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DaWaK 2020
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Full Papers

•   High-Utility Interval-Based Sequences
     S. Mohammad Mirbagheri, Howard J Hamilton
•   HANDLE - A Generic Metadata Model for Data Lakes
     Rebecca Eichler, Corinna Giebler, Christoph Gröger, Holger Schwarz, Bernhard Mitschang
•   Learning from past observations: Meta-Learning for Efficient Clustering Analyses    
     Manuel Fritz, Dennis Tschechlov, Holger Schwarz
•   FIBS: A Generic Framework for Classifying of Interval-based Temporal Sequences
     S. Mohammad Mirbagheri, Howard Hamilton
•   Mining Attribute Evolution Rules in Dynamic Attributed Graphs
     Philippe Fournier-Viger, Ganghuan He, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, Heitor Murilo Murilo Gomes
•   A Scalable Randomized Algorithm for Triangle Enumeration on Graphs based on SQL Queries
     Abir Farouzi, Ladjel Bellatreche, Carlos Ordonez, Gopal Pandurangan, Mimoun Malki
•   Multivariate Time Series Classification: a relational way
     Alexis Bondu, Dominique Gay, Vincent Lemaire, Marc Boullé, Fabrice Clérot
•   Which bills are lobbied? Predicting and interpreting lobbying activity in the US
     Peter Ormosi, Ivan Slobozhan, Rajesh Sharma
•   Detecting Anomalies In Production Quality Data Using A Method Based On The Chi-Square Test Statistic
     Michael Mayr, Johannes Himmelbauer
•   Parallel K-Prototypes Clustering with High Efficiency and Accuracy
     Hiba Jridi, Mohamed Aymen Ben Hadj Kacem, Nadia Essoussi
•   Scalable Machine Learning on Popular Analytic Languages with Parallel Data Summarization
     Sikder Tahsin Al-Amin, Carlos Ordonez
•   Behave or be detected! Identifying outlier sequences by their group cohesion
     Martha Tatusch, Gerhard Klassen, Stefan Conrad
•   Derivative, Regression and Time Series Analysis in SARS-CoV-2
     Pedro Furtado
•   Self-Organizing Map for Multi-view Text Clustering
     Maha Fraj, Mohamed Aymen Ben Hajkacem, Nadia Essoussi
•   A SAT-based Approach for Mining High Utility Itemsets from Transaction Databases
     Amel Hidouri, Said Jabbour, Badran Raddaoui, Boutheina Ben Yaghlane

Short Papers

  • Building a Competitive Associative Classifier;
    Nitakshi Sood, Osmar Zaïane
  • Data Engineering for Data Science: Two Sides of the Same Coin;
    Oscar Romero, Robert Wrembel
  • Predicting Customer Churn for Insurance Data;
    Michael Scriney, Dongyun Nie, Mark Roantree
  • Sustainable Development Goal Relational Modelling: Introducing the SDG-CAP Methodology Yassir Alharbi, Daniel Arribas-Bel, Frans Coenen
  • Modifying the Symbolic Aggregate Approximation Method to Capture Segment Trend Information;
    Muhammad Marwan Muhammad Fuad
  • Mining Frequent Seasonal Gradual Patterns;
    Jerry Lonlac, Arnaud Doniec, Marin Lujak, Stephane Lecoeuche
  • Framework to Optimize Data Processing Pipelines Using Performance Metrics (Vision Short Paper) Fawad Ali Syed Muhammad, Robert Wrembel
  • Contrastive Explanations For A Deep Learning Model On Time-Series Data Jokin Labaien Soto, Ekhi Zugasti, Xabier De Carlos
  • Cyberbullying Detection in Social Networks Using Deep Learning Based Models;
    Maral Dadvar, Kai Eckert
  • DHE2: Distributed Hybrid Evolution Engine for performance optimizations of computationally intensive applications;
    Oana Stroie, Elena Simona Apostol, Ciprian-Octavian Truică
  • Reverse engineering approach for NoSQL databases;
    Fatma Abdelhedi, Amal Ait Brahim, Rabah Tighilt Ferhat, Gilles Zurfluh
  • SONDER: A Data-Driven Methodology for Designing Net-Zero Energy Public Buildings;
    Ladjel Bellatreche, Felix Garcia, Don Nguyen Pham, Pedro Quintero Jimenez
  • A Tool for Generalizing Association Rule Mining to Numerical Target Values;
    Sijo Arakkal Peious, Rahul Sharma, Minakshi Kaushik, Sadok Ben Yahia, Dirk Draheim
  • Expected vs. Unexpected: Selecting Right Measures of Interestingness;
    Rahul Sharma, Minakshi Kaushik, Sijo Arakkal Peious, Sadok Ben Yahia, Dirk Draheim

