbrecht, Mari Cruz Villa-Oriol, Alejandro Frangi

  • Semantic Translation for Rule-based Knowledge in Data Mining
    Dejing Dou, Han Qin , Haishan Liu


    2011-08-30 [17:00 - 18:00] : Session 7B: Queries and Search I

    Session Chair : Leonardo Ribeiro

  • Inferring Fine-grained Data Provenance in Stream Data Processing: Reduced Storage Cost, High Accuracy
    Mohammad Rezwanul Huq, Andreas Wombacher, Peter Apers

  • Approximate Query on Historical Stream Data
    Qiyang Duan, Peng Wang, Mingxi Wu, Wei Wang, Sheng Huang

  • An Incremental Approach to Closest Pair Queries in Spatial Networks Using Best-First Search
    Chunan Chen, Weiwei Sun, Baihua Zheng, Dingding Mao, Weimo Liu


    2011-08-31 [09:00 - 10:00] : Session 8A: XML Querying and Views II

    Session Chair : Huiping Cao

  • Ingredients for Accurate, Fast, and Robust XML Similarity Joins
    Leonardo Andrade Ribeiro, Theo Härder

  • Twig Pattern Matching: a Revisit
    Jiang Li, Junhu Wang, Maolin Huang

  • Boosting Twig Joins in Probabilistic XML
    Siqi Liu, Guoren Wang


    2011-08-31 [09:00 - 10:00] : Session 8B: Spatial and Temporal Data II

    Session Chair : Thomas Ziebermayr

  • Real-Time Capable Data Management Architecture for Database-Driven 3D Simulation Systems
    Juergen Rossmann, Michael Schluse, Ralf Waspe, Martin Hoppen

  • Collecting and Managing Network-Matched Trajectories of Moving Objects in Databases
    Zhiming Ding, Ke Deng

  • On Guaranteeing k-Anonymity in Location Databases
    Truong Tuan Anh, Dang Tran Khanh, Küng Josef


    2011-08-31 [10:00 - 10:30] : Coffee Break


    2011-08-31 [10:30 - 12:00] : Keynote Talk

    Session Chair : Steven Liddle

  • Bernhard Thalheim, Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, Germany

    Title: "The Science of Conceptual Modelling"


    2011-08-31 [12:00 - 14:00] : Lunch


    2011-08-31 [14:00 - 15:30] : Session 9A: Semantic Web

    Session Chair : Stephen Davies

  • Approximate and Incremental Processing of Complex Queries on Semantic Data on the Web
    Thanh Tran, Günter Ladwig, Andreas Wagner

  • Conjunctive Query Optimization in OWL2-DL
    Petr Kremen, Zdenek Kouba

  • RoSeS: A continuous content-based query engine for RSS feeds
    Jordi Creus Tomàs, Bernd Amann, Nicolas Travers, Dan Vodislav


    2011-08-31 [14:00 - 15:30] : Session 9B: Information Retrieval

  • The linear combination data fusion method in information retrieval
    Shengli Wu

  • Approaches and Standards for Metadata Interoperability in Distributed Image Search&Retrieval
    Ruben Tous, Jordi Nin, Jaime Delgado, Pere Toran

  • A Distributed Architecture for Flexible Multimedia Management and Retrieval
    Mihaela Brut, Dana Codreanu, Stefan Dumitrescu, Ana-Maria Manzat, Florence Sedes


    2011-08-31 [15:30 - 16:00] : Coffee Break


    2011-08-31 [16:00 - 17:00] : Session 10A: Queries and Search II

    Session Chair : Cécile Favre

  • Fast Top-K Query Answering
    Claus Dabringer, Johann Eder

  • Towards an On-Line Analysis of Tweets Processing
    Sandra Bringay, Nicolas Béchet, Flavien Bouillot, Pascal Poncelet, Mathieu Roche, Maguelonne Teisseire

  • The Fix-Point Method for Discrete Events Simulation using SQL and UDF
    Qiming Chen, Meichun Hsu, Bin Zhang


    2011-08-31 [16:00 - 17:00] : Session 10B: Semantic Web Search II

    Session Chair : John Debenham

  • An Efficient Algorithm for Topic Ranking and Modeling Topic Evolution.
    Kumar Shubhankar, Aditya Pratap Singh, Vikram Pudi

  • Sampling the National Deep Web
    Denis Shestakov

  • A Bipartite Graph Model and Mutually Reinforcing Analysis for Review Sites
    Kazuki Tawaramoto, Junpei Kawamoto, Yasuhito Asano, Masatoshi Yoshikawa


    2011-08-31 [17:00 - 18:00] : Session 11A: Business Applications I

    Session Chair : Josef Küng

  • Deontic BPMN
    Christine Natschläger

  • Improving Stock Market Prediction by Integrating both Market News and Stock Prices
    Xiaodong Li, Chao Wang, Jiawei Dong, Feng Wang, Xiaotie Deng, Shanfeng Zhu


    2011-08-31 [17:00 - 18:00] : Session 11B: Data Mining II

    Session Chair : Alfredo Cuzzocrea

  • Mining frequent disunctive selection queries
    Inès Hilali-Jaghdam, Tao-Yuan Jen, Dominique Laurent, Sadok Ben Yahia

  • A Temporal Data Mining Framework for Analyzing Longitudinal Data
    Corrado Loglisci, Michelangelo Ceci, Donato Malerba

  • How to use "classical" tree mining algorithms to find complex spatio-temporal patterns?
    Nazha Selmaoui-Folcher, Frédéric Flouvat


    2011-08-31 [19:00 - 20:00] : Reception in the City Hall of Toulouse


    2011-09-01 [09:00 - 10:00] : Session 12A: User Support

  • Facilitating Casual Users in Exploring Linked Data through Domain Expertise
    Cormac Hampson, Owen Conlan

  • Using Expert-Derived Aesthetic Attributes to Help Users in Browsing Image Databases
    Cormac Hampson, Meltem Gürel, Owen Conlan


    2011-09-01 [09:00 - 10:00] : Session 12B: Business Applications II

    Session Chair : Christine Natschläger

  • Querying Semantically Enriched Business Processes
    Michele Missikoff, Maurizio Proietti, Fabrizio Smith

  • Introducing Affective Agents in Recommendation System based on Relational Data Clustering
    Joao C. Xavier Junior, Alberto Signoretti, Anne M.P. Canuto, Andre M. Campos, Luiz M.G. Gonçalves, Sergio V. Fialho

  • Converting Conversation Protocols Using an XML Based Differential Behavioral Model
    Claas Busemann, Daniela Nicklas


    2011-09-01 [10:00 - 10:30] : Coffee Break


    2011-09-01 [10:30 - 12:00] : Keynote Talk

    Session Chair : Klaus-Dieter Schewe

  • Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Technical University of Dortmund, Germany

    Title: "Probabilistic Logics in Expert Systems: Approaches, Implementations, and Applications"


    2011-09-01 [12:00 - 14:00] : Lunch


    2011-09-01 [14:00 - 15:30] : Session 13A: Indexing

    Session Chair : Stephane Bressan

  • SkyMap: A Trie-Based Index Structure for High-Performance Skyline Query Processing
    Wolf-Tilo Balke, Joachim Selke

  • A Path-Oriented RDF Index for Keyword Search Query Processing
    Paolo Cappellari, Roberto De Virgilio, Antonio Maccioni, Mark Roantree

  • Variable Length Compression for Bitmap Indices
    Fabian Corrales, David Chiu, Jason Sawin


    2011-09-01 [14:00 - 15:30] : Session 13B: Queries, Views and Data Warehouses

    Session Chair : Michelangelo Ceci

  • Modeling view selection as a constraint satisfaction problem
    Imene Mami, Remi Coletta, Zohra Bellahsene

  • Enabling Knowledge Extraction from Low Level Sensor Data
    Paolo Cappellari, Jie Shi, Mark Roantree, Crionna Tobin, Niall Moyna