DEXA 2020
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Full Papers

  • Discovering Relational Intelligence In Online Social Networks;
    Leonard Tan, Thuan Pham, Kei Ho Hang, Seng Kok Tan
  • MUEnsemble: Multi-ratio Undersampling-based Ensemble Framework for Imbalanced Data;
    Takahiro Komamizu, Risa Uehara, Yasuhiro Ogawa, Katsuhiko Toyama
  • Bi-Level Associative Classifier using Automatic Learning on Rules;
    Nitakshi Sood, Leepakshi Bindra, Osmar Zaïane
  • A Framework for Factory-Trained Virtual Sensor Models based on Censored Production;
    Sabrina Luftensteiner, Michael Zwick
  • Generating Dialogue Sentences to PromoteCritical Thinking;
    Satoshi Yoshida, Qiang Ma
  • Modeling and Enforcing Integrity Constraints on Graph Databases;
    Fabio Reina, Alexis Huf, Daniel Presser, Frank Siqueira
  • Distributed Caching of Scientific Workflows in Multisite Cloud;
    Gaetan Heidsieck, Daniel de Oliveira, Esther Pacitti, Christophe Pradal, François Tardieu, Patrick Valduriez
  • RandomLink - Avoiding Linkage-Effects by employing Random Effects for Clustering;
    Gert Sluiter, Benjamin Schelling, Claudia Plant
  • Blockchain-based Access Control for IoT in Smart Home Systems;
    Bacem Mbarek, Mouzh Ge, Tomas Pitner
  • The Linear Geometry Structure of Label Matrix for Multi-label Learning;
    Tianzhu Chen, Fenghua Li, Fuzhen Zhuang, Liang Fang, Yunchuan Guo
  • Bounded Pattern Matching Using Views;
    Xin Wang, Yang Wang, Ji Zhang, Yan Zhu
  • A DSL for Automated Data Quality Monitoring;
    Felix Heine, Carsten Kleiner, Thomas Oelsner
  • View Selection for Graph Pattern Matching;
    Xin Wang, Xiufeng Liu, Xueyan Zhong, Ping Cheng
  • A Graph Partitioning Algorithm for Edge or Vertex Balance;
    Adnan El Moussawi, Nacéra Bennacer Seghouani, Francesca Bugiotti
  • A Model-agnostic recommendations Explanation System Based on Knowledge Graph;
    Yuhao Chen, Jun Miyazaki
  • A Model-agnostic recommendations Explanation System Based on Knowledge Graph;
    Yuhao Chen, Jun Miyazaki
  • Extending Graph Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions;
    Xin Wang, Yang Wang, Yang Xu, Ji Zhang, Xueyan Zhong
  • Fast and Accurate Community Search Algorithm for Attributed Graphs;
    Shohei Matsugu, Hiroaki Shiokawa, Hiroyuki Kitagawa
  • A Differential Evolution-based approach for Community Detection in multilayer networks with attributes;
    Clara Pizzuti, Annalisa Socievole
  • Reverse Engineering Database Memory by Abstracting Memory Areas;
    James Wagner, Alexander Rasin
  • Semantic Matching over Matrix-Style Tables in Richly Formatted Documents;
    Hongwei Li, Qingping Yang, Yixuan Cao, Ganbin Zhou, Ping Luo
  • An Efficient Segmentation Method: Perceptually Important Point with Binary Tree;
    Qizhou Sun, Yain-Whar Si
  • Construction and Random Generation of Hypergraphs with Prescribed Degree and Dimension Sequences;
    Naheed Anjum Arafat, Debabrota Basu, Laurent Decreusefond, Stephane Bressan
  • Game Theory Based Patent Infringement Detection Method;
    Weidong Liu, Xiaobo Liu, Youdong Kong, Zhiwei Yang, Wenbo Qiao
  • Expanding Training Set for Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Classification;
    Li Tan, Wenbin Yao, Xiaoyong Li
  • Feature Drift Detection in Evolving Data Streams;
    Di Zhao, Yun Sing Koh
  • Online Attacks on Picture Owner Privacy;
    Bizhan Alipour Pijani, Abdessamad Imine, Michaël Rusinowitch
  • Fast One-to-Many Reliability Estimation for Uncertain Graphs;
    Junya Yanagisawa, Hiroaki Shiokawa
  • KPML: a Novel Probabilistic Perspective Kernel Mahalanobis Distance Metric Learning Model for Semi-supervised Clustering;
    Chao Wang, Yongyi Hu, Xiaofeng Gao, Guihai Chen
  • Collaborative SPARQL Query Processing for Decentralized Semantic Data;
    Arnaud Grall, Hala Skaf-Molli, Pascal Molli, Matthieu Perrin
  • Unveiling Relations in the Industry 4.0 Standards Landscape based on Knowledge Graph Embeddings;
    Ariam Rivas, Irlán Grangel-González, Diego Collarana, Jens Lehmann, Maria-Esther Vidal
  • On Tensor Distances For Self Organizing Maps: Clustering Cognitive Tasks;
    Georgios Drakopoulos, Ioanna Giannoukou, Phivos Mylonas, Spyros Sioutas
  • DSCAN: Distributed Structural Graph Clustering for Billion-edge Graphs;
    Hiroaki Shiokawa, Tomokatsu Takahashi
  • On Integrating and Classifying Legal Text Document;
    Alexandre Quemy, Robert Wrembel
  • Accelerating all 5-vertex subgraphs counting using GPUs;
    Shuya Suganami, Toshiyuki Amagasa, Hiroyuki Kitagawa
  • Quality Matters: Understanding the Impact of Incomplete Data on Visualization Recommendation;
    Rischan Mafrur, Mohamed Sharaf, Guido Zuccon
  • PhoeniQ: Failure-tolerant Query Processing in Multi-node Environments;
    Yutaro Bessho, Yuto Hayamizu, Kazuo Goda, Masaru Kitsuregawa
  • SCODIS: Job Advert-derived Time Series for high-demand Skillset Discovery and Prediction;
    Elisa Margareth Sibarani, Simon Scerri
  • Genetic Programming Based Hyper Heuristic Approach for Dynamic Workflow Scheduling in the Cloud;
    Kirita-Rose Escott, Hui Ma, Gang Chen

Short Papers

  • Indexing Data on the Web: A Comparison of Schema-level Indices for Data Search;
    Till Blume, Ansgar Scherp
  • Temporal Aggregation of Spanning Event Stream: A General Framework;
    Aurélie Suzanne, Guillaume Raschia, José Martinez
  • DataGuide: An approach for implementing NoSQL schema;
    Jihane Mali, Faten Atigui, Ahmed Azough, Nicolas Travers
  • An Explainable Artificial Intelligence methodology for hard disk fault prediction;
    Aniello De Santo, Antonio Galli, Vincenzo Moscato, Giancarlo Sperlì
  • An Approach towards Software Defects Prediction;
    Natalya Shakhovska, Vitaliy Yakovyna, Natalia Kryvinska
  • Leveraging 3D-Raster-Images and DeepCNN with Multi-source Urban Sensing Data for Traffic Congestion Prediction;
    Ngoc-Thanh Nguyen, Minh-Son Dao, Koji Zettsu
  • CTransE: An Effective Information Credibility Evaluation Method based on Classified Translating Embedding in Knowledge Graphs;
    Yunfeng Li, Xiaoyong Li, Mingjian Lei
  • Automatic schema generation for document-oriented systems;
    Paola Gómez, Rubby Casallas, Claudia Roncancio
  • Schedule for Detour-type Demand Bus with Regular Usage Data;
    Yuuri Sakai, Yasuhito Asano, Masatoshi Yoshikawa
  • Algebra for complex analysis of data;
    Jakub Peschel, Michal Batko, Pavel Zezula
  • A City Adaptive Clustering Framework for Discovering POIs with Different Granularities;
    Junjie Sun, Tomoki Kinoue, Qiang Ma
  • Challenges in Resource Provisioning for the Execution of Data Wrangling Workflows on the Cloud: A Case Study;
    Abdullah Khalid A Almasaud, Agresh Bharadwaj, Sandra Sampaio, Rizos Sakellariou
  • Hierarchical Attentive Memory Networks for Answering Natural Language Questions Over Knowledge Base;
    Happy Buzaaba, Toshiyuki Amagasa
  • Deep Discriminative Learning for Predicting Autism Spectrum Disorder;
    Mingli Zhang, Ahmad Chaddad, Wenbin Zhang, Jean Baptiste Poline, Alan Evans
  • Updating ontology alignment on the instance level based on ontology evolution;
    Marcin Pietranik, Adrianna Kozierkiewicz, Loan Nguyen
  • FD-VAE: A Feature Driven VAE Architecture for Flexible Synthetic Data Generation;
    Gianluigi Greco, Antonella Guzzo, Giuseppe Nardiello
  • Theme-Based Summarization for RDF Datasets;
    Mohamad Rihany, Zoubida Kedad, Stéphane Lopes
  • Contextual Preferences to Personalise Semantic Data Lake Exploration;
    Devis Bianchini, Valeria De Antonellis, Massimiliano Garda, Michele Melchiori
  • From Risks to Opportunities: Real Estate Equity Crowdfunding;
    Verena Schweder, Andreas Mladenow, Christine Strauss
  • Privacy preserving spatio-temporal patient data publishing;
    Carson Leung, Anifat Olawoyin, Ratna Choudhury