  • Join Selectivity Re-estimation for Repetitive Queries in Databases
    Feng Yu, Wen-Chi Hou, Cheng Luo, Qiang Zhu, Dunren Che

  • Matching Star Schemas
    Dariush Riazati, James A. Thom


    2011-09-01 [15:30 - 16:00] : Coffee Break


    2011-09-01 [16:00 - 17:00] : Session 14A: Ontologies

    Session Chair : Elaheh Pourabbas

  • Automated Construction of Domain Ontology Taxonomies from Wikipedia
    Damir Juric, Marko Banek, Zoran Skocir

  • Storing Fuzzy Ontology in Fuzzy Relational Database
    Fu Zhang, Z. M. Ma, Li Yan, Jingwei Cheng

  • Using an ontology to automatic generate questions for the determination of situations
    Marten Teitsma, Jacobijn Sandberg, Marinus Maris, Bob Wielinga


    2011-09-01 [16:00 - 17:20] : Session 14B: Physical Aspects of Databases

    Session Chair : Paolo Cappellari

  • Indexing Frequently Updated Trajectories of Network-constrained Moving Objects
    Zhiming Ding

  • Online Index Selection in RDBMS by Evolutionary Approach
    Piotr Kolaczkowski, Henryk Rybinski

  • Towards Balanced Allocations for DHTs
    George Tsatsanifos, Vasilis Samoladas

  • Caching Stars in the Sky: A Semantic Caching Approach to Accelerate Skyline Queries
    Arnab Bhattacharya, B Palvali Teja, Sourav Dutta


    2011-09-02 [09:00 - 10:00] : Session 15A: Design

    Session Chair : Piotr Kolaczkowski

  • Generating Synthetic Database Schemas for Simulation Purposes
    Carlos Eduardo Pires, Priscilla Vieira, Márcio Saraiva, Denilson Barbosa

  • A New Approach for Fuzzy Classification in Relational Databases
    Ricardo Tajiri, Eduardo Marques, Bruno Zarpelão, Leonardo Mendes

  • Anomaly Detection for the Prediction of Ultimate Tensile Strength in High-Precision Foundries
    Igor Santos, Javier Nieves, Xabier Ugarte-Pedrero, Pablo Bringas


    2011-09-02 [09:00 - 10:00] : Session 15B: Web Search II

    Session Chair : Marten Teitsma

  • Edit Distance between XML and Probabilistic XML Documents
    Ruiming Tang, Huayu Wu, Sadegh Nobari, Stephane Bressan

  • Detecting Economic Events Using a Semantics-Based Pipeline
    Alexander Hogenboom, Frederik Hogenboom, Flavius Frasincar, Uzay Kaymak, Otto van der Meer, Kim Schouten

  • Towards an automatic characterization of criteria
    Benjamin Duthil, François Trousset, Mathieu Roche, Gérard Dray, Michel Plantié, Jacky Montmain, Pascal Poncelet


    2011-09-02 [10:00 - 10:30] : Coffee Break


    2011-09-02 [10:30 - 12:00] : Session 16A: Distribution

  • LinkedPeers: A Distributed System for Interlinking Multidimensional Data
    Athanasia Asiki, Dimitrios Tsoumakos, Nectarios Koziris

  • A Vertical Partitioning Algorithm for Distributed Multimedia Databases
    Lisbeth Rodriguez, Xiaoou Li

  • Diffusion in Dynamic Social Networks: Application in Epidemiology
    Erick Stattner, Martine Collard, Nicolas Vidot


    2011-09-02 [10:30 - 11:30] : Session 16B: Miscellaneous Topics

  • Probabilistic Quality Assessment Based on Article's Revision History
    Jingyu Han, Chuandong Wang

  • Propagation of Multi-granularity Annotations
    Ryo Aoto, Toshiyuki Shimizu, Masatoshi Yoshikawa


    2011-09-02 [12:00 - 14:00] : Lunch


    2011-09-02 [15:30 - 16:00] : Coffee Break