Paper Title, Author(s)

Full Papers

  • Ranking E-government Ontologies on the Semantic Web;
    Jean Vincent Fonou Dombeu
  • Event-centric Microservices for E-states;
    Dimitrios Tourgaidis, Alexandros Karakasidis
  • Modelling GDPR-Compliant Explanations for Trustworthy AI;
    Francesco Sovrano, Fabio Vitali, Monica Palmirani
  • Framework for Data Analysis in the Context of the Smart Villages;
    Jorge Matinez-Gil, Mario Pichler, Muhamed Turkanović, Tina Beranič, Mitja Gradisnik, Gianluca Lentini, Alessandro Luè, Guillaume Doukhan, Claire Belet, Alberto Colorni
  • Authentication of electronic legal statements by a trust service provider using two-factor dynamic handwritten signature verification;
    Péter József Kiss, Gábor Klimkó
  • Machine Learning or Experts Systems that is the question: which is to be used by a Public Administration;
    Ivan Futo
  • Towards a Process Based Approach to Address Investment Inefficiencies in Digitalization;
    Domonkos Gaspar, Katalin Ternai
  • Hybrid Refining Approach of PrOnto Ontology;
    Monica Palmirani, Giorgia Bincoletto, Valentina Leone, Salvatore Sapienza, Francesco Sovrano
  • Exploring Usability and Acceptance Factors of m-Government Systems for Elderly;
    Tamas Molnar, Andrea Kő
  • Analyzing eID Public Acceptance and User Preferences for Current Authentication Options in Estonia;
    Valentyna Tsap, Silvia Lips, Dirk Draheim
  • A conceptual proposal for Responsible Innovation;
    Thais Assis de Souza, Rodrigo Marçal Gandia, Bruna Habib Cavazza, André Grützmann, Isabelle Nicolaï
  • Enabling collaboration among cultural heritage experts and maritime spatial planners;
    Lise Schrøder, Marina Georgati, Henning Sten Hansen
  • The Use of Machine Learning, NLP, Text Mining, and Visual Analytics to Support Idea Mining: A Process Model for Generating and Evaluating Ideas;
    Workneh Y. Ayele, Gustaf Juell-Skielse
  • Data acquisition for integrated coastal zone management and planning in a climate change perspective;
    Lone Hendriksen, Henning Sten Hansen, Lars Stenseng
  • Political Parties and Internet Voting System Adoption in Ghana;
    Samuel Agbesi

Short Papers

  • Towards Evidence-based, Data-driven Thinking in Higher Education;
    Ágnes Meleg, Réka Vas

TrustBUS 2020
Paper Title, Author(s)

Full Papers

  • Cloud Computing Framework for e-Health Security Requirements &
    Security Policy Rules Case Study: A European Cloud-based Health System;
    Dimitra Georgiou, Costas Lambrinoudakis
  • Privacy-Preserving Service Composition with Enhanced Flexibility and Effciency;
    Kevin Theuermann, Felix Hoerandner, Andreas Abraham, Dominik Ziegler
  • An empirical investigation of the right to explanation under GDPR in insurance;
    Jacob Dexe, Jonas Ledendal, Ulrik Franke
  • Measuring users’
    socio-contextual attributes for Self-Adaptive Privacy within Cloud-Computing Environments;
    Angeliki Kitsiou, Eleni Tzortzaki, Christos Kalloniatis, Stefanos Gritzalis
  • On the Suitability of Using SGX for Secure Key Storage in the Cloud;
    Joakim Brorsson, Pegah Nikbakht Bideh, Alexander Nilsson, Martin Hell
  • Empowering Users Through a Privacy Middleware Watchdog;
    Patrícia R. Sousa, Rolando Martins, Luís Antunes
  • Microtargeting or Microphishing? Phishing Unveiled;
    Bridget Khursheed, Nikolaos Pitropakis, Sean McKeown, Costas Lambrinoudakis
  • Utility Requirement Description for Utility-preserving and Privacy-respecting Data Pseudonymization;
    Saffija Kasem-Madani, Michael Meier
  • Employment of Secure Enclaves in CheatDetection Hardening;
    André Brandão, João Resende, Rolando Martins
  • DEFeND DSM: A Data Scope Management Service for Model-Based Privacy by Design GDPR Compliance;
    Luca Piras, Mohammed Ghazi Al-Obeidallah, Michalis Pavlidis, Haralambos Mouratidis, Aggeliki Tsohou, Emmanouil Magkos, Andrea Praitano, Annarita Iodice, Beatriz Gallego-Nicasio Cresp
  • A Distributed Trust Framework for Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning;
    Will Abramson, Adam Hall, Pavlos Papadopoulos, Nikolaos Pitropakis, Bill Buchanan

Short Papers

  • Analysis of uPort Open, an identity management blockchain-based solution;
    Andreea-Elena Panait, Ruxandra F. Olimid, Alin Stefanescu
  • SECONDO: A Platform for Cybersecurity Investments and Cyber Insurance Decisions;
    Aristeidis Farao, Sakshyam Panda, Emmanouil Panaousis, Sofia Anna Menesidou, Entso Veliou, Nikolaos Episkopos, George Kalatzantonakis, Farnaz Mohammadi, Nikolaos Georgopoulos, Michael Sirivianos, Nikos Salamanos, Spyros Loizou, Michalis Loizou, John Polley, Andrew Fielder, Christos Xenakis
  • A Fuzzy Trust Model for Autonomous Entities Acting in Pervasive Computing;
    Kostas Kolomvatsos, Maria Kalouda, Peggy Papadopoulou, Stathes Hadjiefthymiades
  • Are Sensor Based Business Models a Threat to Privacy: The Case Of Pay-How-Your-Drive Insurance Models;
    Christian Roth, Sebastian Aringer, Johannes Petersen, Mirja Nitschke



Paper Title, Author(s)

  • (Short Paper);
    An in-memory cognitive-based hyperdimensional approach to accurately classify DNA-Methylation data of cancer;
    Fabio Cumbo, Emanuel Weitschek

IWCFS 2020
Paper Title, Author(s)

  • (Full Papers);
    YASSi: Yet Another Symbolic Simulator;
    Sebastian Pointner, Pablo González de Aledo, Robert Wille
  • (Full Papers);
    Variational Optimization of Informational Privacy;
    Mohit Kumar, David Brunner, Bernhard Moser, Bernhard Freudenthaler
  • (Full Papers);
    An Architecture for Automated Security Test Case Generation for MQTT Systems;
    Hannes Sochor, Flavio Ferrarotti, Rudolf Ramler
  • (Full Papers);
    Mode Switching from a Security Perspective: First findings of a Systematic Literature Review;
    Michael Riegler, Johannes Sametinger
  • (Full Papers);
    Exploiting MQTT-SN for Distributed Reflection Denial-of-Service Attacks;
    Hannes Sochor, Flavio Ferrarotti, Rudolf Ramler

MLKgraphs 2020
Paper Title, Author(s)

  • (Full Papers);
    Exploring the Influence of Data Aggregation in Parking Prediction;
    Shereen Elsayed, Daniela Thyssens, Shabanaz Chamurally, Arslan Tariq, Hadi Jomaa
  • (Short Papers);
    Building Knowledge Graph in Spark without SPARQL;
    Alex Romanova
  • (Short Papers);
    Open Information extraction for knowledge graph construction;
    Iqra Muhammad, Frans Coenen